A pen serves the right purpose when it accomplishes a task for you for inscribing anything. For an ordinary person, it is the only thing that they see in pen, but people with the eyes to observe gems obviously has much more to see than just making sure that their pen works fine when they need to write something.

Owning a pen for some people is more than just fulfilling the necessity of the situation. It could be a passion to collect pens from different manufacturers for some people. However, for some people, it can be counted as a luxurious asset that they own. Due to this reason, there are many exceptional organisations in the world which effortlessly work on manufacturing the world’s greatest pen that not only serves the purpose of writing in the finest way but to offer more than that. There are some pen manufacturing companies that make sure that they create a unique piece that adds exceptional beauty to the collection of the person who owns pens more than just for writing.

Aurora Diamante is one of the world’s rarest pen that can add sparkles to your assortment of pens. Apart from just being the rarest item, it also one of the world’s most expensive pen to the date. You can conduct research, but we doubt that you can find any pen that is better or more costly than Aurora Diamante.

What Is Aurora Diamante?

What Is Aurora Diamante? The Most Expensive Pens In The World
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Aurora Diamante fountain pen is one of the world’s most expensive pens. This is plainly one of those tycoon assets, and no basic man can verge on contacting it! Aurora Pens is an Italian pen producing organisation that was built up in 1919. The organisation is known for making exceptionally premium pens utilising valuable metals and jewels like gold, platinum and diamonds.

The organisation allegedly sells one of these pens every year. In any case, its site does exclude any data on the most proficient method to arrange one. An online pursuit on the most proficient method to arrange the Aurora Diamante comes up similarly unproductive. Maybe it is sold at a greeting just sale. Since it is past the methods for the 99% group, that will not have a lot of effect to the vast majority scanning for a pen to sign their checks.

Platinum Barrel

Aurora Diamante Platinum Barrel, The Most Expensive Pens In The World
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You will generally know about a music craftsman having gone platinum, and despite the fact that the articulation is tossed about by the media, the vast majority do not comprehend what it implies. For a craftsman to go platinum, he needs to sell 1 million duplicates of a solitary record, and obviously, that means monstrous monetary achievement. In correlation, the gold benchmark is the point at which the craftsman sells a large portion of a million duplicates, and along these lines, you can start to comprehend the weight that platinum conveys even in the music business.

1The Aurora Diamante fountain pen consists of a barrel that is made only from platinum, two hectograms to be exact. Platinum is a valuable metal, and since they are evaluated relying upon their weight, two hectograms are equivalent to 200 grams, which is a serious noteworthy weight subsequently the cost. In addition, platinum is scant since it is not mined as much as different valuable metals; thus, it will undoubtedly be more costly than the rest.

Gold Nib

Aurora Diamante Gold Nib, The Most Expensive Pens In The World
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Anybody energetic about Greek folklore probably read the tale of King Midas and how he transformed whatever he contacted into gold. So mainstream is the legend that the individuals who have an ear for soul music more likely than not inclined to Midnight Stars’ “Midas Touch.” Gold has for such a long time become an image of riches, and even Christians read that child Jesus was given three presents by the Wise men from the East and gold was among them, to imply he was a ruler. The Aurora Diamante was more likely than not been developed with the rich as the intended interest group since it has a golden nib. With such a pen close by, composting has never been as significant, and it makes whatever you put down worth perusing, regardless of whether it is a weak joke. The strong gold nib is 18 carats, and it adds to the galactic figure of $1.47 million.

Diamonds are, without a doubt, the most favoured method of pimping any adornments or extras, and the moment they are included, the sticker price skyrockets. Aurora Diamante is encrusted with 1,919 De Beers diamonds that gauge in excess of 30 carats. The decision of the maker to utilise De Beers diamonds must be on the grounds that they underline the quality and De Beers is presumed as the world’s driving diamond firm, controlling 35% of the worldwide diamond creation. For nearly the whole twentieth century De Beers controlled the diamond showcase, yet the restraining infrastructure has since been separated as Wikipedia illuminates us.

More Than Just a Pen

Aurora Diamante More Than Just a Pen, The Most Expensive Pens In The World
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It is true that those days are gone when the pen was the necessity of our daily lives. Nowadays, pens also serve other important purposes as well. Talking about Aurora Diamante, if you think the creator of the pen only had the thought of serving the owner the luxurious experience of writing, you could not be more wrong about it. Obviously, the goal was much more than that. The idea was to radiate a high-class standard and luxurious class of the owner of the pen. The sole idea behind the construction of the pen was to distinguish between the elites, and it was served on the silver platter when the company announced that they would only sell each piece per year to maintain the uniqueness and exclusivity of the pen.

With this intention, the creators of Aurora Diamante succeeded to ensure that this fountain pen is not only used for writing but will be displayed as centre of attention or more like a headliner or crowd-puller. It can be placed in your office or in your study like a jewel in the crown.

Any Drawbacks of Aurora Diamante?

Aurora Diamante More Than Just a Pen, The Most Expensive Pens In The World
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The world’s most expensive pen does not seem to have any major drawback. However, it might irk some people that the company only allow the purchase of one pen per year. It is understood that with the limited version of the pen, the list of applicants is quite massive. People all across the globe, who can afford such luxury for themselves, swarm over to somehow purchase this pen in the same year. Unfortunately, only one lucky person gets to have this pen.

Other than from the restriction on the purchasing of pen per year, there has not seemed to be any other news regarding this pen that would have caused any problem for the proprietor.

Final Thoughts

Aurora Diamante is the finest and one of the most luxury assets of the world that you can add to your collection. Even though it has not gained so much popularity as it should have, the genuine connoisseurs across the globe are fully aware of its worth. They know that Aurora Diamante is one of the finest designs of luxury that can be held as the masterpiece to your luxury collection.

People, who in reality, recognise the worth and value of this fountain pen understands the reason behind the lack of popularity of Aurora Diamante. Due to its limited edition and restriction on the quantity of pen(s) sold each year, it falls among the rarest luxurious item of the world.