It is said that nails can tell a lot about a person. It can be one of the first things that make an impression on someone. Many people tend to have pet peeves with unkempt nails, and rightfully so. Nail care uplifts an individual’s personality. Now, if you top that with gorgeous designs on nails, that could be a game changer!

The amount of creativity and innovation that designs on nails have the potential for can make it the most eye-catching and attention-grabbing trait in a person. If you want to up your aesthetic game, then nails are the place to start. Below are a few examples to give you an idea of how creative you can be with designs on nails!

Fall Nail Designs

best designs on nails  - Fall Nail Designs

Fall evokes warm, cozy, and pumpkin spice latte vibes. Summer and its essentials can take a back seat as everybody’s favorite season arrive in all its glory. Besides the season’s appropriate makeup looks, you can play around with different designs on nails to celebrate this gorgeous, cozy season.

It’s about time you put the pastels aside and take your deeper color palette out. An example is a classic French manicure that never goes out of style, but if you spice it up a little and add deep maroon tips instead of white, it’s bound to make a statement.

Black And White Nail Designs

best designs on nails  - Black And White Nail Designs

Black designs on nails don’t have to sound as scary. You could top it off with different patterns using simple white nail paint. Over a black base, you could either go with white dots and opt for a polka dot theme or make white petals if you want a floral vibe but also wish to keep it dark. Even white swivels over a black base could make it look chic. Now imagine all that and reverse the colors! The possibilities are endless and oh-so-glamorous.

Rhinestone Nail Designs

best designs on nails  - Rhinestone Nail Designs

This nail design is for anyone who likes to go a little over the top. You could use any base color and put a coat or two of glitter nail paint over it. Once that dries up, you could raise the oomph factor by gluing rhinestones on it in any design you like. Cover the nail body or stick to the tips, make floral patterns, or just place a single rhinestone if you want to keep it elegant. Et voila, you are ready to shine!  

Gel Short Nail Designs

best designs on nails  - Gel Short Nail Designs

If you have weak, brittle nails or don’t feel like you’re cut out for long nails, do not think you don’t have enough room to be creative with your cute little nails. The clean aesthetic lately doing rounds includes small nails, proving it can be just as gorgeous and eye-catching. A gel manicure mainly looks beautiful on short nails. It comes with the bonus of being practical and low-maintenance compared to long nail designs.

French Tip Nail Designs For Summer

best designs on nails  - French Tip Nail Designs For Summer

Summer is the perfect time to play around with colors, be it your makeup, wardrobe, or nail designs. Enough of the plain old French tips; it’s time to step up your nail design game by adding funky colorful tips instead of the dull white and see how effortlessly it elevates your entire look!

2022 Nail Designs

best designs on nails  - 2022 Nail Designs

The year 2022 has been nothing short of a delight in the nail world. It brought an array of new and innovative nail trends. Many have been seen sporting marble nails, velvet tips, and the ever-so-elegant gold foil nails, confidently flaunting them. The color palette is also broad, ranging from subtle pastels to funky neon pop, each carrying its charm.

Colorful Nail Designs

best designs on nails  - Colorful Nail Designs

With all the colors in the world, why to be plain when you could pick a different color for each nail and go crazy, right? Such quirky designs on nails can be the simplest way to add oomph to your look and be ready for any day.

Matte Nail Designs

best designs on nails  - Matte Nail Designs

If you are a matte nail lover and are wondering if it’s still a trend, don’t worry. Seeing all the rage that matte nails are, even in 2022, it’s safe to say that they are here to stay. Trust us when we say anything looks good when matte, be it a marble nail design, a funky neon pop, subtle pastels, or even classic bold colors like red.

Square Nail Designs

best designs on nails  - Square Nail Designs

In fashion, the old can always become new. It applies very aptly to the square nail trend, which has made a triumphant return from the 90s to influence the 2022 pop culture. If you look at the red carpet events, most celebs are spotted sporting the square nail design. Even better, they are easily doable at home; no need to spend dollars to get the look you desire.

Oval Nail Designs

best designs on nails  - Oval Nail Designs

The good thing with nails is that despite being hard, they have the potential to be molded in any shape you may like, and creativity is not just limited to the colors and designs. If you’re looking for a way to make your fingers look longer and slender, the answer is oval-shaped nails. They are the best in keeping your nails looking classy and healthy.

Hot Pink Nail Designs

best designs on nails  - Hot Pink Nail Designs

Nothing says confidence like a hot pink color. It’s one color that stands for fun and spontaneity. Being a hot favorite, this nail design can be worn in more ways than one. To think out of the box, you could opt for leopard nails in a pink background, an excellent ombre nail paint, or stay classic with a matte hot pink studded with rhinestones to amp up the game.

Christmas Nail Designs

best designs on nails  - Christmas Nail Designs

You can never go wrong with classic red nail art. Nothing makes a statement like red when you talk about Christmas. While it’s the season’s color, have you ever heard of a snowflake manicure? If you want to stand out this season, it’s the one for you. It includes gold and silver glitter nail polishes to get your nails looking ready and sparkly just in time for the holiday season.

Coffin-Shaped Nail Designs

best designs on nails  - Coffin-Shaped Nail Designs

This nail design is perfect for anyone who prefers square nails but doesn’t like them to look box-shaped or wide. Coffin-shaped nails are somewhere between oval and square-shaped. They’re long, round, and slightly flat at the top. It’s one of the best nail shapes to sport a gorgeous nude nail color.

Halloween Nail Designs

best designs on nails  - Halloween Nail Designs

For this spooky season, it’s time to put together your fiercest looks, nails included. Nails that are long and pointy are all the rage during the Halloween season. The season’s colors are pumpkin orange, blood red, or spooky black. As for the designs, anything from a spider web to eyeballs to blood drips and everything in between will perfectly match the spooky season. Halloween is one season where you can go all out with your creativity.

Chrome Nail Designs

best designs on nails  - Chrome Nail Designs

If there’s one nail trend that has lately taken the internet by storm, it’s the chrome nails. It’s a great way to amp up your manicure game and make your nails look striking, glamorous, and luxurious. A chrome powder is applied to a standard base color to achieve this look. This layering helps accomplish a finish that almost looks like a 3D light reflection. It’s smoother than glitter and more sparkly than metallic polish.

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Decorating your nails to match your day-to-day outfits can be an excellent fashion statement. You can choose from hundreds and thousands of nail designs depending on your style preference, some of which are mentioned above. You can either go for a minimalistic look or experiment with bold and funky designs on nails to step up your fashion game!!

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