When planning for a luxurious holiday to pause their tiring daily routine, most people often go for the regular options. You can be planning a short trip to Paris, a fortnight expedition to Europe, or even a world tour, but there is always something that is there to provide you with an additional exciting and unique experience.

If your pocket allows you to afford all the luxuries of the world, then giving Lover’s Deep St. Lucia Submarine – The Underwater Hotel would be the best thing you could try. It can be the other name of a high-class luxurious journey that goes way above the first-class aeroplane tickets!

Lover’s Deep

Oliver’s Travels is one of the most exclusive and luxurious places known for one-of-a-kind holiday experiences it provides for their customers. Among all the extraordinary holiday packages, offering their customers a wonderful experience of spending their time relaxing in the underwater hotel is the best. The idea is indeed out of the box to launch a submarine that has the most luxurious hotel in it that gives you a soothing experience of endless blue seas.

A Billion-Dollar Underwater Hotel - Lover’s Deep Submarine | The Submarine
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It is a fact that everyone adores the deep blue seas and endless blue skies, and there is more to enjoy when you are viewing them on a luxurious and deluxe yacht. Oliver’s Travels’ astonishing submarine, Lover’s Deep is all you could ask for to spend the perfect holiday with your loved one or some quality time alone under the deep blue sea. Although, the luxurious submarine is exclusively designed for the ultimate romantic experience, deep under the water, spending $292,000 (€258,000) to spend some time alone might also sound comforting. However, this submarine is crafted in such a manner that any person who could afford it will eventually be influenced to spend a romantic holiday with their loved one instead of enjoying it alone.

St. Lucia Submarine – The Underwater Hotel

St. Lucia is a perfect escape for you and your loved one if you want to get away from all the work hassle and go far from everywhere to enjoy a romantic holiday. It is a nice and most luxurious underwater hotel that is built inside the Lover’s Deep, a luxurious Submarine exclusively crafted for the couples to spend some quality time together in complete isolation and harmony underwater. The private luxury submarine will take you deep under the Caribbean Sea and help the couple to escape from all the worries and stress of the world and spend the most precious moments with each other.

A Billion-Dollar Underwater Hotel - Lover’s Deep Submarine | The Submarine Dives underwater
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The luxurious submarine – the underwater hotel is also a perfect choice for the couples who planned to give their honeymoon something extra. However, when we talk about this lavish hotel, we know that it is no less than a magical escape, and every magic comes with a price. For availing this mystical getaway, you don’t have to pay a huge price as we see in the fairy-tales, but in real life to gain a fairy-tale you need whole a lot of money. Where this luxurious submarine – the underwater hotel is concerned, the only cost you have to bear is $292,000 (€258,000) per couple for a night. You pay the price and be sure that you will be served with the most enchanting experience, and there will be nothing or no one in the world that would disturb you there.

Does the Price Do Justice?

A Billion-Dollar Underwater Hotel - Lover’s Deep Submarine | Bathroom
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Having a holiday spent underwater in a cosy hotel definitely sounds luxurious. However, there are still some minds that wonder that even though with such tranquillity, costing people $292,000 (€258,000) is a tad too much. One might think that it is surely something unique and luxurious, but after all, it is only a hotel, and instead, on a cruise, the ship goes under the water, then why costing a fortune over this when you can avail other ways to gain composure. The answer lies in the unique features Lover’s Deep St. Lucia Submarine – the underwater Hotel holds. It is only because of these stunning highlights the hotel stands out in and attract people across the world towards having an exotic experience after paying a handsome amount.

Let’s have a profound look at these amazing features of Lover’s Deep St. Lucia Submarine Hotel.

Exquisite Interior

It would surely be worthless to pay thousands of dollars only to spend your holiday in a submarine that has a tacky hotel. To bring justice to the cost of the submarine, the interior of the Lover’s Deep St. Lucia Submarine – The Underwater Hotel has been done with extreme care and delicacy. The quarter is entirely soundproof so that people could have quality time without being interrupted by the noise coming from the outside or going out of the area. The submarine hotel is designed with the most attractive glass-fronted areas that allow the people inside an incredible view of underwater life. People can enjoy dinner while relishing their surroundings. Coral and fishes pass through the windows that can be seen easily through the glass fronts.

A Billion-Dollar Underwater Hotel - Lover’s Deep Submarine | Room
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The submarine is entirely equipped with the most luxurious collection to the very core of it. The craftsmanship was extremely delicate as they took care of even the tiniest detail. The underwater submarine hotel has a quality wood finish, including the most delicate and luxurious leather armchairs and sofas. It also has an extremely comfortable living room, a mini-bar separately provided in each suite, an en-suite bathroom, and everything can be enjoyed with an imaginary underwater view of the Caribbean Sea and life underwater.

Gourmet Dishes

Enjoying the ambience of the room or the quarter is surely not enough to pay such a striking amount for an only one-night stay. There is more to this luxurious underwater submarine hotel than the interior. Food is surely unignorable when it comes to rating the hotels. Even though the ambience serves right to the people, the food is something more like a deal maker. If people are served with the delicious food along with the stunning atmosphere, they would love to spend money the next time they would want to gain such experience.

A Billion-Dollar Underwater Hotel - Lover’s Deep Submarine | Gourmet Dish
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The menu of the Lover’s Deep St. Lucia underwater submarine hotel is indeed out of this world. There is even a specially fashioned aphrodisiac menu that contains a massive assortment of gourmet dishes and as well as fresh ingredients that are delivered carefully to each voyage. Guests are welcomed to select the menu as they like. They can choose from Oysters, most luscious chocolate fondant, and Russian caviar “Read more about caviar the most expensive food in the world”.

People spending their honeymoon on the submarine are also served with the food on a complimentary basis as a part of their special honeymoon package.

Affording More Privacy for the Guests

Having the soundproof quarters are surely not enough to serve the guests with extreme privacy. Therefore, the quarters are located on the edge of the submarine, and all the staff people are provided with the accommodation on the other corner of the submarine.

A Billion-Dollar Underwater Hotel - Lover’s Deep Submarine | Privacy for the Guests
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Three people are hired to pamper enough the guests with the exclusive services. A chef, a very own personal butler, and the captain are there to provide everything you want on your voyage.

Final Thoughts,

The Lover’s Deep St. Lucia Submarine – The Underwater Hotel is truly the most imaginary place that can provide you with the most memorable and luxurious experience of your lifetime. One might say that the cost of the stay for a night might be too much, but it is also true that every cent you spend to avail this luxury will be worth it. You will feel a different and more relaxed energy in yourself after having the experience. So, if you have a generous budget, planning your next holiday at a luxurious submarine would sound super exciting!