Did you know that the average woman owns 40 makeup products?

If you are a makeup fanatic, you probably have a ton of makeup products that you either forgot you have or haven’t used in a long time.

It’s hard not to run to the store to buy the new trending makeup item. Over time, those products can pile up. It’s important to keep your makeup collection organized so your products are easy to find when you need them. 

The first step to de-cluttering your makeup collection is checking for expired products and throwing them away. 

Here are seven of our favorite makeup organization ideas:

1. Mason Jar Brush Holder

Makeup organization ideas - Mason Jar Brush Holder
Source: Etsy.com

Mason jars are cute and easy to get your hands on. Grab a few jars and store your makeup brushes in them standing upright so you can easily see which brush you need. 

Separate your brushes into the different mason jars for easy access. Group your eye makeup brushes together in one mason jar, and put your face makeup brushes in another. 

Jazz up your mason jars with labels and other decorations. Make it cute and luxurious! 

2. DIY Makeup Vanity

Makeup organization ideas - DIY Makeup Vanity
Source: Etsy.com

Vanities are great for organizing makeup. Makeup vanities from the store can be pricey, but you can also create an original makeup vanity by hand. Repurposed items will be your best friend. 

It can be as simple as getting a nice desk and putting a mirror on top of it. You can store your makeup in the desk drawers. Add lights to your mirror and you’ll feel like a movie star. 

You can also repurpose old kitchen stools and a slab of wood to create a rustic DIY makeup vanity. Second-hand pieces are great because they are eco-friendly. Add a mirror and baskets to organize your makeup in. 

If you want to get really creative, you can use a dresser as a makeup vanity. Use all of the drawers as storage, and keep products that you use daily on the top of the dresser. Add a mirror and a light source and you’re good to go. 

You want to feel good when applying your makeup. Knowing your makeup is organized and that every product has its place is the first step to having a smooth makeup application process. 

3. Use Ice Cube Trays

Makeup organization ideas - Ice Cube Trays
Source: Pinterest.com

Eyeshadow palettes are fun to purchase, but you may also find that you have a lot of individual eyeshadows or samples.

Place your individual eyeshadows in an ice cube tray from your kitchen. You can organize them by shade. Ice cube trays are also easy to clean if you get any makeup on them. 

4. Spice Rack Makeup Display

Makeup organization ideas - Spice Rack Makeup Display
Source: Diypick.com

If you have a lot of makeup items cluttered in a bag or drawer, it’s time to bring them out

Take your foundation bottles, lipsticks, and any other items that can stand upright and organize them on a spice rack. They will be more visible this way. Say goodbye to the days of forgetting about a makeup product until it’s already expired. 

You can label the different tiers of the spice rack based on what items are on each tier. Add decorations for a sophisticated and classy look. 

5. File Organizer Display

Makeup organization ideas - File Organizer Display
Source: Alibaba.com

A file folder organizer makes a great organizer for makeup. These are easy to find at any office supply store. 

Highlighting, eyeshadow, and contouring palettes have the perfect shape to fit into a file organizer. Organize your palettes in order by type or brand. Placing them in a file organizer will make them easier to sift through next time you are doing your makeup. 

6. Magnetic Metal Display Board

Makeup organization ideas - Magnetic Metal Display Board
Source: Cosmopolitan.com

If you are searching for a makeup storage idea that makes your makeup items highly visible, de-clutter with a magnetic display board

First, take a hot glue gun and attach magnets to the backs of the makeup items you want to organize on your board. 

Next, grab a thin metal sheet and pop it into an old picture frame. Make sure to use tin snips to cut the sheet to the size of the picture frame. 

Organize your makeup magnets on the board and hang it on the wall. Create separate rows for your lip, face, and eye makeup items. 

This would go great above a DIY makeup vanity. 

7. Silverware Drawer Organizers

Silverware Drawer Organizers - Ice Cube Trays
Source: Containerstore.com

Drawer organizers make a huge difference when it comes to organizing a large makeup collection. If products are thrown into a drawer without any kind of separation or organizer, they can easily become lost and forgotten. 

You can purchase actual drawer organizers, or you can repurpose an old kitchen utensil organizer. Organize your products like silverware by putting eyeliners in the spoon section, lip products in the fork section, and mascaras in the knife section. 

Upgrade Your Life By Trying Our Makeup Organization Ideas

Live more luxuriously by getting rid of unwanted clutter in your home. Before organizing your makeup, make sure to check the expiration date on all of your products. Reduce clutter by throwing away any products that you can’t use anymore.

If you own a lot of makeup products, it’s time to get them organized. Not only will it make the area look cleaner and more put together, but it will also make products easier to locate. 

The experience of using makeup should feel luxurious. Our makeup organization ideas will help you look and feel your best. 

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