Move over Super Mario: The Magic Mushrooms The Most Expensive USB Drive have now sprouted into the tech sphere.

The humble USB drive is quite a mundane device: you simply insert it to retrieve your files, usually without giving any thought to its appearance. However, what we see as a purely functional lump of metal came to mean something much more to young Libyan student Mohammed Shawesh, read to discover The World’s Most Expensive USB Drive.

The Most Expensive USB Drive - The Magic Mushrooms
Source: Jewelry News Network

After leaving his home country to study at the Bocconi School of Economics in Italy, Shawesh was persuaded by a friend to try creating bespoke jewelry. He picked it up so quickly, he soon found customers for his pieces and quit his studies to devote all his time to jewels.

Today Mohammed’s company Shawish Geneva produces a huge range of jewelry products renowned both for being luxurious and extraordinary.

Shawish’s Swish Creations

The young Libyan student Mohammed Shawesh, in a TV interview. The creative behind The Most Expensive USB Drive - The Magic Mushrooms
Mr. Mohammed Shawish in a TV interview

Swiss-based company Shawish Geneva’s main focus is on bringing to life ideas usually only found in the pages of storybooks. For instance, in 2012 the company unveiled the world’s first all-diamond 150-carat ring, valued at around $70 million dollars. The ring took over a year to design and cut from a single faceted diamond: the end result looks more like something found in Ali Baba’s Cave of Wonders than in real life.

Mohammed Shawesh himself oversaw the design of the ring, admitting that carving it was a big challenge. Lasers were used to cut through the stone in order to form a ring. The process of cutting and polishing large diamonds, like the one used, can easily damage the stone’s molecular structure, making this an incredibly difficult task.

Needless to say, once the ring was completed however, Shawish Geneva became a household name for everyone interested in bespoke jewelry.

The Magic Mushrooms

Shawish Geneva also created the ‘Magic Mushrooms’ collection, made of ten striking mushroom-shaped USB flash drives. Each one is divided into two sections: the head which is studded with precious stones and the stem, which is made of pure gold.

The Most Expensive USB Drive - The Magic Mushrooms
Source: Jewelry News Network

The drives also work as a normal USB stick, storing up to 32GB of However, the cost of even one of these drives is equal to the price of 58 new 32GB iPads, making this an item truly for the super-wealthy. Indeed, given the Magic Mushrooms’ blend of white & yellow gold, as well as pink & white diamonds amongst other gems, they are almost certainly the most expensive USB flash drives in the world.

Fortunately, there are different pricing tiers depending on your budget. If you choose the ‘budget’ option for $16,500, your drive will come with 9 carats of pink stones, studded with diamonds. Alternatively, you can shell out $24,000 for a 10-carat red ruby (also studded with diamonds) or buy a Magic Mushroom with a top-of-the-line emerald coated case for a cool $36,900.

A kind of magic

Source: Shawishjewellery YouTube Channel

Mohammed Shawesh claims the idea for his Magic Mushroom collection came from reading Alice in Wonderland, where our heroine is able to grow and shrink depending on the type of mushroom she eats. However, the idea of blending precious stones with modern technology is all his own and makes for a truly fascinating luxury buy.

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