How long does it take a coffee tree to bear fruit? Around 3 to 4 years.

The location, soil, and care for those 3-4 years determine the quality of the bean. Sophisticated coffee companies plant in the most fertile soil. After the plant bears fruit, harvesters carefully select the top of the crop to create an inspiring cup of coffee.

Of course, the regular coffee brands at your local grocery store don’t undergo such a vigilant process. Instead of settling for less than the best, you owe it to yourself to learn about the most expensive coffee in the world.

Luxurious brands like Ospina coffee can ultimately elevate your caffeine experience. Why does Ospina coffee charge over $200 for a single bag of beans?

Read on to learn what high-end coffee is all about.

The Historic Ospina Coffee Brand

Most Expensive Coffee - The Historic Ospina Coffee Brand

There always seems to be a new gourmet coffee popping up in the grocery store. However, the true sign of excellence is to withstand the test of time. That’s why we’ve picked Ospina coffee to highlight as the number one, most luxurious, and most expensive coffee brand in the world.

When you have five generations of coffee lovers working together, you get Ospina. It’s also the product of the land that’s so lush and rich; it’s unmatched by any other spot on earth. The superb elements and unique terroir are sure to delight your taste buds in a way they’ve never experienced before.

Rare Arabica Type Beans

Most Expensive Coffee - Rare Arabica Type Beans

Ospina coffee only produces the rarest Arabica Typica beans. Producing and roasting these rare beans demands the most vigilant attention. The results are a superior flavor spectrum with top-notch quality.

Where does Ospina coffee find these rare beans? The beans are grown in a volcanic mountain on the slope of the Andes. Volcanic ash produces some of the most fertile, high-quality soil possible.

Nestled under the shade of the tropical forest canopy, these beans have a chance to grow to their full potential. Surrounded by exotic birds and awe-inspiring orchids, they produce the beans in a magical place.

Crafting High-End Coffee

Most Expensive Coffee - Crafting High-End Coffee

How exactly is Ospina coffee crafted? After picking the cherries, the selectors must carefully process them using a wet method. The carefully hand-picked cherries have to be of the best quality to make it to the wet-method part of the crafting process.

After approval, they remove the skin from the fruit with a mechanical peeler. The beans are thoroughly washed, fermented for 24 to 36 hours, and then passed again. Next, the beans soak up the sun for five weeks as they become parchment beans.

Costly Coffee

Packaging just 70 kg in a jute bag, only the best of the best make the cut. One bag costs at least $230.

It might not be the most expensive thing in the world, but that’s a lot for coffee! The intense rating, grading, and roasting process help contribute to the brand’s high price point.

Rating Roasting and Grading the Most Expensive Coffee

To make the most expensive coffee, you have to be patient. The plant variety, soil quality, rainfall records, and type of harvesting all contribute to the quality of the beans.

Since the rich volcanic soil of Ospina coffee beans is found at high altitudes, these beans have the highest grading. They rate high too.

Coffee raters judge beans by their flavor, body, aftertaste, acidity, and aroma.  You’ll be happy to know that Ospina coffees have regularly received ratings of 95, which is one of the highest ratings for any coffee worldwide.

Don’t stop with luxury coffee, though. If you like to switch between coffee and tea, you can add expensive tea blends to your collection, too!

What Roast Is Proper for You?

Most Expensive Coffee - What Roast Is Proper for You?

When enjoying gourmet coffee beans, you can choose between a light roast, medium roast, dark roast, or espresso roast. Each roasting option brings with it its own unique flavors and experience.

For instance, the Ospina coffee is a light roast, otherwise called the Vienna roast. The roasters only roast the beans for about 10 minutes to provide a light, snappy flavor.

If you want the beans to be a bit sweeter, you should get a medium roast, otherwise called an Italian roast. The beans have a fuller flavor profile, adding only a minute to the roasting time. To balance the full body, you have the bean’s complexity, acid, and aroma.

For an exotic spicy blend, we suggest trying the dark roast, otherwise called French roast. Roasting the beans for 12 minutes, the oils will rise to the surface. The result is a somewhat spicy complex flavor that brings up the chocolatey body of the beans.

Add on another two minutes of roasting, and you’ll have an espresso roast, otherwise called a Turkish roast. A Turkish roast almost caramelizes the beans as the sugars begin to carbonize. You’ll be able to enjoy a smokey flavor profile that brings up the most intense aspects of the coffee bean.

Dynasty Premier Grand Cru Coffee Blends

Most Expensive Coffee - Dynasty Premier Grand Cru Coffee Blends

One of the most luxurious blends that Ospina coffee provides is the Dynasty Premier Grand Cru. You’ll get to enjoy rich flavor notes of berries, almonds, and chocolate. The perfectly balanced coffee beans offer a rich experience.

There’s even crisp and snappy wine-like aftertaste. If you’ve never had fruity coffee before, you probably haven’t had a luxurious blend like this.

You owe it to yourself to try the bag, but get ready to pay big. One bag of this premium Ospina coffee blend costs $430 and weighs in at 8.8 oz.

Presidential Premier Grand Cru Coffee Beans

Most Expensive Coffee - Presidential Premier Grand Cru Coffee Beans

The Ospina Presidential Premier Grand Cru uses the same high-altitude coffee beans as the Dynasty blend. The whole beans are silky and smooth while also providing a complex flavor profile.

You’ll be able to enjoy hints of nuts, along with soothing caramel flavors and a refreshing crisp aftertaste. The aroma is a floral hint of Jasmine with a flavor best described as apricot and coconut.

The Presidential Premier Grand Cru is a medium roast blend in high demand. How much does it cost? There isn’t even a price right now!

Ospina sold out of the Presidential blend a while ago. It’s unclear when it’ll be available again. Chances are, once this highly sought-after brand hits the shelves, it’ll sell out again immediately.

Experience Coffee in a New Light

It’s easy to see why Ospina coffee is the most expensive coffee around. Now that you’ve enticed your sophisticated palette with the possibilities of new coffee blends, make your dreams a reality. Buy a bag of Ospina coffee or another luxury brand today.

It might seem crazy to spend $230 on a bag of coffee, but it’s more than just a cup of joe. You’re buying into an experience. One that’s full of flavor, discovery, and delight.

Don’t stop at Ospina coffee, though. Learn about the other luxury coffee brands out there with this article.

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