Arguably one of the most iconic nail designs that never seems to run out of fashion, the French manicure, can be reiterated in the most creative ways. While you might want to stick to the classic white tip, there are endless options to explore with french tip nail art to become the trendsetter in your friends’ circle.

With summer just around the corner, you wouldn’t want to miss out on these colorful, fun, and pretty french nail art designs. Whether you plan to make a trip to your nearest salon or prefer experimenting on your own, these simple nail designs can be the best way to showcase your personality and style with a trendy touch-up.

Let’s jump straight into the Trendiest and cute french tip nail designs To Try This Summer!

1. Black And White French Tip Nail Designs

Black And White French Tip Nail Designs

Inspired by the zebra stripes, a classic B&W never goes out of style. You can play a twist on the nail design white tip by either adding in black dots or alternating between black French tips. While monochrome white nail designs have a charm, you can go beyond the bold side with some hyper-graphic gothic designs too. Rest assured, with minimalist colors like black and white, your nails will pair up well with anything you wear.

2. Colorful French Tip Nail Designs

Colorful French Tip Nail Designs

Summer is all about light colors and pastel hues, so why not go for rainbow nails designs for a refreshing look? This design is about painting each of your fingertips with a different color in combinations of yellow, blue, or pink. You can even pair the colors in a lighter or darker shade for more variation and depth in your nail design. Particularly highlighting oval nail designs, a colorful French tip never fails to catch the eye!

3. Double Swoop French Tip Nail Designs

Double Swoop French Tip Nail Designs

A double French tip is an artistic way to elevate your manicure with an angled swooping line. You can do this by starting with the classic French tip underlined by a neon shade in a different color. It brings out a variance in your manicure and gives an impression of sleek designer nails. If you’re confused between light or dark colors, why not just go for both? A high-contrast outline with a fine French tip is a structured design to look elegant and creative simultaneously!

4. Floral French Tips Nail Designs

Floral French Tips Nail Designs

Nothing screams summer more than colorful, bright flowers on a pastel background. This accent nail idea complements soft pinks, summery blues, earthy nudes, lilac, and pale yellows on a French tip. For the flower designs, you can experiment with polka dot daisies or sunflower nail designs with contrasting colors starting from the edges. It’s the perfect excuse to kickstart summer with a bright and fun manicure!

5. Swirly French Nails Designs

Swirly French Nails Designs

This disco nail design has come back into the world of abstract art. Do you know the confidence you feel when you wear a great pair of heels? Swirly nails are the same, if not better! With the statement colors, this design can only spell loud and outgoing with its contrasting shades of lime green, funky orange, striking pinks, and blues. And if psychedelic swirls are a bit too much for you, you can always tone it down with candy stripes or ombre swirls for that subtle effect!

6. Bling French Tips Nail Designs

Bling French Tips Nail Designs

Wedding nail designs are all about sparkles and shimmer, yet you don’t want to overdo them. In this case, a shiny French tip can save the day. Glitter, pearls, or rhinestones will not only bedazzle your nails but also become a sight for sore eyes! A glossy nude tip paired with rhinestone nail designs outlining the French manicure appears to be the most sophisticated nail design. We recommend pairing rhinestones with the classic V-shape French tip and some glitter to kickstart your bridal shower with glamour and sparkle!

7. Mixed Graphic Prints Nail Designs

Mixed Graphic Prints Nail Designs

Emerging trends for nail designs ideas include personalizing your fingertips to suit your interests and personality. Painting funky objects like sunny-side-up eggs, smileys, rainbows, butterflies, clouds, or fresh fruit can add many dimensions to a classic white tip. With endless graphic designs to choose from, these cute nail designs give you a free space to embrace your interests, looking like a piece of art in itself!

8. Pink French Tip Nail Designs

Pink French Tip Nail Designs

Ever since Barbie crowned pink as her signature color, girls have had an irresistible attraction to this color. And the best part; pink perfectly sits in with the summery vibes you’re looking for! Whether it’s the vivid hot pink nail designs or a high-shine chrome with holographic pink, there’s simply no going wrong with this color. Another variation is to alternate shades of pink like rose, fuchsia, bubblegum, magenta, flamingo, etc., in ombre or simply adorning each fingernail with a different-colored pink French tip.

9. Animal Print French Tip Nail Designs

Animal Print French Tip Nail Designs

While the cheetah print is a timeless staple in fashion, this design has entered the nail world in full swing. French nails with cow, cheetah, or leopard prints are a great way to add intricate details to rock any outfit. You can elevate these neutral nail designs with a dab of glitter or switch the colors to chic purples and blues.

10. French Fishnets Nail Designs

French Fishnets Nail Designs

French manicures and fishnets go hand in hand because sometimes you just can’t beat a classic. Layered with a single color as the French tip, you can choose a playful way to decorate the rest of the nails with a crosshatched pattern. We’re especially fond of classy nails designs because they’re something that adapts to every taste and skill set. Complimented with a clear base and topcoat, this is worth a try!

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Summer French Tip Nail Designs are all about that playful feeling that unmistakably delivers a fresh, playful, and bright vibe. We’ve shared our top 10 ideas for wearing French tips in a modern and chic look, but you can always draw inspiration to give it your playful rendition with a switch of colors and patterns. If you still feel we’ve missed out on your style, a gold nail design will never fail to disappoint you.

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