Is your current pad not giving you the lifestyle you want? Is it more shabby than chic? Maybe then it’s time to stretch your wings and start the search for a luxurious apartment.

Many countries are building more and more luxury apartments. In the US, they account for 87% of all new large-scale apartment buildings.

What exactly is a luxury apartment, though? How can you find one that will fit your style and your budget?

Join us as we explore 7 tips for finding a luxurious apartment. 

1. Crystallize Your Definition of Luxury

Luxurious Apartment - Crystallize Your Definition of Luxury

Luxury means different things to different people. If you’re reading this, we’re pretty sure that to you, luxury means caviar rather than a double-stuffed Oreo.

It’s essential to define what’s important to you before you start searching for a luxurious apartment.

The term luxury apartment is marketing speak used by real estate agents. It defies a single definition. But usually, a luxurious apartment will include some of the following:

  • Large footprint and room sizes
  • Top-of-the-line appliances
  • Contemporary decoration
  • High-quality floor coverings
  • Excellent views of the neighborhood and beyond

Naturally, renting an apartment with a high-end finish will come with a price tag to match.

Another point in their favor is that investors are usually keen to maintain the properties well. Expect that internal and communal areas will be decorated regularly.

2. Choose Amenities Wisely

Luxurious Apartment -SWIMMING POOL  Amenities

A luxurious apartment may come with some nice amenities.

These could include an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, sauna, spa, and even additional sports facilities. Oh, and not to mention a very well-appointed gym.

Moving away from the body beautiful, they may also include cool features such as an onsite movie theatre for residents only. They may also have extra security, a concierge, and maybe even valet parking.

Of course, none of this is free. So it’s crucial to think about what amenities matter to you.

Do you currently pay for a gym membership? Do you swim regularly? Would you make good use of spa or sauna facilities?

If the answer is yes, then these luxury living options might be just what you’re looking for. If not, keep searching elsewhere.

3. Compare Options Carefully

Luxurious Apartment -Compare Options Carefully

Following on from the points below, make a pros and cons list for each luxurious apartment you consider. 

Compare them to each other and rank them in order of suitability. For example, one might have precisely the amenities you want and be at the right price. The snag is it’s far from work.

Another might be closer to work, but it doesn’t have the key amenity you wanted.

No apartment rental is going to be perfect. Even with a luxury apartment, there will always be one or two compromises. But you need to work on what compromises you can live with and which ones are total red flags. 

4. Location, Location, Location

Luxurious Apartment - Best Location NYC

Every property search starts with the right location. And unless you’re a billionaire, your budget will play at least some part in defining your location parameters.

You might like to live near Beyoncé in Tribeca, but your budget may say the Bronx. But don’t worry, because there are luxurious apartment options wherever you look, even if you have to spread your wings a little further than you had hoped.

Now many luxurious apartments are springing up in towns and cities across the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. New York lofts are not the only game in town. Many of these new developments command incredible views and pair them with outstanding amenities.

The best location for luxurious living is a place that works for you. You may need to be close to work commitments, family, or friends. Make sure you choose a location that works for you and won’t isolate you from your community.

5. Use Filters on Property Websites

Luxurious Apartment - Zillow Filtering Options

Now you’ve worked out what you want; you’re ready to start searching. 

Filters are your friend. Any realtor can advertise a property as a luxury apartment. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you. 

Using the parameters you’ve worked out, filter your search. It should narrow available properties down to only those in your target location and budget and the amenities you are looking for. 

6. View Widely

Luxurious Apartment - Walk Around Apartment

Working out what you want in principle is great. Seeing it in the flesh is essential.

When you have created your list of potential apartments, call the agent as soon as possible. Good properties move fast, so be prepared to view at short notice. 

Sometimes, an apartment that looked great on the listing is a massive letdown in real life. The finish may be worn, and the upkeep of the building may be less than satisfactory. On inspection, the amenities may not be as outstanding as they claimed.

But sometimes, the opposite is also true! You enter with low expectations and are blown away by what you find!

The takeaway? Never confine your luxury apartment search to the Internet. There is still no substitute for walking around an apartment yourself. 

7. Keep Your Eyes Open

Luxurious Apartment

New luxury apartment buildings are springing up in town and city centers all the time.

Many of them create a show apartment early in the construction period. This can give you a good idea of the level of finish and the quality of the appliances and amenities. 

Some companies offer discounts such as the first month’s rent free for people who sign up before construction is finished. This could be a great way to snag yourself an awesome deal on a brand new luxury apartment!

The Key to Finding a Luxurious Apartment

The key to finding your perfect, luxurious apartment is knowing what you want. No one else can define luxury for you. It means the finish you love and the amenities you need are all rolled into one. 

Hone your search by only looking for what you really want. View as many apartments as you can. Keep your options open, and be ready to pounce when the right one comes along!

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