Humans belong to different social status and financial classes. Some belong to the high class, the average class and the low class. Those who belong to the high class are few in comparison with the other levels; they are the materially blessed and luxuriously distinguished men in the society. They command respect and earn accolades anywhere they appear.

However, they are not only distinct and distinguished by their financial status but also by the abundance of quality possession and expensive luxurious lifestyle they live. Most people think that the term “luxury” is only used in references to fashionable regalia, exotic cars, jaw-dropping houses and expensive dresses. The real definition of luxury is drawn from the vast collection of diamonds, crystal clear and flawless ones.

Diamonds come in different shapes, colour sizes and quality. Possessing a vast collection of diamonds doesn’t ascertain that you are living in luxury or you have what it takes to stand out amidst other high, classy and dignified humans like you. Possessing real beauty, flawless and low stained diamonds like VVS is what makes the difference.

VVS Diamond is a rare gem, sparkling beauty, eye-blinding crystal clear and flawless gem that only very few high-class men, who know the value of luxury possess. It gives the owner an aura of excellence, elegance, and leaves the onlookers captivated and entrapped. Having a collection of this gem is the best gift you can ever have in this lifetime.

What Is VVS Diamond?

What is VVS Diamond?

Maybe you stumble into a jewel store, and you overheard someone saying “I need a VVS Diamond” or your Dad’s wealthy friend promises to get you a VVS Diamond, and you don’t have an incline about what it is. In the twinkling of an eye, you will understand what it means, and your thirst for this luxury will heighten.

VVS Diamond or better still Very Very Slightly included Diamond is a precious gem that has minor impurities which are invisible and undetectable by human eyes. These inclusions/impurities are unrecognizable and hard to see, even with a 10x magnification.

They are minor pinpoints, feathers or clouds which hardly impact the outer appearance and clarity of the gem. It is subdivided into two groups; VVS1 and VVS2. There is a slight, undetectable difference between the two categories. The significant difference is that while inclusions appear at the pavilion side of VVS1, it appears at the crown side of VVS2.

To understand VVS Diamond better and prevent being tricked by jewel sellers into buying a different grade, you need to know about two things. VVS Diamond Quality and Clarity.

Diamond Quality:

What is VVS Diamond? - Diamond Quality

VVS Diamonds have close-to-perfect quality, run in different shapes and colours and are uniquely flawless. They have a high quality which beat other expensive and beautiful gems hands down. Clarity determines its quality, Carat, Cut and Colour. These four Cs make up the unmistakable unique and almost perfect quality, making it stand out in the vast collection of other luxuries.

Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. How heavy or light does it feel when you hold the gem? The bigger and heavier the weight/Carat, the higher and distinct the quality and price of the diamond. An increase in carat is an increase in the value; monetarily and quality-wise.

The presence or absence of colour in VVS determine the quality of the gem. Other gems derive their quality in their colour, such as blue diamonds whose value and quality lies in its blue beauty lines, but VVS derive its own in the absence of colour. The whiter the gem, the higher the quality and value, the clearer, perfect, and sparkling it appears.

The cut part of the Diamond quality is the size and shape of it. VVS comes in different rare and alluring forms which attract the buyers. It is the availability of structured sizes and shapes that makes it one of the most sought after jewels. The last C, clarity is about the presence and amount of impurities/inclusions in the gem.

Diamond Clarity:

What is VVS Diamond? - Diamond Clarity

There is nothing that comes out of nature or made by man that is perfect, and no matter how careful, considerate and watchful humans are in extracting gems and natural resources, there will always be a crack. Generally, all Diamonds have impurities, but the level and size differ significantly.

70% of diamonds are impure and stained, and out of the remaining 30% of diamonds which have tiny impurities, VVS Diamond is one of the widely known for its external perfection and one of the near-perfect gems. The impurities, in the form of cracks, air bubbles or fractions present in this gem is not so pronounced or detectable by the naked eye.

All Diamonds used as jewels have different clarity grade and level; the quality can be determined by clarity grading scale (CGS). VVS Diamonds are extraordinary, rare and almost flawless. The grading scale shows that the virtual appearance of inclusions (cracks, other diamond crumbles, mineral splits or inclusion of defects), internally and externally are very tiny and can smoothly go undetected by a 10× magnification.

The presence of inclusions in VVS does not affect its sparkles, performance, appearance, shape or structure. They are instrumental in fingerprint detections, markings, or serve as apparent differences between natural and non-natural diamonds.

How Much Is 1 Carat Of VVS Diamond?

What is VVS Diamond? - How much is 1 carat of VVS Diamond?

Prices of gems like Diamonds are determined by the 4cs earlier mentioned; they are Clarity, Cut, Color and Carat. Although these four characters are crucial in determining the price of a diamond, the carat (weight) and colour are the primary determiners. The shape (cut) also adds a significant value to the diamond.

Since you have become more familiar with the VVS Diamond as illustrated above, you should recall that the carat of the diamond refers to the weight and that the bigger it is, the higher the value and price. Also, the whiter the gem, the higher the value.

