Experimenting with different hairstyles can be a great way to know what suits you best. If you’re hesitant to try out new styles because of the doubt that your hair might not regrow properly, then do not worry. Hair is the second fastest-growing human body tissue, and cutting it does not alter its growth. Hence, if you’ve been wearing your usual hairstyle for a long time, it’s time to step up your makeover game and try a short shag hairstyle.

The “short hair, don’t care” aesthetic has been an ever-hot trend on the covers of Vogue Magazine. Short shag or short shaggy hairstyles give a messy yet classic look with short layers on top. Many Hollywood stars, including Taylor Swift, have rocked this look with their short hair.

If you’re confused about whether or not to get a haircut, here is a little hairstyling guide according to your face structure. Although anyone can rock any haircut, this guide is just for you to make a good decision.

Best Shaggy Haircuts According To Face Structure

Whether a haircut will look good on you or not heavily depends on your face shape. Known hair experts have simplified this discussion to make it easier to choose your next hairstyle for a shaggy cut.

Blunt Edges

Short Shag Hairstyles - Blunt Edges
Source: Hadviser.com

A short shag hairstyle with blunt edges looks perfect on oval face shapes. An oval-shaped face is typically extremely proportionate; every facial feature, from the jaw to the cheekbones, is at a balanced width and length. Going for a short haircut will pop up these features on an oval face. Plus, the rounded hairline, when combined with blunt edges, helps to add a bit of angularity to the face, making it more prominent and defined.

Baby Bangs

Short Shag Hairstyles - Baby Bangs
Source: Refinery29.com

Opting for baby bangs with a short shag haircut is ideal for oblong face structures. This facial shape is a mix of oval and square, having more length than width. Baby bangs on this face shape can bring volume and focus to the center of the face, with layers landing at the cheekbones, enhancing them. Shaggy cuts with baby bangs are the perfect way to make an oblong-shaped face look small. Moreover, they are easy to style and make you look super classy.

Wavy Volume

Short Shag Wavy-Volume
Source: Glaminati.com

Although diamond-shaped faces can rock any hairstyle, a short shaggy cut with wavy volume can be the perfect showstopper. This style helps soften angularity and prominent facial features like a sharp cheekbone, jawline, and broad forehead.

Inward Curls

Short Shag Hairstyles - Inward Curls
Source: Medium.com

The inward curls are another pixie shag haircut and hairstyle after that looks gorgeous on diamond-shaped faces. But instead of softening the facial feature as the wavy volume does, inward curls help to enhance them. A short sleek haircut flawlessly worn by celebrities like Kylie Jenner can be paired with these inward curls to make your elegant diamond face prominent. The best part is that this style is easy to create without much effort.

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Short Shag Hairstyles You Need To Try

Now that you’ve decided on your short shag haircut according to your face shape, let’s look at how to style it. These are the best short shaggy hairstyles you just can’t miss.

1.   Layered Bob

Short Shag Hairstyles - Layered Bob
Source: Southernliving.com

The layered bob is one of the easiest and most time-efficient hairstyles for a short shag cut. If you have a bob cut with many layers, use a curling iron or a curl-defining shampoo to add hair volume. Lastly, give the front fringes a soft twist to complete the look.

2.   Caramel Curls

Short Shag Hairstyles - Caramel Curls
Source: Therighthairstyles.com

If your short shaggy hair is always tangled and messy, caramel curls can make them look decent and neat. These tiny tight curls add volume and make the hair length appear shorter. This style can be achieved with a perm, curling iron, or hair serums. The outstanding feature of caramel curls is that it makes your hair look shiny and healthy throughout the day. Also, a side part with it looks chic and super classy.

3.   Wavy Rays

Short Shag Hairstyles - Wavy Rays
Source: Therighthairstyles.com

A short shag haircut styled with wavy rays is perfect for preserving your hair texture while keeping it chic. You can let it flow naturally or create a middle part. You can also twist a tiny part of the wavy rays on the front from both sides and pin it with a clip for a more formal look.

4.   Front Braids

Short Shag Hairstyles - Back Braid
Source: Pinterest.com

Sleek and straight short shag hair looks super decent, and styling it is also easy. Tiny thin braids from the front section of your hair just flowing down untied will help accentuate your jawline and cheekbones, making your look flawless.

5.   Highlights

Short Shag Hairstyles - Highlights
Source: Therighthairstyles.com

Get highlights for your shaggy cut if you’re up for experimenting and ready to regenerate your aesthetic. These can be shades lighter or darker than your base color. This colored texture looks best on a pixie cut and gives a bold feminine look.

6.   Blow Dry

Short Shag Hairstyles - Blow Dry
Source: Hairfinder.com

Blow drying a short shag haircut gives it a natural fluff, making it appear more voluminous. This style is perfect for everyday casual looks and can pair well with a formal look. Additionally, a blow dry with outward curls can make your face look more prominent and lively.

7.   Straight And Sleek

Short Shag Hairstyles - Straight And Sleek
Source: Goodhousekeeping.com

The sleek and straight short shag is a perfect minimalistic hairstyle for those with a round face. This style does not require much effort and, when paired with a middle part, makes your look decent and attractive. 

8.   Half Ponytail

Short Shag Hairstyles - Half Ponytail
Source: Byrdie.com

If you want to tie up your shaggy cut but the hair is too small to be in a ponytail, go for a half pony. This is a super cute look for heart-shaped faces. It looks stunning and super neat. You can make this hairstyle for school, work, and even running, as it looks decent and tidy. 

9.   Back Braid

Short Shag Hairstyles - Back Braid
Source: Beautycrew.com.au

You can never go wrong with braids. Even if you have short hair, you can make a small loose braid at the back to keep the hair out of your face. This style will control the layers and make them look clean. Adding a little bow or pin and the end can enhance the Braid’s charm.

10. Tiny buns

Short Shag Hairstyles - Tiny buns
Source: Lovehairstyles.com

Making tiny buns with your short shag haircut can be adorable to keep your fringes from poking your eyes.

Create a middle partition and make two tiny buns on top of your head by taking a little hair from the front. Add a ribbon or a cute clip to each side. This hairstyle is perfect for a day out with friends. It makes your facial features pop and keep the hair tied up during the summer.

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Short Shag Hairstyles have been on trend ever since the early 90s. They suit almost every face shape and, if styled correctly, can make your entire look chic. You can style your short shag haircut in various ways depending on your preference or occasion. So, don’t hesitate to cut your hair and experiment with hairstyles out of your norm.

Featured image source: Pexels.com