Did you know that the average home size in America is going on about 2,400 square feet, which has gone up since the 1973 average of 1,500 feet? These figures show that people nowadays like to live large and having a bigger home is one of those luxuries. 

Everyone loves a nice big home, but you might be wondering who has the biggest house in the world? If you don’t know, read on below and find out more!

Villa Leopold – French Riviera

The Biggest House in the World - Villa Leopold- French Riviera
Source: Luxuo.com

Everybody loves the French Riviera with its beautiful beaches, warm weather, and vibrant lifestyle; it is definitely a place that resonates with the imagination. On the Riviera, you will find one of the biggest houses in the world with, the 80 000 square foot mansion apply called Villa Leopold.

The home first belonged to King Leopold the 2nd of Belgium, who constructed this mansion as a gift for his mistress Blanche Zelia. Ownership has changed hands a few times but now is owned by Brazilian billionaire Lilly Safra. 

This villa is probably one of the most expensive homes in Europe and is valued at around 500 million. It has one of the best beach fronts on the whole continent.

Witanhurst – London

The Biggest House in the World - Witanhurst- London
Source: Thetimes.co.uk

This mega-mansion nestled comfortably in London Uk has 90 000 square feet for the owner to play around with. Built between 1913 and 1920, the property became dilapidated over the years until a Russian billionaire breathed new life into the property in 2008.

The estate has around 65 rooms in total. It includes 25 bathrooms, a dining room, a snooker room, a gym, a sauna, and a movie theatre. Second, only to Buckingham palace in terms of size in London. The property was reportedly bought for 65 million dollars before the renovations. What it’s worth now is anybody’s guess.

The One, Bel Air – California

The Biggest House in the World - The One, Bel Air- California
Source: Bloomberg.com

This 20 bedroom,30 bathroom home has the acclaim of being the biggest home in America with a total of 74 000 square feet. The house was imagined and designed by real estate developer Nile Niami. The one also was the most expensive home built in America, with a cost of 500 million hard-earned dollars.

Featuring a 5 000 square foot master bedroom, Imax-style theatre, four swimming pools of different sizes, a 30-car garage, and an 8500-square-foot nightclub, the one was built to be more of a party house. Currently on the market, this house has yet to find its forever owner.

La Reverie – Palm Beach Florida

The Biggest House in the World - La Reverie - Palm Beach Florida
Source: Galeriemagazine.com

Perfectly situated in Palm Beach, Florida, where all the rich and famous live and with the acclaimed title of the biggest house in the neighborhood, this 84 626 square foot mansion was built by the owner of Matrix essentials Sydell Miller.

Purchased for a modest 4,5 million in 1995, this home has the title of being the biggest in Palm Beach and the 7th biggest home in the world. Not only a living home but many concerts and events have been held here over the years, so you not, it must be pretty massive.

Taohuayuan – Suzhou China

The Biggest House in the World - Taohuayuan - Suzhou China
Source: Themilliardaire.com

China isn’t a destination that comes to mind when you think of the biggest house in the world, but in Suzhou, China, you will find 72 400 square feet of pure luxury. Built by a private property development company Sunac on a private island over the span of 3 years.

Situated on the banks of Dushu Lake, this home has 32 bedrooms and bathrooms, a wine cellar, Lavish gardens, and a very fancy ornamental pond that can hold a wide number of Khoi or expensive fishes.

The surrounding gardens and landscapes were modeled on Suzhou’s classical gardens, which is a world heritage site. In 2016 the house was put up for sale at a whopping asking price of 154 million dollars, making it China’s most expensive home.

Safra Mansion – Sao Paulo Brazil

The Biggest House in the World - Safra Mansion- Sao Paulo Brazil
Source: Wikimedia.org

Located in the metropolis of South America, Sao Paulo, with some of the most expensive property prices in the region, you know a 117 000 square foot mansion is going to be worth a pretty penny. The Safra family who owns it are wealthy private bankers who moved to Brazil for the relative peace and quiet that comes with the country. The family is known to have several super expensive homes around the world.

The house has a whopping 130 rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, and what’s inside could be anybody’s guess as the family is super private individuals. Resembling villa Leopold in France, whom the family used to own, the true value of the mansion is unknown but is said to be worth a couple of hundreds of millions.

Istana Nurul Iman Palace Brunei – Biggest House In The World

Source: Twitter.com

The world’s biggest house belongs to none other than the Sultan of Brunei, which not many people reading this would even have heard of. The Sultan is one of the wealthiest monarchs in the world, owning to Brunei being rich in natural resources. 

The house, or should we say palace is a real feat of engineering and covers a truly grand area of 2.15 million square feet. In this much square footage, you will find 1788 rooms, 257 bathrooms, a 110-car garage, banquet halls, horse stables, swimming pools, and even a private mosque that can fit 1500 people. 

Designed and built in 1984 since then, no one has been able to match the palace in size and grandeur. The true value of the palace is relatively unknown, but some reports say the house price can rise to a grand old total of 1.4 billion dollars.

Lavish Homes Around The World

No matter where you go in the world, you are sure to find houses that take the meaning of the biggest house to a whole new level. With advancements in building materials and construction know-how, we are bound to see houses that push the envelope even further in the not-too-distant future.

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