VVS Diamonds are mostly costlier than other diamonds because of its clarity, rarity, extravagance, and uniqueness, as the price chart will reveal. The price of 1 carat VVS Diamond is broken down into two; VVS1 and VVS2. The minimum price of a 1 Carat VVS1 round diamond with an H-I c is $5,500. The average cost of a 1 Carat VVS2 round diamond with an I colour is $5,310.

The minimum price of a 1 carat VVS2 round true heart shape is $7.370 while VVS1 round true heart shape is $7.750

Is VVS The Best Diamond?

What is VVS Diamond? - Is VVS the best diamond?

Usually, Doubts about the quality, value and elegance of VVS shouldn’t be entertained. Often time jewel consumers and luxury collectors find themselves doubting the credibility of VVS and are indecisive about going for it or not.

You might be wondering and pondering whether this diamond is the best. To answer your question and clear uproarious doubts, here is what you should know.

When it comes to internally and externally flawless natural diamonds, VVS takes the first seat. Its beauty is second to none; VVS’ sparkles, brilliance, appearance and uniqueness cannot be qualified with words.

If you are looking for a perfect display of wealth, a vast collection of flawless luxury with a high price tag, and expensive adornment to match up your angelic and extraordinary look, what you need is a VVS.

One of the factors that determine whether a diamond is worth it, and the best is the 4cs (clarity, cut, colour and carat) that characterized it. The value of VVS lies in the clarity grade, which makes it increasingly rare and sought after. It is an eye-cleaned gemstone whose inclusions are invisible, both to the eye and 10x magnification.

The rarity of the diamond makes it the best choice for wealth display, financial echoes, luxury and extravagance appearance.

Why is VVS Diamond So Expensive?

What is VVS Diamond? - Why is VVS Diamond so expensive?

“He who knows the true dignity of diamond and appreciates natural flawless beautiful gems is not afraid to spend his entire fortune in them at his disposal.”

The least price of a 1-carat VVS Diamond is $5,320. VVS Diamonds are expensive because of these characteristics that distinguish them from the lines of diamonds made into gemstones.

1- The Diamond Nature

Diamonds are gotten from nature, out of the 100% natural diamonds, only 20% get made into gemstones or jewels while the remaining 80% is discarded or used industrially.

Nature determines whether a diamond will be flawless, free from inclusions and the level of inclusions and blemishes. It also determines whether the sparkles, brilliance and visual appearance will be significantly affected or not.

When nature has no profound or adverse effect on diamonds like VVS, it makes them flawless and next to perfection, which is very rare. It is what makes this gemstone expensive and highly demanded.

2- The Diamond Colour

Diamonds come in various colours which adds to the elegance, beauty and allurement of the gemstones. The blue diamond is expensive because of its blue lines which makes it extraordinary and eye-catching.

VVS Diamond is expensive because of its white or cloudy colour appearance. The whiteness makes it a highly valued and quality gem which is not only rare but distinct from others.

The gemstones don’t only appear in white; it can be made in different colours and at the same time, still maintaining its clarity. But the whiter the gem, the higher the value and price.

3- The Diamond Size and shape

Here is another distinguishing characteristic that makes VVS costlier than other gems. The shape and size of a diamond affect the value and quality of a diamond, either positively or negatively.

A poorly shaped diamond will be trampled on, belittled and neglected even If its clarity grade is superb. Most diamonds end up with disfigured shapes because the manufacturers cut off the inclusions to hide them from becoming visible.

Right from the colour of VVS to the shape and size, nothing makes it less expensive than it is. It comes in different attractive shapes and well-carved sizes such as round, true heart and others.

4- The Diamond Rarity And Value

The value of a substance lies in its rarity. If you can easily get something anytime you want, then it might have lost its value.

The value of VVS Diamond is high and immeasurable. The shape, size, colour and nature enhances its value and makes it the most sought after gem.

If you want to know the value of a diamond, check out people’s attitude and behaviour towards it. Do they treat it with respect, awe and care or they don’t look at it twice?

VVS Diamond Price

VVS are inconceivably expensive and significantly costlier than most of the natural diamonds such as VS and SI. The price of diamonds is determined by the 4c mentioned above with which VVS takes the lead.

The prices range, depending on the jewel shopper’s price tag and where you are purchasing it. Apart from this, the two levels of diamonds; VVS1 and VVS2 have a varying price.

VVS1 is more expensive and rarer when compared to its counterpart, VVS2. VVS2 emerald diamond in a platinum solitaire setting costs $4,385, 0.7-carat VVS cost $2.060, a 1 Carat VVS1 round diamond with an H-I colour is $5,500, a 1 Carat VVS2 round diamond with an I colour, is $5,310.

The price of VVS Diamond can be anything between $1,400 per 0.5 carats, $5,500, to $60,000. If you want to know the actual value and price of the gem, the jewel seller can give you a detailed price list.

Final Thoughts

Although VVS Diamonds are expensive and hard to come by, they are still categorized under the best luxurious items a wealthy man can ever possess. Its elegance, clarity, lustrous appearance, and high quality make it highly appreciated, sought after, and owned by expert gemstone acquirers.

There is no doubt that it is the true definition of luxury, wealth, and identity to strong classed personalities in society. Possessing a collection of this gemstone, whether for an available array of wealth/property or just as a reminder of financial status, is worth more than anything.

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