Sleeping has its own great significance that impacts our health in every other way. A good night’s sleep is as much important as eating and drinking healthy food. If the quality of our sleep gets a little messy, our entire health gets impacted in the negative sense. In order to maintain a positive mental and physical health, it is imperative that every individual must improve their sleeping cycle.

There are several great factors that play their part in enhancing the sleeping experience, as well as if you do not utilise them wisely, they can become your nightmares. A pillow is one of those things that has a significant role to play in improving an individual’s sleeping experience. Without utilising a comfortable pillow, it is less likely that anyone could enjoy their sleep and wake up fresh the next morning. Since it is one of the essentialities of living a healthy life, it often does not cost a lot. Surely, their cost varies but people from the lower class to elite upper class can easily manage to own a comfortable one according to their budget. It is obvious that a pillow that costs €50 will be way better and comfortable than a pillow that cost €5.

A €50,000 Pillow – Outrageous Luxury or Stunning Solution?

Do you know that there are pillows that not only goes beyond five hundred or thousand euros, but they cost over fifty thousand euros (€50,000)?

The world's most expensive pillow - Van Der Hilst

One might take it as a joke, but it makes no difference to the fact that there is the world’s most expensive the most comfortable pillow available that is sold on the staggering cost of €50,000. There are costly things worth overdoing it on, and afterwards, there are costly things that you cannot appreciate the sticker price it accompanies. One such thing is this pillow that we came across to learn about. Van Der Hilst’s Pillow is one of the luxurious pillows that can actually cost you a fortune but ensure a peaceful sleep throughout the night.

What Is Van Der Hilst’s Pillow?

Van Der Hilst Pillow is the Gold Edition of Tailormade Pillow. A customised cushion with a gold pillowcase and a zipper of sapphire and precious stones like a diamond. The pillow is completely tweaked with a 3D output, and as indicated by the neck specialist, Thijs Van Der Hilst is as of now utilised for eminences and other VIPs and celebrities across the world.

The world's most expensive pillow - Van Der Hilst | Hand-made

Divulging the tailormade pillow at the Middle East insides presentation, Index, the maker (and previous physical advisor) went through 15 years building up a gold-depended pillow, that he is persuaded will tackle all your sleeping burdens.

Most of the people can be caught laughing at dropping extraordinary cash on a gold pillow, however, there is a technique to the franticness.

Made by Thijs van der Hilst, who is probably a type of neck pro, the world’s most costly and most expensive pillow is made of Mulberry silk, Egyptian cotton, non-harmful Dutch adjustable foam, and 24-carat gold texture, while its zipper is studded with four diamonds and a gigantic 22.5-carat sapphire. It sounds really costly as of now, yet it takes more than great materials and gems to legitimise such a preposterous sticker price for a pillow.

Extraordinary Features of Van Der Hilst Pillow


Generally, pillows only serve the purpose of providing a comfortable sleep, but when we talk about the royalties or people highly elite class, it can more than just having a peaceful good night sleep. One might wonder what makes the Van Der Hilst Pillow so unique that it cost more than twenty times to what a regular pillow usually cost. Even though you wish to purchase a soft, cosy, comfortable and relaxing memory foam pillow or bamboo pillow, it would not have cost you this much.

It is obvious that without holding the robust reasons, the creator of the pillow would have never suggested putting such a high price tag on. Let’s dig a little deeper and learn the actual reasons why Van Der Hilst’s pillow are sold on such a high price.

Extremely Luxurious Pillow Cover

The pillow itself utilises the memory foam that endorses a peaceful sleep for a person, but this is merely not enough for a pillow to be sold at such a high price. Apparently, the Van Der Hilst Pillow has to offer more than just a highly comfortable foam. The covering of the pillow consists of 24-carat gold!

The world's most expensive pillow - Van Der Hilst | Cover

Now that is surely a piece of mouth-dropping information. Since your infancy, you might be hearing people metaphorically talking about the pillows of gold, but in today’s time, it is more than just a fantasy. You might count yourself as a lucky person to be born in the century to witness the pillow with the real gold covering.

Stunning Zipper Ornamented with Precious Stones

For the sake of conversation, a pillow with a real 24-carat gold cover can be counted as the only reason to support the staggering cost of Van Der Hilst’s luxurious pillow, but the story does not end on the cover of this elite item. The zipper of this pillow cover is even the biggest, most stunning feature that justifies the very price of the pillow.

The world's most expensive pillow - Van Der Hilst | Zipper

You can verify the fact that the zipper of the gold pillow cover is embedded with the actual diamonds, and that not only a singular piece but four precious diamonds. Along with the diamonds, the zipper is jewelled with 22.5-carat sapphire that can also be counted as one of the most highlighting features.

The utilisation of Latest Technology

Alongside his own understanding, Neck Specialist Thijs van der Hilst utilised 3D scanners, printers and a complex numerical calculation to make the size and state of a pillow that would be produced using a mix of hand-sewed Egyptian cotton and a sprinkle of 24-carat gold. The pillow would then be tailored shaped out of non-toxic Dutch adaptable memory foam to the sleeper’s head, neck and shoulders.


Some portion of the procedure sees Mr. Van Der Hilst discovering precisely how every customer lay around evening time – on their side, back or stomach – before the intricate science are done and the outcomes sent off to his Holland-based group.

What’s more, simply in case you are away on an excursion for work you can get the pillow with you the hand-crafted Louis Vuitton case. Let’s all agree that this extremely deluxe pillow has the capability to stand on its own, but with an extra perk, the quality of this product can be highlighted.

Final Thoughts

A night of peaceful sleep is unfathomably significant for your wellbeing. Truth be told, it is similarly as significant as eating well and working out. A good night’s sleep has been appeared to improve critical thinking aptitudes and upgrade memory execution of both kids and grown-ups. Taking a consistent and peaceful night sleep guarantees a good mood and increases your interacting social skills as well. And to achieve the goal of a sound sleep, it is important to have a comfortable environment as well as accessories like pillows, comforters, mattresses, etc.

Van Der Hilst pillow gives you a comfortable sleeping experience as it is made from genuine high-class materials. There is a certain reason people are drooling all over the specifications of this pillow. It is indeed a real expensive bed product which is way out of any lower class’ or middle class’ people’s approach. Even many of the elite class individuals cannot even imagine getting their hands on the Van Der Hilst pillow. As its quality and characteristics are already showing you its royal status, you can only imagine where these pillows are being used.