Everybody needs a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and one may feel like driving up to a secluded spot to have some peace and tranquillity. However, in this modern-day and age of connectivity by some means of land transport to even the remotest areas of this planet, one might find it hard to drive away from anything. The definition of “heaven on earth” may vary from person to person but for someone looking to escape the pollution and noise of cities and towns can surely understand that the true meaning of “heaven on earth” are islands. You might ask why islands? And the answer is simple. Islands have everything one can need to achieve inner peace. From sunny beaches to flora and fauna that can’t be found anywhere else to a mesmerising view of the seemingly never-ending ocean. Islands can be a great way of eluding the hustle and bustle of cities and towns.

One might wonder the number of islands on offer, but for people with big pockets and a true taste for style and luxury Banwa Private Island is unquestionably the go-to spot for the tranquillity and peace that one seeks.

The Magical Island That Has It All

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Banwa Private Island is situated in the province of Palawan, the Philippines boasting unparalleled views and beauty of the Sulu Sea. It has numerous ways to be accessed, which depends upon the choice you may have. You can have a private two-hour helicopter ride from Manilla, or if seaplanes have fascinated you at some point of your life, then a private chartered seaplane is definitely the option to go for. For someone feeling a little less adventurous, commercial transfer routes are also available. However, one chooses to travel its noteworthy to mention that these are not included in the hefty $100,000 dollar bill.

No matter how big one’s pockets maybe, $100,000 is still quite a huge bill to foot and with other options available you may feel the impulse to explore them, and we welcome you to do so however the price tag does make sense once you start exploring all the amenities Banwa Private Island has to offer let’s explore them a little more in detail.

What Does $100,000 Get You?

Banwa Private Island in the Philippines is the most expensive and exclusive resort in the world | Aerial view
Source: BanwaPrivateIsland.com

Depending on your tastes in life and things that make you happy, a $100,000 can either get you 8 of the most expensive pizzas in the world or a jetpack which is the latest in today’s hype or an unedited copy of the Beatles “Love Me Do”. For some of you that might have guessed, it gets you a night at the Banwa Private island, and for some looking for that inner peace, Banwa Private Island beats all other options by a mile.


Banwa Private Island in the Philippines is the most expensive and exclusive resort in the world | Sunset
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With a minimum of 3 nights stays, when you decide to stay at Banwa Private Island, you are investing in an adventure of a lifetime. The remoteness of the island offers exclusivity that no pizza can get you while at the same time it offers you serene views of the ocean. This exclusivity doesn’t only emerge from the remoteness of the Island but also the fact that Banwa private Island is working on an exclusive booking model, which means when you decide to stay at Banwa Private Island, you get the whole 15-acre island exclusive resort to yourself which means the everyone on the Island is there because you allow them to be there, talk about royalty.

 Unless you decide to hold a party then, a maximum of 48 people can be accommodated in any of the six ridiculously luxurious villas that Banwa Private Island has. Each villa boasts its own Jacuzzi, infinity pool serenading you into believing you might be in the ocean and the top to bottom window panels make sure you don’t miss out on any of the majestic views the Island is surrounded by. The no-frills simplistic yet elegant room interiors also play its part in making you feel like the royalty you are. Food is served using the freshest produce from the organic farm at Banwa Island and the freshest catches of the day from the Sulu Sea. Banwa also possesses an in house artesian well which is the main supply for the clean and natural bottled drinking water called Banawater which is a totally sustainable source of water as the 500 feet deep well makes use of gravity of the Sulu Sea tides to refill the reservoir.


Banwa Private Island in the Philippines is the most expensive and exclusive resort in the world | Royalty
Source: BanwaPrivateIsland.com

Yes, Banwa Private Island is a private island but what kind of an exclusive resort would it be without the resorts’ 100 strong staff which make sure you feel grand at every step of the way? From the minute you step your foot onto the Island, the staff is ready to greet you with refreshments, and a free for all bar is already set up so one can help themselves satisfy any cravings that arise from the excitement of being in one of the most expensive, exclusive, and luxurious island resorts.

The staff is always ready to help you with whatever you may need; this includes dining at the main communal hub of the Island, the latitude restaurant or helping you use any of the numerous amenities that Banwa boasts such as the spa or the gym. The Banwa Staff is sure that every royal and unroyal need of the guest is tended to.

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Exploring The Surroundings

Once you find yourself settled and well versed with the ways of the resort, it’s time to explore all the activities Banwa Private Island has to offer. This can be simple activities like taking a dip in the Sulu Sea or partaking in many of the aquatic activities that the exclusive resort has an offer for water enthusiasts. These can range from snorkelling into the pristine waters of the Sulu Sea, sailing around the Island and taking in the Beautiful sights of not just the Banwa island itself but also the surrounding islands or perhaps the best one of them all is taking a dive to explore the surrounding Tubbataha reef. Tubbataha Reef is renowned as one of the top ten dive sites of the world and is only a short way away from the Island while a 1000 square km area is protected under the UNESCO world heritage site laws which protects the area’s marine life which includes whales, sharks and dolphins just to mention a few.

Apart from the water activities, one can also go hiking on some of the most beautiful trails the country has on offer whilst finding some of the rarest fauna. For a more relaxing vibe, you can catch the breathtaking views of the Milky Way floating above your head during the night as Banwa Island is one of the most ideal locations to stargaze due to its remoteness.

Final thoughts

While totally true that the island exclusive resort comes with a very big price tag, it can also be seen that the experience pays for itself as majestic views, grand exclusivity and the beautiful surroundings are rarely ever found in one place. Furthermore, nothing speaks more about tranquillity than laying in a hammock and sipping on any of the fine drinks on offer besides the temperate sea breeze flowing all over you and making you never want to leave the true definition of “heaven on earth”.