Did you know that actor Marlon Brando is widely regarded as the person who made the leather jacket synonymous with the rebellious, bad boy? While that reputation has waned a little, celebrity and fashion culture has always incorporated this stylish look. But do you know who wears it best?

From modern to vintage, we have trawled the catwalks and red carpets for the best lookout there. Read on as we pick 11 celebrities known for awesome leather jackets. 

1. Dwayne Johnson

Celebrities With Leather Jackets - Dwayne Johnson
Source: Time.com

Hollywood stars do not come much bigger (Quite literally) than Dwayne Johnson. This former wrestler turned actor has worked hard to get to the top. Most well known for his huge physique, many overlook the attention he gives to his fashionable style to enhance his image. 

His favorite leather jacket is the round collared, racer-style look. In this outfit, you can see him in the great comedy ‘The Other Guys,’ alongside Samuel L Jackson. With shoulders that big, any real leather jackets have to be custom-made. 

2. Michael Jackson

Celebrities With Leather Jackets - Michael Jackson
Source: Theundefeated.com

Though no longer with us, the king of pop still manages to define leather jackets’ vintage chic. In an era when the clothing item was essential, he managed to stand out from the crowd. One of his most famous is the Harley Davidson leather jacket with military insignias that he wore. 

However, the most iconic has to be his outfit in Thriller. This red, space-age bomber jacket was a visual focal point of the whole movie. It even looked good when worn by a member of the undead!

3. Victoria Beckham

Celebrities With Leather Jackets - Victoria Beckham
Source: Coolwallpapers.me

Former Spice Girl and wife of English soccer star David Beckham, Victoria has carved her own path since the days of Wannabe. Ever since she arrived on the scene, people were trying to copy her effortlessly cool style. She capitalized on this, opening her own fashion lines that soon proved more than just celebrity cash in.

Beckham has been seen multiple times sporting leather jackets. In particular, she opts for ones with slim-fit tailoring and large lapels. Angular shoulders add to the geometric lines of her outfit. 

4. Leonardo Di Caprio

Celebrities With Leather Jackets - Leonardo Di Caprio
Source: Pinkvilla.com

Di Caprio is famous for his leather jackets both on and off the stage. He often wears them in his wide range of classic movies, particularly his crime and gangster epics such as The Departed. However, when the camera stops, his love for leather does not. 

Most often seen in vintage stylings, he likes to wear deep browns and oranges as opposed to plain black. Detailed stitching and cowhide leather add the late seventies, early eighties vibe he exudes. 

5. Daniel Craig

Celebrities With Leather Jackets - Daniel Craig
Source: gq-magazine.co.uk

As he played the iconic character for so long, it is hard to realize where Bond ends, and Daniel Craig begins. When not in a tuxedo, this man is often seen with a leather casual jacket, just like his on-screen counterpart.

One of his most stylish outings was in the movie Layer Cake. With a red internal lining and accented zip, these types of jackets fall out of trend. An essential for any wardrobe. 

6. Hailey Baldwin Bieber

Celebrities With Leather Jackets - Hailey Baldwin Bieber
Source: Footwearnews.com

One current look is the leather trench coat, and no one wears it better than socialite Hailey Baldwin Bieber. This it-girl has been known to wear an oversized jacket with baggy linens and shades. It is a striking look that is both casual and eye-catching at the same time. 

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Celebrities With Leather Jackets - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Source: Goodfon.com

Now in his mid-seventies, Arnold Schwarzenegger still looks great. A true Hollywood action hero, he bound onto our screen in the movie Conan wearing nothing but a pair of leather pants and boots. Since then, he has moved on to combine it with the classic leather jacket look in many of his movies. 

The most iconic is Terminator 2. Uttering the classic line “I need your boots, your clothes, and your motorcycle,” he donned a Harley Davidson leather jacket and rode off to save the future. Combined with his black aviator shades, it could be one of the most iconic outfits in Tinseltown. 

8. Chris Evans

Celebrities With Leather Jackets - Chris Evans
Source: wall.alphacoders.com

Chris Evans is another A-Lister who is renowned for his leather look on screen and off. His most well-known role as Captain America often saw him in a vintage leather jacket to give the appearance of a veteran military man from World War II. However, off-screen, he often dons modern brown-toned jackets with a plain white T-Shirt. 

9. Kourtney Kardashian

Celebrities With Leather Jackets - Kourtney Kardashian
Source: Mirror.co.uk

Kourtney is no stranger to the oversized jacket herself. Spotted in L.A. wearing a brown tan trenchcoat tied at the waist, she really accentuated her figure. She really brought the nineties era up to date with pointed-toe boots, flared jeans, and a lace top. 

10. Brad Pitt

Celebrities With Leather Jackets - Brad Pitt
Source: Suwalls.com

Brad Pitt is known for being one of the most handsome men on screen. Part of this appeal is not just down to his good looks but how he carries himself. His preferred men’s leather coats often include ones with warming, fur-lined collars. 

On-screen, one of his greatest roles was in Fight Club. Playing the character Tyler, he wore a bright red leather jacket with flared lapels and large buttons. 

11. Tom Cruise

Celebrities With Leather Jackets - Tom Cruise
Source: Chinese.fansshare.com

Cruise has had so many roles as an action hero; it is hard to pick out which of his real leather jackets were the most iconic. From spy hunting in Mission Impossible to fighting aliens in War of the Worlds, Cruise is the go-to man for the look. 

For us, the most important was his military leather in Top Gun. Emblazoned with patches and insignias, Cruise became the epitome of eighties cool. 

Sourcing Leather Jackets

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