Over ten million households went camping for the first time in 2020. When people resorted to social distancing, they flocked to the mountains, deserts, and coastlines with their camping gear. 

Glamping tents are a great option for luxurious camping. Camping can be cramped, and tents make getting a quality night’s sleep or privacy challenging. 

During the past few years, glamping has risen in popularity as more people see the appeal of venturing outdoors with the right gear. If you have an interest in luxurious camping tents, then keep reading for more information.

Luxury Tents

Glamping tents are exactly how it sounds – it combines glamour with roughing it in the wilderness. While those two terms might not seem like they go together, there are plenty of options out there that cater to the comforts of home while you are sleeping in the great outdoors. 

Tents often get confused with a luxury yurt. They both cater to sleeping outdoors, but a yurt is more structured than a standard tent. 

It is usually built from a collapsable wooden frame and covered by some sort of canvas. More sophisticated yurts are made from metal and have waterproof canvases. The wooden frames and doorways make it seem like a smaller cabin versus a tent. 

However, they usually only have one room and no immediate access to a restroom. 

Best Glamping Tents for Your Luxurious Camping

1. The Bubble Tent

Glamping Tents - Luxury Camping- The Bubble Tent
Source: Kidslovegreece.com

If you want to see the stars but don’t want to risk sleeping out in a hammock, then a bubble tent is for you. It is made of completely clear PVC material that can be easily inflated. 

Once it is inflated, you can simply set up your sleeping arrangement and comfortably watch the world around you without the bugs or weather getting in the way. This makes getting up in the morning with some of the best coffees in the world even more worth your while. 

Be sure you bring along your coffee beans and a small burner for a great cup of joe and watch the sunrise from the privacy of your own tent. 

2. Hanging Tent

Glamping Tents - Luxury Camping- Hanging Tent
Source: Vnuereport.com

Luxury glamping doesn’t have to follow any set rules or guidelines. Hanging luxury tents provide a unique camping opportunity. There are plenty of backpacking tents and hammocks that people use for being suspended off the ground.

However, for a true glamping experience, opt for one that is made from aluminum or similar materials, and that can support more weight. This way, you can bring in some of the amenities from home and have more than one person in the tent. 

These tents are also great for areas by the ocean. You might even catch a glimpse of the sunset or sunrise if you are lucky! 

3. Teepee Tent

Glamping Tents - Luxury Camping- Teepee Tent
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Teepee tents are great because they are spacious and a unique way to camp. The added interior room will give you plenty of space for individual sleeping arrangements.

Teepees also typically have small tables, chairs, rugs, and other luxury items that you normally wouldn’t find elsewhere. The interior design of these tents is unique based on the region you are staying in. 

Typically, a teepee tent will have metal poles and a similar type of canvas that yurts often use. Some teepees even accommodate for indoor firepits to make your camping experience even more unique and cozy. 

4. The Modern Yurt

Glamping Tents - Luxury Camping - The Modern Yurt
Source: Yurts.com

Most canvas glamping tents tiptoe the line with yurts. However, some canvas tents are a slight downgrade from a yurt while still providing luxury and comfort compared to standard tent materials.

The canvas used in these is a heavier-duty option compared to other tent synthetic materials that people take camping. It also offers much more room for you to hang out in.

Staying in a luxury yurt is never a wrong decision. They tend to be cozier than tents, more spacious, and neatly decorated. 

A yurt can also support a sturdier bed and mattress, a small desk, or chairs. Cotton and wool are going to provide the most insulation for your yurt experience. 

Additionally, yurts can have space heaters, or some have a built-in stove piping. Depending on the yurt’s construction, it may also support a ceiling fan to help keep you and your friends or family cool in the summertime months. 

One thing is for certain – yurts are one of the most glamorous camping options out there and provide many of the same amenities that you would find in a cabin. A well-constructed yurt will have insulated the walls, floors, and ceiling for energy efficiency. 

The thick canvas and durable doorways help combat bugs and other unwanted creatures from sneaking in while you’re away. 

5. Igloo Tents

Glamping Tents - Luxury Camping - Igloo Tents
Source: CNN.com

Just as the name suggests – an igloo tent is basically the exact opposite of a bubble tent. While the bubble tent is completely transparent to the outside world, igloo tents share the same name as ‘cave tents.’ 

However, if you are in an area where there are more severe weather systems, you might want to opt for this choice. Some of these tents can also hold multiple people and are a bit lighter than other options. 

Some igloos tents allow for space heaters and are actually becoming a popular dining option for restaurant owners. These igloos are here to stay, whether they are used for a fine dining experience or to trek out into the wilderness with.

Glamping Tents

There are many glamping tents on the market today that give you most of the luxuries from home while making sure you aren’t missing out on what nature has to offer. 

If you want to simplify your glamping experience and have something more compact to carry around, there are multi-person standard tents that are equipped with rooms and pull-out sections. However, staying in a luxury yurt, igloo, or bubble tent is an experience that is worth your while.

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Featured image source: Pexels.com