Chocolate is so much more than a treat. In fact, it’s so beloved that several international and national holidays were created just to celebrate the delicious, sweet delicacy. 

There are also so many types of chocolate to eat that there’s something for everyone. You can indulge in chocolate-covered fruit or chocolate and caramel candy. There are even chocolate-dipped grasshoppers for those who like a challenge. 

The benefits of chocolate don’t stop at its delicious taste, either. Dark chocolate is known for being a heart-healthy food that is rich in antioxidants and can help reduce blood pressure. 

The best chocolate brands are a head above the rest when it comes to making the most delectable treats. There are so many companies that produce chocolate that it may be hard to know which ones are worth a try.

At Luxionary, we’re passionate about highlighting the best of the best, including the best chocolate brands in the world. 

Read on to learn about the top chocolate brands to try the next time you’re craving something sweet. 

Ferrero Rocher

Best chocolate brands - Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher chocolate is one of the tastiest and most affordable brands of luxury chocolate you can find. 

The traditional chocolate of this brand is a multi-sensory experience. It combines milk chocolate with roasted hazelnuts for a taste and texture unlike anything else. Its gold wrapping and clear container are as elegant as they are recognizable. 

The inspiration behind this chocolate came from a long history of Italian pastry expertise, which is why it remains so popular today. 

The traditional flavor is favored in their products, but they offer several other flavors for chocolate enthusiasts. 

Their Raffaello chocolates combine white chocolate, almonds, wafer, and coconut flakes. It makes for a smooth and velvety treat that strays from the taste of traditional chocolate. 

Their Rondnoir chocolate is a celebration of tastes for dark chocolate lovers. This chocolate combines a wafer, creamy chocolate filling, and a dark chocolate pearl center. 


Best chocolate brands - Toblerone

When it comes to good chocolate brands, Toblerone is always near the top of any list.

How is chocolate made in the Toblerone tradition? This Swiss chocolate brand is as well known for its delicious and simple chocolate recipe as it is for its iconic, triangular packaging.

This chocolate is known for its high-quality taste and combines chocolate with savory honey and crunchy almond nougat for a rich treat that is unforgettable.

The shape of the chocolate and packaging was actually inspired by the dancers in a cabaret music hall in Paris.  

This chocolate brand also offers several flavors available in different sizes. You can try classic milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and crunchy salted caramelized almond. 


Best chocolate brands - Godiva

There is more than one way to eat chocolate, and Godiva is a brand that marries luxurious chocolate with variety and surprise. 

This brand began in Brussels, Belgium, in 1926. The company continues to honor its legacy of Belgian craftsmanship and quality ingredients to this day. 

Not every company can make a variety of mass-market products without letting quality and flavor slip. Godiva’s dedication to flavor is always present in all its offerings. 

The best thing about Godiva is that there are so many ways to try its flavors. There’s traditional milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and even kosher chocolate. 

You can try their chocolate-covered biscuits that come in an assortment of gift packages and boxes. These make excellent gifts for your loved ones or as a treat for yourself. 

They also sell boxes of their rich chocolate-covered strawberries for those who love the freshness of fruit with their sweet snacks. They also offer chocolate-covered pretzels, chocolate cherry cordials, chocolate-covered almonds, and more.

Eating chocolate is always fun, but Godiva makes drinking it just as much of a delectable experience. 

If rich hot chocolate or coffee is what you crave, Godiva has them both. Godiva coffee is one of the best types of coffee and is a rarely-seen delicacy. Their hot chocolate is rich, velvety, and one of a kind. 

Lindt And Sprungli

Best chocolate brands - Lindt And Sprungli

When it comes to making chocolate, the people of Switzerland certainly know what they are doing. 

Lindt has been making chocolate products for over 175 years. It is best known for its many varieties of truffle flavors that come in recognizable color-coded packaging. 

They offer such a wide range of flavors that anyone will be able to find what they crave with Lindt chocolate.

They offer traditional flavors like milk and dark chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut. They also offer surprising flavors, like coconut, pistachio, sea salt, orange, and fudge swirl. Their stracciatella flavor will remind you of the sweet taste of cookies and cream. 

They also offer seasonal flavors like strawberries and cream. This flavor combines white chocolate with strawberries to make a creamy truffle filling.

Spring is another seasonal flavor; it combines a milk chocolate shell with a melting white chocolate center. 

There is also plenty to try from Lindt if truffles are not your go-to chocolate. Lindt makes many of its flavors as a chocolate bar as well. These bars also combine chocolate with nuts like almonds and hazelnuts. 

Lindt’s chocolate sticks offer interesting flavor combinations if you want to try something unique. 

Try their strawberry cheesecake sticks for twice the amount of dessert flavors in one treat. They also make their sticks in flavors of salted caramel, sea salt dark chocolate, classic milk chocolate, and caramel. 

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Try The Best Chocolate Brands And More 

Now you know the most beloved and best chocolate brands to try the next time you’re craving something sweet. These brands are at the top of any chocolate lover’s list because of their luxurious flavors and dedication to quality.

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