People who are fond of collecting unique and luxurious things to make a stunning collection to put on a display are always in search of something that stands-out and is able to catch people’s attention. Where the world is after collecting diamonds, sports car, expensive jewellery or a villa, there are some people who always seek for an opportunity to own something extra. For such people, it would surely be a perfect chance to owning a piece of the moon.

Is There Really a Piece of The Moon For Sale?

The Falling Meteor Rain. Comet in space, meteor and energy, asteroid glow, powerful star moving. Elements of this image furnished by NASA | Piece Of moon

It is a fantasy of every other person to travel the moon and could bring a bit of it along with them on Earth. Where there is a dream, there is a chance. Even though the scenario is very, one in a thousand lunar meteorites come from the moon as well and land on the Earth. Similarly, a very such event took place in the Sahara. A piece of moon landed like a lunar meteorite and was founded by some anonymous person. It then changed hands so that it can be studied with extreme care. The moon was later sold in a private auction at Christie’s in an astounding cost of $2.5 million (€2.2 million).

A question might also arise for many people that how come such a unique asset would go around and to be sold in an auction and not remained under the authorities. The answer to this query is very simple; the US government also holds around four hundred kilograms (400 Kg) of the moon on the Earth that they had obtained directly from the moon during their research. As the piece of moon was initially send for the testing to examine what it was, the authorities checked the element of the moon rock and compared it to the previous pieces of rocks that they already had and then send it back so that it can be put on the private auction, where it was sold at a staggering price of $2.5 million (€2.2 million).

The weight of the piece of the moon is nearly thirteen kilograms (13 Kg), and it was the size of a football. It is true that wherever it has been kept or whichever collection it has been a part of, it can be defined as the crown jewel of that collection.

Is It Only a Piece of Rock?

Own Your Piece of Moon - A lunar meteorite Goes for Sale At $2.5 Million

“The experience of holding a piece of another world in your hands is something you never forget,” said James Hyslop, Christie’s head of science and natural history.

The piece of the moon might not have received such praise as it should be for the reason that many people only take it as a piece of rock, and it is not a fantasy for them that something came outside our planet and landed on Earth. They might take it as a piece of rock, but the piece of the moon is more than just a rock.

Let’s see how it differs from other rocks and precious stones we have on Earth and why is it only fair to have the piece of moon bought in $2.5 million (€2.2 million).

A Piece from Outer Space

Lunar Meteorites pieces from the moon Deep space image, science fiction fantasy ideal for wallpaper and print. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Luxury does not always mean that your showroom has to be filled with the most expensive things. Instead, it is defined by the uniqueness of that one beautiful thing that no other person beholds. In this case, we know that only a small piece of the moon would cost nearly $2.5 million (€2.2 million), but the price only does the justice for the reason that there is more to it.

It is apparent that no one would ever want to put a small piece of rock on the display if it does not have worth. In this case, even though this rock is nowhere near a diamond, but it cannot be ignored that it has come from the outer space. The very piece of lunar has been accepted as a piece of luxury for holding the reputation of not belonging to the Earth. It is true that if it were a simple rock, it would not have cost this much, but the most unique feature about this rock is that it a lunar meteorite that cannot be found anywhere on Earth.

It is not present in any cave or mines, neither it can be be obtained by polishing a random piece of a natural element. If you own a piece, you might be lucky to have something that no one else would have. If they would be lucky enough to live a very life, there is still a very slight chance that they will witness any other lunar meteorite coming down from the moon and own it as well.

One in A Thousand

One of the most unique points of owning the piece of the moon is its rarity. According to the research, it has been learned that lunar meteorites are very rare, and only one in a thousand comes from the moon to the Earth. This uncommonness of the meteors from the moon makes it an exception and enhances its worth.

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There is a very thin chance that people could witness a meteor coming from the moon in their lifetime. It happens so rarely that if any person would have own this, it is hardly ever possible for someone else to be owning another piece of the moon.

Even though there are no diamonds, or any other precious stones embedded in the piece of the moon, but the piece itself has a great worth that is beyond any diamond or other precious stone. The reason why other stones and elements are overly expensive is that the poise, beauty and rarity they carry. The beauty of the moon is indeed incomparable, and since we have also known about its rarity, it would only be fair that the piece of moon was sold in the auction at a correct value.

A Symbolic Piece

A moon may represent many things. It can be taken as the symbol of love, prosperity, power, time, and as well as uniqueness. It is undeniable that the piece if the moon can be compared to anything else in this world. For ages, the moon has been a symbolic piece that is used to represent all good and encouraging things. Whether you look into the literature or astrology, it would never fail to represent power and love. Displaying it proudly among your collections merely means that you have people coming over to you to have a close view of the moon by themselves. This will surely represent that you own the power at some point. People around you might talk nicely about you, making your collection sounds unique and famous, this may be taken as the prosperity and love.

The girl holds the moon in her hands. Beautiful sunset on the sea. Dreams come true. Everything is possible.

There was a sustainable reason why museums wanted to own the piece of the moon, as it could have given them all the popularity of the world, and people would flood in from the world to have a look at the piece of the moon.

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Final Thoughts

Even though the piece of the moon has been sold in an auction, it does not merely mean that it can never be purchased again by some other buyer. However, it would surely be a great mystery that why anyone who would own such a unique and luxurious asset would ever let go of it, but the chances are never the less.

For some people, it can always be just a piece of rock, but people who adore the beauty of nature would truly know how much it is worth to hold such a rare piece in their hands that belong to the outer space, and especially from the lunar whose beauty is a nothing but most imaginary and exemplary.