Whether you give credit to the ever-growing fuel prices or the gradual move toward a sustainable future via eco-friendly technology, one cannot deny that electric bikes are rapidly getting popular – and for all the right reasons. The sense of comfort combined with luxury provided by electric motorcycles is one of the many reasons people swiftly adopt this mode of transport.

People who enjoy adventurous activities are becoming fond of these electric motorcycles and scooters; not only are they eye-catching, but consumers do not have to worry about heavy fuel costs or polluting the environment with dense, black fumes. You can always find an excellent electric kids’ motorcycle to get your children in on the fun.

This, of course, does not mean that riders with more practical needs like commuting to and from work cannot use electric motorcycles. A wide range of these vehicles is available on the market today, suitable for every need. So, whether you wish to zoom through the wilderness on your bike or want to get rid of commuting hassles, keep an eye out for these luxe electric motorcycles in the upcoming year. Rest assured that there is an EV bike for every spec and budget.

Listed below are some of the best electric motorcycle available today.

Energica Ego

Best Electric Motorcycles - Energica Ego
Source: Energicamotor.com

The list of EV bikes will only be complete by first mentioning the Energica EGO. With its extensive list of impressive specifications, it is no surprise that this bike is widely regarded as one of the best electric motorcycles.

Touching speeds of 240 km/h, the bike consists of a massive battery that allows it to attain a surprising 420 km of mileage, a range which has further increased thanks to new updates. This bike is perfect for use on highways and racing tracks and has impressed its riders in both niches.

What it will cost: $26,000

Harley-Davidson Live Wire

Best Electric Motorcycles - Harley-Davidson Live Wire
Source: Motorcyclecruiser.com

For everyone, irrespective of whether they are engrossed in the world of motorcycles, the name Harley-Davidson is nothing new. Often termed the uncrowned kings in the realm of motorbikes, they have continued their tradition by stepping into the business of EV bikes.

The Live Wire will settle all your concerns about sustainability and eco-friendliness without compromising the famous acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds of its fuel-powered contemporaries. This well-built bike has excellent shocks and suspensions, offers great comfort to the rider, and perfectly combines a classic vibe with modernism.

What it will cost: $39,729

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Damon Hypersport

Best Electric Motorcycles - Damon Hypersport
Source: Damon.com

This is an option for those who see themselves roaring across remote areas, exploring the world like a sensory experience, on their ideal motorcycle. This does not mean that the Damon Hypersport can not be used for commuting; it can help you elapse a whopping distance of 321 kilometers on one charge without hiccups.

Coupled with a lightweight design that offers mind-blowing accelerating power, this electric bike motorcycle will have you thinking of your otherwise dull commute as an adventure. This bike is incredibly reliable for those that wish to avoid getting their hands dirty with grease due to constantly trying to fix their bike.

What it will cost: $17,000

Curtiss One

Best Electric Motorcycles - Curtiss One
Source: Imboldn.com

This motorcycle (electric bike) is the perfect cruiser, with its long reach and low seat, not to mention its beastly appearance. The aesthetics alone are enough to attract die-hard motorcycle fanatics: the all-black look with just the right amount of details is sure to catch the eyes of onlookers.

Named after Glenn Curtiss, the racer termed the fastest man on Earth, the Curtiss One indeed lives up to its name, offering 193 km on city roads. All the qualities of the Curtiss One redefine the true essence of EV motorcycles.

What it will cost: $83,000

Zero SR/F

Best Electric Motorcycles - Zero SR/F
Source: Zeromotorcycles.com

This bike takes full marks for popularity among customers, perhaps primarily because of its not-over-the-top appearance; this is why it suits the aesthetics requirements of a more extensive customer base. Offering a mileage of 251 km and top speeds of nearly 200 km/h, the Zero SR/F combines comfort, reliability, and all the necessary qualities of a good EV bike into one package.

Furthermore, it also includes several latest design features like smartphone connectivity, stability control, and even LED lighting. This is a well-rounded option for adventurers and commuters, which justifies its pricing.

What it will cost: $20,095

Cake Kalk&

Best Electric Motorcycles - Cake Kalk&
Source: Thegadgetflow.com

If you visualize an electric motorcycle bike for yourself that is unlike nearly all other models out there, then this option is for you. Coming from a Swedish start-up, this bike breaks the norms regarding the visual aesthetic of an electric motorcycle.

This lightweight model is a dirt bike and is often used for off-road adventures, where it is not shy to take high leaps in the air, giving top speeds of 90 km/h and an epic off-road range of 86 km. It must be noted, however, that the Cake Kalk& is better suited for rough rides instead of everyday commuting.

What it will cost: $14,860

Super Soco TC

Best Electric Motorcycles - Super Soco TC
Source: Supersoco.co.uk

Motorcycles from this brand have remained fan favorites for years, mainly thanks to their retro appearance, which helps combine all defining features of a modern EV bike with the feel of a class motorcycle from the 60s. But it is not just the captivating appearance that this bike has to offer. It also provides powerful acceleration and can hit 75 km/h at top speed.

The classic, nostalgic look, combined with modern qualities, make the Super Soco TC an excellent choice for all bike lovers, especially those looking for a fast-travel ride.

What it will cost: $3200

Tarform Luna

Best Electric Motorcycles - Tarform Luna
Source: Tarform.com

If eco-friendliness and sustainability are your top reasons for opting for an EV bike, then there is no better choice than the Tarform Luna. Most parts of the bike are made from 3D-printed recycled materials. If that was not enough, the motorcycle contains an incredible battery that allows it to power through to maximum speeds of 193 km/h and a range of 193 km on one charge.

