The average American drinks at least two cups daily, and 64% of American adults drink coffee every day. Does that seem like an abundance of coffee?

Well, the Finnish scoff at the number, drinking the most every year with 27.5 pounds per person. 

Clearly, coffee is a cherished substance that everyone around the world appreciates. After all, what would we do without our morning cup of coffee? 

Yet, you may not be aware of all that coffee has to offer. There are so many different types of top coffee brands in the world to try; you could be denying yourself the luxurious coffee that is awaiting you. 

Let’s dive into this exploration of the best quality coffees in the world so you can find your fancy new go-to. 

Molokai Coffee 

The Best Coffees in the World - Molokai Coffee

If you’ve had Hawaiian coffee, you know to expect high quality. Yet, you probably haven’t tried Molokai Coffee, which is much lesser known than Hawaii’s Kona Coffee. 

As the name suggests, this coffee comes from a small Hawaiian island named Molokai. It became more widely available in the 1980s but is still gaining popularity today. 

What you can find with this coffee that you can’t in others is the red catuai, a coffee bean. This particular bean thrives in Hawaii’s volcanic soils, producing a rich taste and dark roast. 

It averages around $60 per pound. Make sure to find the label that states Molokai Prime to ensure the highest quality. 

Saint Helena Coffee

The Best Coffees in the World - Saint Helena Coffee

The best coffees are the kinds that are rare and difficult to find. That’s where Saint Helena comes in. 

You may not have heard of Saint Helena before, as it’s a tiny island that doesn’t get much traffic or exposure. Yet, the coffee beans grown here are one of the most coveted, despite their remote location. 

These coffee beans are known as Green Tipped Bourbon Arabica. They are hard to grow and process but well worth the effort. 

They have a distinct quality that is extremely unique, producing fruity acidity, rich black cherry undertones, and a chocolatey aftertaste that cannot be replicated anywhere else. The price comes in around $145 per pound. 

Finca El Injerto Coffee 

The Best Coffees in the World - Finca El Injerto Coffee

If you want to experience luxury coffee, you have to be willing to do your research to make sure you’re getting what is promised on the coffee label. 

Finca El Injerto is a Guatemalan coffee harvested on a single farm that is 5,500 feet above sea level. This particular farm used to be a sugarcane plot but is now used just for this rare coffee.

Because it’s only harvested on this one farm plot, it’s an extremely rare find. A single pound of Finca El Injerto can go for $500. 

Like other esteemed coffees, some labels will state they have this coffee, when in fact, it is only a tiny amount that is actually included, or it’s a kind that isn’t authentically harvested on this farm plot.

If you want to really experience Finca El Injerto, you’ll need to dish out the cash and research what labels include it. 

Kopi Luwak Coffee 

The Best Coffees in the World - Kopi Luwak Coffee

Kopi Luwak is a shift from others on this list, as it’s a process to create the coffee instead of the name of the coffee itself. 

So, what makes Kopi Luwak so special? Well, the process that makes this an expensive coffee involves the coffee cherries fermenting as they pass through a cat’s digestive system. 

This is an Indonesian coffee, and it involves a civet, which is a cat native to tropical forests. Chemical adjustments occur while the coffee passes through the civet, which cannot be replicated in other ways. 

Along with this, the civet is known for choosing only best coffee beans in the world to consume, which means the product is of the highest quality. 

When the process is over, a coffee that is unlike any other is produced. It is known for having an earthy taste with caramel and chocolate undertones. It averages around $600 per pound. 

If you are to try this coffee, make sure it is made authentically. Many coffee makers have tried to produce this coffee through the digestion tract of other animals or through other means that will not create this particular taste or aroma. 

Black Ivory Coffee 

The Best Coffees in the World - Black Ivory Coffee

Coming in at the most expensive coffee on this list, there’s no leaving out Black Ivory. You’re probably gathering that the best coffees come from remote, beautiful places.  

Black Ivory is no different, hailing from Thailand. Similar to Kopi Luwak, the process involves going through the stomach of an animal. This time, it’s elephants instead of cats. 

When the coffee beans go through the elephant’s digestive tract, their enzymes are activated, and the result is smooth and flavorful beans. 

However, the elephant’s stomach often breaks down the beans, which means very few whole beans are produced. This creates a rare and expensive bean, coming in around $1,500 per pound. 

If you can get your hands on some, you’ll be one of the very few and lucky people in the world that get to experience this coffee.  

Try the Best Coffees in the World

So, now you know all about the best coffees in the world. Of course, there is never a wrong time to experience luxury, so why keep having that dull and ordinary cup of joe? 

Try some of these coffees today, and experience all of the unique tastes and tones they have to offer.

If you’re looking to expand your sophisticated palette further, luxurious tea and coffee go well together. So why not give that a try next? 

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