We all know that A Good Book is a Man’s Best Friend, and the best place to find good books is none other than a nice and cosy library. It is said that if you want to live a life full of dreams where you can actually put your imaginations into character, then browsing into your books will bring this wish to reality. You can spend all of your time reading books and, in the end, you will be able to find a fresh and healthy change within yourself. A library is a solitary place that provides you with the opportunity to give yourself some space to explore your passions and discover the world beyond your imaginations.

Book Capella – World's Most Expensive Contains a Massive Assortment of The Rarest Books
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The biggest question arises when we encounter the fact that there are some libraries in the world that cost you a fortune over each visit. You might not be aware of the unpopular reality, but it is true that where middle-class people look for every other chance to reduce cost spending over necessities of life, our elite class pays extra not to enjoy luxury but to attain additional knowledge. In the event that you are oblivious about the world’s largest yet most luxurious library Book Capella, it is high time you need to learn about all that you could about this elite library.

What Is Book Capella?

Book Capella, a recently assembled, gothic-enlivened library, located in the central area of St Petersburg, is veneered with all the normal extravagances of an old athenaeum – and a sticker price to coordinate.

In order to appreciate the library’s assortment and environment, you need to pay a ticket of just shy of £100 for a four-hour understanding meeting – an especially extraordinary encounter with the free access book lovers can appreciate in Russia’s open libraries.

The St. Petersburg-based distributing house Alfaret opened the Book Capella, Russia’s most costly library, in December 2016. The place is a symbol of luxury for the people who are beyond only passionate about reading and buying books. Any individual who has consistently longed for visiting an Oxford-style library or a bookstore that could come with no holds barred of an Umberto Eco tale will be intrigued to discover that this undertaking is Gothic in style.

What makes Book Capella Unique and different from other libraries of the World?

Book Capella – World's Most Expensive Contains a Massive Assortment of The Rarest Books | Table and books
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Libraries are significant foundations of a sound network. Libraries offer individuals the chance to secure positions, investigate clinical research, experience new thoughts, lose all sense of direction in brilliant stories, while simultaneously giving a feeling of the spot to a social affair. Since a library plays a vital role in an individual’s life, many people expect them to be pocket-friendly so that they can have access to all the important things without paying much.

However, when you learn about the fact that there are some libraries like Book Capella in the world that cost people a significant amount of money and that also per visit, your mind might boggle. It is common human psychology to learn about things that they could find unique when they come across any expensive thing. Whilst it is obvious that with an exceptional perk, it is nowhere possible that people will flood over something so expensive when they can easily avail them at less price. Just like everything else that costs people a fortune and gives an extraordinary experience to the users or buyers, Book Capella also has a handful of interesting bits that make it worthy of holding a higher reputation in the elite world. Some of these exclusive features are discussed below.

Contains a Massive Assortment of The Rarest Books

We, as a human being, are designed in such a manner that we have this extreme curiosity reside in our hearts and brains. We all have the urge to learn more and discover more and more truth; not only about this very world but also about the other worlds and realms of the universe. Our inquisitiveness does not happen to cease until we find answers to the unknown things.

Every library has a collection of books that can deliver knowledge more than a person wishes to have, but it takes more than those common books to stand out in the race. Book Capella offers all the books that every other library of the world contains, in addition to that it also retains an impressive collection of over 5000 of the rarest books that are hard to find in other libraries of the world.

Book Capella’s 5,000 rare book assortment is completely distributed by St Petersburg-based distributing house Alfaret – likewise the proprietor and initiator of the venture.

Most Expensive Books of the World

When you wish to give your feet the best apparel that can become the highlights of an event, you know Louis Vuitton is the place that can serve the best and make your evening even more special. You never question their price for being highly expensive, because you know it is all worth it. Similarly, when it comes to books, especially when those books have to offer you the knowledge of things that are not known by everyone, or you can say rare knowledge, then it would be absurd to question their cost.

Book Capella – World's Most Expensive Contains a Massive Assortment of The Rarest Books | Top view
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Since we have developed the information that Book Capella holds the largest assortment of rarest books, including the ones that are very hard to find in any other place, it is only fair to cost them at extraordinary prices. It is true that the singular books have an average value between 30,000 and 50,000 Russian Rubles, which is the equivalent of £400 to £700. However, some editions are even more expensive.

The number of Thematic Rooms

When you are reading a book, you practically escape the real world and enter the other world or dominion that can nowhere be found on this earth. Books are considered to be a virtual getaway for people who wish to travel the world without spending much. You cannot merely deny the fact that when you are in the middle of reading a book whether fiction or nonfiction, at that moment you do not belong to this world. Instead, you consider yourself a part of that book and witness every information present there and experiencing everything that the characters of that book are going through.

In order to enhance this experience for the booklovers, the founders of Book Capella made sure to design their rooms in the theme that belongs to the genre or category of the books contained in that particular chamber. Every book that is dated between the 16th and 19th centuries are displayed in thematic rooms with unique names like The Book of Wars, The Book of Travels, etc. You wish to feel a library like a Paradise; you have Book Capella to visit.

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Final Thoughts

No matter if you are looking out to read about the sweet and harsh realities of the world, or you are looking out to find peace in the fragmentation of someone’s imagination in fiction novels. Books are always the best option to provide you entertainment. Not only it has the capability to amuse you, but we cannot simply ignore the fact that reading books serve us the lifetime opportunity to explore new dimensions of the world and enlighten us by broadening our limited knowledge about various subjects.

Book Capella – World's Most Expensive Contains a Massive Assortment of The Rarest Books | Tickets
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Book Capella is not only a library in the customary sense, and it is anything but a gallery, in spite of the fact that components of the museums are present at the place. It is additionally not the bookstore, in spite of the fact that you can purchase our books here. It is verily another path for individuals to speak with books that are uncommon or rare. Be that as it may, while Book Capella broadcasts its maxim to be Borges’ sublime vision, space gives off an impression of being less library, and something increasingly much the same as an extravagance and luxury showroom.