There’s no better way to show someone you love them than by presenting them with a bunch of flowers, especially when they cost £20,000 (US$25,800).

Endura Roses

This super-luxurious bouquet is the creation of Endura Roses, the UK’s leading preserved flower company. The floral arrangement is named the “Cullinan”, after one of the diamonds in Her Majesty’s crown.

The world's most expensive bouquet | Cullinan

The delightful splice contains no less than 100 specially preserved flowers. These include lush, black hydrangea, as well as an abundance of roses. These included six grandeur roses encased in 24-carat gold, a grande rose sourced all the way from the volcanic soils of Cayambe, Ecuador, a trio of handmade heart roses and a large, exceptionally rare ‘Juliette’ rose with double petals. Endura Roses have also added a rather magical finishing touch in the shape of ‘diamond dust’, which literally contains ground multi-faceted diamonds.

Without a doubt, the piece de resistance is the Mon Chérie curved glass cloche, which sits at the center of the bouquet, concealing two Cullinan diamonds one 0.5 carats and the other 0.3 carats.

£20,000 may seem a little steep for a bouquet but designer Oliver Hibbert points out that it, “…lasts between 3 and 5 years, though if you want it to last forever, you can have it encased in glass.” This option will no doubt stir memories of the precious rose encased in glass in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Just don’t drop it, whatever you do.

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