A luxury for most of the people may be defined by the collection of diamond embedded jewellery they have or the startling assortment of cars they contain in their garage. However, there are many other things that can define a person’s taste in luxury other than means of transportation or extra perk to add when you are all dressed up.

Some people would like to show off their interest in collecting luxury the most unique way. Consider animals for a thought. It is true that there are breathing people in this world who would love to spend their wealth on luxurious animals and even not owning them but utilising them for a very different yet unique cause.

One of such animals can be Galileo, whose sole purpose of getting bought is to sire the world’s best-racing horses. It would leave you in awe to learn that the market value of Galileo is nearly €243.61 million, as the most expensive horse in the world.

Who is Galileo?

Most expensive horse in the world: Galileo Horse - With the Estimated Market Value of €243.61 Million
Source: Hri.ie

If you are naïve about the world of luxury, then it is obvious that the first thing that would have come to your mind after listening to the name Galileo would be a telescope, as it was invented by Galileo Galilei. But here we are not talking about Physics or any other field of science; what we are talking about is how luxury makes it room in the world of people through animals.

No need to reread the last sentence to clarify that you read it right. Indeed, animals also carry a unique way to become one of your luxurious collection, and Galileo is one of them. It is the world’s most expensive stallion that you could have come across.

Galileo is a retired Irish thoroughbred horse that was foaled on 30th March 1998, sired by Sadler’s Wells. He had been performing amazingly on the racecourse, making a fine career as a racehorse. Galileo’s racing career started from October 2000 and lasted till October 2001. In only one complete year Galileo was able to win six races out of eight races.

After his retirement, Galileo became the highly preferred sire in the world. He made his lead by becoming the most sought-after sire in Great Britain and Ireland in the year 2008. Since then, the worth of Galileo kept increasing as he became the most desired sire across the globe. However, the market value of this horse leaves many horse breeders to only wish to have him to raise a thoroughbred like Galileo.

What makes Galileo Exclusive?

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The most expensive horse in the world that worth more than €200 million is something that is not agreeable for most of the people. It is a common thought that might have crosses thousands of people that the horse has an outrageous market value.

The first thing that is needed to come out with clarity is that Galileo is not some ordinary horse. In fact, it a thoroughbred racehorse. Considering the outstanding characteristics and capabilities of Galileo, the stallion has managed to become the most luxurious piece of collection for the horse breeders all across the globe. Let’s have a profound look on his most highlighted exclusive qualities.

Stunning Records

Galileo (Michael Kinane)wins the Irish Derby July 2001 Mirrorpix
Source: Hri.ie

It is already known that within a year on the racecourse, Galileo happened to catch millions of eyes through his stunning victories. Six out of eight races were won by Galileo that made the bids on him goes higher all the time. Not only through his racing performances Galileo maintained his records and became the most expensive luxurious horse of the world, but his records were kept to maintained by the foals he had sired. It is true that almost all the offspring of Galileo has up till now maintained a very high profile that can be shown off as a piece of luxury to the world.

Galileo, ridden by Michael Kinane, is one of the most impressive Epsom Derby winners for years. Photo: Martin Lynch/Racingfotos.com
Source: Hri.ie

2016 and 2017 had both been outstandingly solid for Galileo, each yielding the steed in an overabundance of £10 million in prize cash in Britain and Ireland (£11,916,878 through the span of 2017, to be careful). 2018 could not exactly stay up with those stunning sums, yet that £6.9 million accomplished by his descendants was still nearly £2.8 million in front of his nearest follower Dubawi.

Not just that, 2018 was every time of tourist spots. Galileo outperformed the sign of 73 G1 victors set by his sire, Sadler’s Wells, when Magical, a sister to Lockinge Stakes victor Rhododendron, struck in the British Champions Fillies and Mares Stakes at Ascot in October. Danehill’s figure of 84 presently lies not too far off, fit to be overpowered.

In August, then, he toppled Sadler’s Wells’ characteristic of 327 offspring won in European Pattern races when Sizzling handled the G3 Give Thanks Stakes at Cork.

Ability to Breed Winners

The value of a horse in the market is dependent on many things, but the hidden gem that can boost up the worth of a horse is its ability to breed winners. In this case, Galileo is accepted as the most suitable sire for most of the horse breeders. It is understood that the careers of a racehorse can only be marked as extraordinary when they have the capability to win the races. Since Galileo has exceptional winning records, it is given that the foals he would sire will have the same capability as well.

Galileo is agreed to be at the best breeding age, and this is the reason why he is the most sought-after horse at the moment. There is absolutely no doubt to the fact that the racehorses that had been sired by Galileo had proven themselves to be the best in the racecourse. Most of them had been following the same winning track as Galileo proving that they are the offspring of best of the best.

Due to Galileo’s high aptitude of producing winning racehorses, its market value goes all the up to €243.61 Million.

It is a proportion of the degree of strength that we have generally expected from Galileo that the figure of £6,868,424 earned by his descendants across Britain and Ireland in 2018 is reminiscent of a normal year. That, notwithstanding, is ‘normal’ with regards to Galileo’s reality, where records tumble and exemplary champs’ stream with perfect timing consistency.

Prolific Nature

Apart from the eye-catching race records and breeding winners, one most startling characteristic of this luxurious stallion is that it is prolific in nature. Proves can be collected from many places of the world that Galileo had been quite a productive stallion that has led countless horse breeders to produce as a luxurious horse like Galileo itself.

Source: CNN.com
Annie Power with her first foal, a colt by Galileo born @coolmorestud

From some research, it has also come forward that an unmade horse that is said to be foaled in April 2017, was sired by Galileo. There are also some rumours that this unnamed and unproven horse was sold more than what Galileo is worth. However, these are only rumours and no proof was given that the horse was even sired by Galileo or not.

Whatever the case is, the fact can never be suppressed that the reason behind the staggering cost of Galileo is that it has proven itself to be worthy of producing a great number of winning horses. The number was roughly estimated to three hundred (300) winning horses, which is not something one can ignore.

Final Thoughts

At 21, Galileo has not got numerous years left in him. In any case, he and champion hurdler dam Annie Power has another posterity that has been picking up the consideration of many. It is difficult to satisfy the hopes set by wonderful guardians; however, the pressure is on. It still cannot seem to be given a name, however, with the rise of large cash horse races on the ascent as of late, this specific posterity of the amazing Galileo ought to merit paying special mind to. He has indeed become a symbol of luxury in the horseracing world, and it is expected that he will continue to maintain his reputation.