Collecting cars is still a passion for most of the individuals who love to hold a luxurious assortment of things that they can display proudly in front of the world. However, there is indeed a separate class for the people who hold the profound love about making a collection of motorcycles. Even not maintaining a massive collection and holding one extravagant motorcycle would represent their standards in the best possible way.

There is absolutely no doubt to the fact that for every motorcycle lover, owning most expensive harley davidson a Harley-Davidson is more like winning an award. Can you blame them? Certainly no, as owning one of those motorbikes crafted by Harley-Davidson is no less than owning a trophy.

There is certainly no doubt to the fact that Harley-Davidson can bring a sparkle to your entire luxurious collection, but the latest Blue Edition of Harley-Davidson is beyond comparison. It portrays the next level of poise on the streets.

What Is Harley Davidson Blue Edition?

Harley-Davidson Softail Blue-Edition

The Harley-Davidson Bucherer Blue Edition is the encapsulation of that showcase and, simultaneously, a flawless, delightful piece or craftsmanship and an exercise in unbelievable, outrageous extravagance. At €1.68 million, it is the world’s most costly bike to ever be manufactured – a title it despite everything holds today, two years after it was acquainted with the world.

Revealed in 2018 in Zurich, the Harley Davidson Blue Edition speaks to an organisation between Swiss goldsmith and watchmaker Carl Bucherer and custom motorcycle shop Bündnerbike, with the Harley-Davidson seal of endorsement. It is really a 2017 Softail Slim S that has been dismantled and reconstructed into something different. Something which could be a utilitarian motorcycle, on the off chance that it was not at the €1.68 million cost tag and the way that it is canvassed in gold and diamonds. Disregard the Harley-Davidson exhaust snarl; this is a novel method of getting everyone’s eyes on you.

The World's Most Expensive Harley-Davidson

The Harley Davidson Blue Edition was introduced on the event of Butcherer’s 130th commemoration and the dispatch of the Blue Line. It was an erratic, a completely bespoke motorcycle intended to grandstand the Bucherer craftsmanship against a canvas it had never utilised: A Hog. It was additionally the ideal chance to get press. Individuals who are enthusiastic about motorcycles and holds a piece of substantial information about them, despite everything discussing it today as the world’s most costly motorcycle. Indeed, even it got the eyes of individuals with no significant knowledge about motorcycles and still keeps up its notoriety by being a subject of conversation, so it worked.

What Are the Features that Make Harley-Davidson Blue Edition Worthy of €1.68 Million?

For a motorcycle to be worth this much surely sounds like outrageous spending. However, when you carry out complete research and learn about the outstanding aspects of Harley Davidson Blue Edition, you will have a change of heart. After you gain knowledge about this luxurious creation, it would be hard to refuse that the price tag would only do justice to the vehicle.

It comes with an Integrated Watch!

The Harley-Davidson Bucherer Blue joins custom motorcycle plan with the craft of fine watchmaking of the most elevated level. At no other time has an assembling watch been incorporated with a bike. The watch from Carl F. Bucherer is incorporated into a safe on the right-hand side of the tank. The dial on this interesting piece is adorned with components of a motorbike motor.

The World's Most Expensive Harley-Davidson | Watch

So as to guarantee that the vibrations of the motor do not harm the mechanical development, the makers have housed the watch in a sort of enclosure with a detailed holder produced using silicone rings, as clarified by Samir Merdanovic, Head of Manufacture Movements at Carl F. Bucherer. Besides, he included that the watch holder serves as a winder, implying that the watch remains wound and running in any event when the motorcycle is in the carport.

A Symbol of Luxurious and Extraordinary Craftsmanship

The motorcycle specialists from Bündnerbike utilised a mystery covering strategy to accomplish the Harley-Davidson Bucherer Blue’s extreme, brilliant blue tint. Each metal component found on this exceptional machine has been created, welded, beaten, ground and cleaned by hand.

The Harley-Davidson Bucherer Blue is the world’s first bike to include an engine that is lit up from within. The pivoting camshaft is obvious through a window, similar to the valve control and the gold-plated throttle valves. Warmth confirmation LED lights to enlighten the landscape in plain view.

The World's Most Expensive Harley-Davidson Extraordinary Craftsmanship

What’s more, different pieces of the bike are likewise gold-plated to additionally radiate its extravagant energy. Besides, the cruiser bears an exceptional detail with its radiant shading. So as to accomplish the extreme blue tint, a particular procedure must be utilised, as it was first silver-plated before six shading coatings were then applied to utilise a mystery covering strategy.

Every metal part was worked by hand and canvassed in 24-carat gold, including the bolts, throttle valve, hand levers, foot controls and as well as the reservoir caps. The seat is cowhide hand-sewn in Switzerland, and the edges are uniquely crafted. The 1.8-litre, Air-Cooled V-Twin motor with 148NM of torque additionally got a few changes, so it is not simply the new retro-style bodywork that is contemporary. The motor is lit up from within, making Blue Edition the world’s just motorcycle to ever be manufactured thusly.

The entire vehicle is painted a dazzling blue, which Bucherer is acclaimed for. The organisation would not uncover the subtleties behind the technique for accomplishing this shading, as it is a prised formula. Be that as it may, Bucherer himself mentioned that it included six distinct layers over the plating in silver.

Studded with Jewels

The zenith of gems making in a motorbike – this is one more element that makes the Harley-Davidson Bucherer BLUE one of a kind. For instance, Bündnerbike adjusted the Dizzler pivoting ring from the Bucherer Fine jewellery assortment to fit the motorcycle’s handlebars. So as to guarantee that the rings truly remain set up, an exceptional technique that ensures a totally secure obsession was utilised. However, the way it functions will stay a mystery of the Bündnerbike workshop.

Harley-Davidson Extraordinary Craftsmanship | Jewels

A protected glass vault is home to another particularly important bit of adornments in a retractable safe – a Heaven six-prong solitaire ring with a 5.40-carat diamond. With such an exclusive and luxurious touch, it is hard to decline the worth and value of this motorcycle. It can only do justice with the price tag that comes along with the motorcycle.

Final Thoughts

Harley-Davidson has been a most loved among fans of a motorcycle in the west, and we have seen some splendid changes and custom motorcycles dependent on Harley. In any case, none could coordinate the sheer ostentatiousness of the Harley-Davidson Blue Edition, cooperation between American cruiser maker and Swiss watch and adornments organisation Bucherer. In light of the Softail Slim S, the cruiser took approximately 2500 hours to manufacture and is devoted to the new Blue Series of Watches from Bucherer.


It is stated, the Blue Edition is not without merits. As an object of craftsmanship, it is remarkable in the two feels and craftmanship, and even gets focuses for imagination. In progressively functional terms, however, who might need or stand to jump on such an ostentatious Hog.