While A-List celebrities are not above draping themselves in diamonds and jewelry for red-carpet events until recently, no one imagined they’d be wearing them on their nails. Hollywood-based jewelry designer Azature Pogosian, famed for his creations made from black diamonds, has upended the entire cosmetics industry by applying his creative talents to nail polish.

The result is a single bottle of the world’s most expensive nail polish, made from 267 carats of black diamonds. You could be forgiven for imagining there wouldn’t be much interest in such a high-value product, but the brand shot to international fame after Kelly Osborne sported a sample for her latest appearance at the Emmys. Rihanna also recently appeared wearing another company’s Ruby-based version of precious stone-based nail polish.

As exciting as the idea of wearing precious stones on your nails, the price tag is most likely beyond even millionaires. Given that women usually remove their nail polish at the end of the day, only a billionaire could usually consider this level of luxury.

“Many people dream of owning diamond rings and necklaces but wouldn’t you rather wear them on your nails?” Fortunately, Azature has proven that he is a man for the people as well as a designer of high-end products. Aside from the one bottle of super-expensive nail polish, he has created another range of varnish: each 0.5ml bottle contains one black diamond. These are available for a much more reasonable $25 each. Interested parties can buy a bottle from Fred Segal stores throughout Los Angeles.

Black diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Most Expensive Nail Varnish Azature
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“A single bottle of this costs more than a Lamborghini”

Given that the black diamond is the only precious stone on the market, why choose it as the basis for nail polish? Azature explained, “The black diamond is the ultimate fine jewel. One day l thought, why not showcase this style on nails? l developed the nail polish with the same attention and quality I put into my jewelry to preserve the elegance of the black diamond.”

Azature’s creation’s quality is matched only by its price tag. At $250,000, it costs almost twice as much as the next most expensive $130,000 Gold couture nail polish developed by British jeweler Models Own. However, the high price can be justified by Azature’s select list of clients, many of whom are wealthy celebrities. For the rest of us, there’s always the $25 version.

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“Can you imagine wearing jewels on your nails?”

Celebrity or otherwise, we can’t ignore the fact that $250,000 would buy an awful lot of expensive jewelry which could draw more attention than your nails, no matter how prettily painted. Azature sees his nail polish as a way to compliment his existing black diamond creations. He feels passionate that the black lacquer afforded by pure diamonds on your nails will give them brilliance rivaling even the finest jewelry.

Most Expensive Nail Varnish Azature - Diamond Poster
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One can only imagine the nerve-wracking experience of applying such a polish, as the bottle is truly worth more than its weight in gold. Great care would have to be taken not to spill or smudge the varnish, as it could result in a loss worth tens of thousands of dollars. We also dread to consider what insurance premiums a woman would have to pay to carry this bottle around in her purse.

Clearly, this is a gift for women who truly are in love with their nails, or at least for those with an insatiable need to splash out.

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