Plus, added features like LED lighting, smartphone connectivity by Bluetooth, and keyless ignition allow the rider to have the complete experience of a modern EV bike.

What it will cost: $24,000 (starting)

Sondors Metacycle

Best Electric Motorcycles - Sondors Metacycle
Source: Sondors.com

Whether you wish to speed down the streets to your workplace or cruise through the suburbs and consider that there may be more affordable options than an EV bike, the Sondors Metacycle is here to tell you otherwise. The bike’s overall aesthetic is minimalistic and sleek without compromising style, good looks, or comfort.

The motorcycle (electric bike) offers an epic top speed of 130 km/h and mileage of 128 km without fumes, smoke, or deafening noises. All these features make this modern EV vehicle an ideal choice for those looking to go for sustainable traveling without burdening their pockets.

What it will cost: $5000

Evoke 6061

Best Electric Motorcycles - Evoke 6061
Source: Evokemotorcycles.com

If you are looking for an electric motorcycle that charges as quickly as it takes you to top up its fuel counterparts, this bike is ideal. With the quickest charging time compared to nearly all other models, the Evoke 6061, when fully charged, can give a range of 470 km and a maximum speed of 230 km/h.

In terms of aesthetics, this motorcycle gives off a futuristic, space-like vibe that is not only impeccably stylish but also gives a sense of modernism that, coupled with its impressive speed, is a sight to behold on the road.

What it will cost: $24,000 (starting)

Gogoro Smartscooter 2

Best Electric Motorcycles - Gogoro Smartscooter 2
Source: Cleanscooter.in

If scooters are more your thing, but you still want the experience of a modern, luxurious EV bike, look no further than the Gogoro Smartscooter S2 Adventure. The complex and intricate high-end engineering that goes into creating these bikes and the precise attention to even the most minute details have helped it make its mark in the world of EV vehicles.

This bike is ideal for adventurous and not-so-adventurous riding, even on muddy terrains. These features, combined with an incredible 108 km range and top speeds of 92 km/h, make it a perfect choice for all EV fanatics.

What it will cost: $2455

Pursang E-Tracker

Best Electric Motorcycles - Pursang E-Tracker
Source: Cleanrider.com

This is another bike that beautifully combines all the elements of a classic motorbike with the modernism and luxury of the latest design. The best part is that this bike will offer maximum comfort even if you are riding on the roughest off-road terrains and winding trails, like those present in the home continent of Europe of its parent company.

Offering a top speed of 110 km/h and a great range of 120 km, the Pursang E-Tracker’s features, and specs fully justify its price tag.

What it will cost: $9425

Arc Vector

Best Electric Motorcycles - Arc Vector
Source: Arcvehicle.com

If you have an unrestricted budget and want to experience a more luxurious ride, then the Arc Vector is the bike for you. Feeling like something out of a particular superhero movie with its trendy goth design that simultaneously mixes futuristic and nostalgic elements, it is safe to say this bike gives the best of both worlds.

This motorbike offers a maximum speed of 200 km/h and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds. It has a variable cruise control feature and various power modes, and it also comes with an equally stylish accessory bundle containing a jacket and a helmet.

What it will cost: $118,000

Lightning LS-218

Best Electric Motorcycles - Lightning LS-218
Source: Motorcyclenews.com

If you are a hardcore motorbike fanatic and the primary quality you look for in a bike is the sheer power and loud hum indicative of it, then the Lightning LS-218 is the option for you. With a top speed of 350 km/h, an accelerating ability of 0 to 100 km/h in 2.2 seconds, and an equally impressive mileage of 260 km, it is no surprise that this bike is currently the fastest on the market.

This award-winning, elegant model is not all about speed either; its captivating design and lightweight have also earned the attention of many. It is an optimum choice for speed, durability, and pleasing aesthetics. 

What it will cost: $38,888

Zero DSR/X

Best Electric Motorcycles - Zero DSR/X
Source: Autoevolution.com

If adventure is your reason for opting for an EV bike, there could be no better option than the Zero DSR/X. This bike can conquer all forms of rough terrain and harsh weather conditions. So, this is the bike for you if you wish to cruise through swampy marshes, sandy desert areas, or even the rugged mountains.

With its powerful upgraded battery, this bike can give a range of 137 km on the highway and a whopping 290 km on city roads. After completing its charging time of 1 hour, this motorcycle can give a top speed of 180 km/h.

What it will cost: $25,000

Frequently Asked Questions

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Wrapping Up

Electric vehicles are no longer a thing of the future. They are fast becoming a mainstream mode of transport. Different from popular misconceptions, EV bikes are not precisely unaffordable. Instead, the current market has an option for everyone, keeping various budgets and travel requirements in mind. It should also be noted how rapidly the EV bike market is evolving, with new models, advancements, and upgrades coming out every month or so. Hence, finding a well-designed electric motorcycle for adults and even a good kids’ electric motorcycle is never a hassle.

So whether you are looking for a high-tech bike, something more aesthetically pleasing, an option more suitable for rugged terrains and off-road adventures, or simply one for commuting to and from work, with the proper research, you can get the electric motorcycle bike of your dreams. In fact, given the variety of options, you may even find a brilliant electric motorcycle for kids.

Featured image source: Tarform.com