With the advancement of smartwatches and technology, it was thought that luxury watch brands would suffer a great deal. But, this thought proved to be wrong. Watches are not just ticking hands and time telling machines, but they are a style statement complimenting a person’s personality. Your bare hands instantly look stylish with a beautifully crafted watch adorning it. The top men’s watch brands have left people excited and charmed with their innovative designs, supreme quality, and mind-blowing aesthetics. The watches that were thought to go passé are now trending among people having a refined choice.

A man’s personality is incomplete without a watch, and a woman’s personality suffers from the lack of utmost style without it. The luxurious brands producing watches are always on the go striving to make their collection stand out, among others. Their exquisite designs conjoined with advanced technology catch the attention of those who are willing to amplify their personality with the addition of the right watch.

Let’s look at the best branded watches for men, mentioned below, that are successfully catering to your choice of the timepiece in 2020.

Best Watches for Men in 2020

Hamilton Pulsar PSR

This watch is a modern rendition of the first-all electronic watch introduced by Pulsar in 1970. The 1970 version came into limelight after the renowned actor Roger Moore as James Bond decorated his wrist with this model in Live and Let Die (1973). The recreation is notable because of its smart execution, improved style, and elegant bracelet. Other than its classic piece Hamilton Pulsar has introduced a special gold edition as well. It’s the retro watch that you wouldn’t want to miss adding in the collection.

Best Branded Watches For Men - Hamilton Pulsar PSR
Source: psr.hamiltonwatch.com

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

Jaeger-LeCoultre is renowned worldwide for its intricate and smart designs. The Swiss watch brands made their place in the world of watches in 1833. One of the most famous additions in their collection is Reverso, which is said to flip its face over to protect its front. A legend that follows this invention is that a British Army Officer had broken its watch during a Polo match in India and challenged Jacques-David LeCoultre to design a watch that could survive a hit to the face. Another feather in the cap of Jaeger-LeCoultre is the creation of the smallest watch Caliber. The luxurious design and comfortable wear make it the most applauded watch among men till today.

Best Branded Watches For Men - Jaeger-LeCoultre
Source: hautehorlogerie.org

Rolex- Cosmograph Daytona

Rolex is one of the most expensive brands of watches that has introduced “the firsts” in the range of watches, e.g., the first waterproof watch, the first Oyster Perpetual Submariner, and the first wristwatch to display two time zones concurrently. Daytona is designed to facilitate and add the oomph factor for professional race drivers. It continues to rule among those who enjoy adorning their wrist in sports with watches made with elegance and trendy style. With each passing day, it surpasses the ordinary.

Best Branded Watches For Men - Rolex- Cosmograph Daytona
Source: Rolex.com

Hublot– Big Bang

The Swiss luxury brand, Hublot, exudes luxury, and extravagance with its bold cases and progressive engineering. Hublot has gained a prestigious name in the industry despite being a comparatively young brand. It was founded in 1980 by Calo Crocco. This brand was the first to create a combination of luxury watch dials and rubber straps. With that passage of time, Hublot has successfully attracted people who would invest in a watch that gives their personality a bold macho look. Hublot Big bang chronograph with a satin finish and rugged effect has swiftly won the hearts of every other man.

Source: Hublot.com

Piaget Altiplano- Ultimate Concept

Piaget took over all the other brands by revealing their remarkable Altiplano Ultimate Concept -the thinnest mechanical watch in the world. This expensive brand watch is 2mm thick and of 3.6mm height. Its sleekness and slenderness add charm to a man’s personality with its exclusiveness and refinement.

Best Branded Watches For Men - Piaget Altiplano- Ultimate Concept
Source: watchesbysjx.com

Final Thoughts:

It goes without saying that a fine luxurious watch for men is no less than a treasure. Owning a great luxury men’s watch should not be a secondary task if you can afford it. But, you must always carry out research even if it takes weeks and months just so that you have a great watch in your possession.

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Featured Image Source: Richardmille.com