Are you looking for a complete alteration in your looks? If so, cute pixie haircuts are the ideal solution for you. A pixie crop or pixie cut is a haircut style that is only 3 inches long, with shorter sides, a shorter back, and a longer top.

People who wish to project self-assurance may consider getting this haircut since it is natural to feel confident and bold. So don’t worry; a pixie cut makes every day a good hair day! Look no further if you want an edgy and spiky pixie cut idea to inspire your next haircut! Here is a list of the trendiest pixie cuts.

Trendy Pixie Cuts

There are numerous types of stunning pixie haircuts. Hence choosing what kind would suit you can be very exhausting and tiresome. Therefore, read through the end to figure out which glorious and edgy best pixie cuts to go with!

Pixie Wedge

Pixie Cuts - Pixie Wedge

A pixie wedge is a short, layered hairstyle with different length layers similar to a bob or the traditional pixie cut. Typically, it has longer layers by the face and is relatively short towards the nape of the neck. If you’re confused about which type of pixie cut to get, a pixie wedge is your best option. It looks good on all hair types, be it wavy, straight, or even on the curlier side, and is excellent for someone who wants a pixie cut but with volume.

Bangs with a pixie wedge go well. Almost all face shapes can pull off a pixie cut, but it flatters women with round, oval, and heart-shaped the most. This style is also ideal for older women as it can make you look ten years younger, and it is even a fantastic option for older women with thin hair because it adds a layer of volume to make it appear thicker.

Two-Tone Pixie

Pixie Cuts - Two-Tone Pixie

 A two-tone pixie never goes out of style. If you want a pixie cut but do not want it to be the old, boring pixie that everyone else also has, then the two-tone pixie is just the right thing for you! A funky color for the tips, such as pink, electric blue, or purple, can also be used if you want to spice up your hair look even more.

Shaggy Neck Length Bob

Pixie Cuts - Shaggy Neck Length Bob

The Shaggy Neck Length Bob is for those who want to get rid of all the extra length but don’t want their hair to be too short. It works well with naturally wavy hair. Just style your damp hair with a hair mousse, and you’re good to go. They’re neither too short nor long, just the ideal hair length for women who are hesitant to get their hair short.

The Classic Pixie Cut

Pixie Cuts - The Classic Pixie Cut

The classic pixie cut has always been in fashion. Be it Princess Diana’s iconic cut in the ’90s or our favorite singer Halsey’s pixie cut in the current day, it will always be an iconic showstopper hairstyle and never not trendy. It is easy to match it to your style, regardless of hair type or color. The pixie cut is one of the most fashionable hairstyles in 2022. A pixie cut is ideal if you want to put zero to very low effort into maintaining your hair and looking good. With the classic Pixie cut, anyone can naturally feel confident and attract attention.

Chin Length Shag With Curtain Bangs

Pixie Cuts - Chin Length Shag With Curtain Bangs

A shag paired with Curtain Bangs is one of the trendiest hair combos of 2022. It complements any facial shape or hair color flawlessly. Without second-guessing, just go for it since it will most definitely suit you. This is the perfect hairstyle for you as curtain bangs are low maintenance but give an elegant look. They give your face an incredible shape and enhance each facial feature.

Short Curly Shag

Pixie Cuts - Short Curly Shag

A shag haircut is the best haircut for curly hair. It redefines your curls and helps you look absolutely adorable! For a more flawless look, add some bangs to the cut. It also gives an ample amount of volume to your hair. If you want your curls to have more texture and look redefined, do the curly-girl method! It would leave your hair to be voluminous, breathtaking, and gorgeous.

Why You Should Get A Pixie Cut

  • Easily Manageable: You won’t have to spend hours styling them or try to shampoo them a lot in the shower. All you have to do is take a shower and brush your hair, and then you’re good to go. Once you get the pixie cut, you won’t struggle to find new products for your hair to keep them healthy and shiny.
  • Perfect for hot, sunny days: It’s nearly intolerable to have long hair in the summer. As there won’t be any hair on your neck to produce heat, rashes, and sweat, a pixie cut is ideal for the hot summer days.
  • The perfect style for every woman: A pixie cut is not typically reserved for young women. Women of all ages and body types can and do rock it.
  • A hairstyle that makes you stand out: We only see and know a few people with a pixie cut, so you’ll automatically grab attention wherever you go.
  • You get more time to take care of yourself: When you have long hair, you spend almost half of your time taking care of them, styling them, and shampooing them, which drains up all of your energy. But once you get them short, you’ll have time to look after yourself, take care of your skin, and spend more time trying new makeup looks.
  • You’ll look presentable 24/7: That’s right! You’ll look effortlessly beautiful even right after you wake up. A pixie cut makes you look decent but fierce and boosts your confidence.
  • Looks classy with almost everything: For decades, remarkable women have rocked this hairstyle with every type of clothing; casual, non-casual, professional, wedding- we’ve seen it all, and it goes perfectly with all styles.

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Final Thoughts

Every girl should get a pixie cut at least once in her life. The hairstyle is timeless and ageless. It looks great on people of all ages and takes little to no effort to maintain. With summers in full swing, the pixie cut is perfect to beat the heat while looking stylish! You can head over to your nearest salon and give yourself a new look!

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