Are you on the market for a new cologne to add unique perfume bottles to your dressing room? Does the look of the bottle help when buying a new cologne?

Did you know that on average, 2 out of 5 men claim only to have a single bottle of cologne at home? Why not make that bottle look as impressive as it smells. 

The perfume and cologne industry is an ever-increasing monster on the market. Competitors not only need to outdo each other with the smell, but the style of the bottle will help them also. 

Here we uncover the 12 best cologne bottle designs we could find worldwide that we know you must own right now.

Versace – Eros

Best Cologne Bottle Designs - versace Eros cologne bottle

Versace is a big name within the perfume industry. Since the early ’80s, they have been releasing many fragrances for both women and men. Adding them to the lists a given, but what is their best-looking cologne bottle?

Eros has to be the best bottle design by Versace. With a greek theme, they capture the aqua blue of the Aegean sea. Hosting the portrait of a Greek god on the front, how can you get more manly than that?

Jimmy Choo – Man

Best Cologne Bottle Designs -Jimmy Choo Man cologne bottle

Jimmy Choo isn’t known for their cologne. In fact, this entrance is their first foray into the men’s cologne. 

Man is a bottle that boasts raw masculinity. With a black and dark grey theme, it has an almost rebellious look to it. This look is enhanced by the snakeskin look found on the lid.

Jean Paul Gaultier – Le Male Maxi

Best Cologne Bottle Designs - Jean Paul Gaultier - Le Male Maxi cologne bottle

Since the mid 90’s Jean Paul Gaultier has had one of the most iconic bottles of cologne. It was created as a counterpart to their women perfume, Classique. 

Le Male Maxi has the shape of a sailor, which complements the female physique of Classique. Through their many new releases since, the sailor has continued through their designs.

Maison Martin Margiela – Replica Jazz Club

Best Cologne Bottle Designs - Maison Martin Margiela Replica jazz club cologne bottle

The name Maison Martin Margiela first came about in the late ’80s. Since then, it has grown from a luxury fashion house to join the world of fragrances. 

Replica jazz club takes a reminiscent look with a vintage, simple bottle. It takes targets at a time when perfumes were about the smell. This bottle has made my list because of the fantastic simplicity of it.

Diesel – Only The Brave

Best Cologne Bottle Designs - Only the Brave diesel cologne bottle

In the mid-’90s, Diesel released its first fragrance. It was a unisex scent simply called ‘Diesel’. Since then, they have released a range of colognes called ‘Only the Brave’ range. 

Wild is the third scent to be released within the ‘Only the Brave’ range. With the image of a hand clasped around the nozzle of the bottle, it really targets that wild name. Adding the Diesel double finger ring compliments that look. Add this scent to your cocktail attire and really feel brave.

Armaf – Club De Nuit Intense

Best Cologne Bottle Designs - Armaf club de Nuit intense cologne bottle

Armaf originated in the Middle East, creating stunning bottles for perfume and cologne. It wasn’t until years later that they stepped up to create the scents as well. 

Armaf’s history means it’s not a shock they would have a cologne bottle on the list. Club De Nuit Intense definitely lives up to the intense name. With a stunning matt black bottle, it intensifies with a ball and chain hanging from the neck. 

Paco Rabanne – Invictus

Best Cologne Bottle Designs - Invictus paco Rabanne cologne bottle

Francisco Rabaneda Cuervo, known as Paco Rabanne, started his career in French fashion. He has created a range of perfumes and colognes since then. 

Invictus has the best bottle design for a gentleman who wants to win at life. With the shape of a trophy, you will feel like a winner each time you pick it up.

Creed – Aventus

Best Cologne Bottle Designs - creed aventus cologne bottle

Creed perfumes were founded in England in 1760. Throughout the years, it has made some incredible perfumes. Their addition to the list was created to celebrate their 250th birthday. 

The Aventus is a fantastic cologne bottle. With a leather-style texture covering the bottom half of the bottle, it indeed shows the essence of man. A small plaque on the front hosts a picture of Hercules sat atop a pegasus. You can’t get more manly than Hercules.

Azzaro – Wanted

Best Cologne Bottle Designs - azzaro wanted cologne cologne bottle

The Azzaro brand was founded in 1967 as a fashioned brand. Over the years, they have blended their fashion with the fragrance industry.

In 2016 they brought out their Wanted cologne. A bottle shaped like a revolver cylinder takes on the risky, criminal side of masculinity.

Viktor & Rolf – Spicebomb

Best Cologne Bottle Designs - Spicebomb Viktor & Rolf cologne bottle

Viktor & Rolf was founded in 1993 as part of the fashion industry. This fragrance is another counterpart to a female range, Flowerbomb. 

Spicebomb really emphasizes its name by being in the shape of a grenade. It is one of the more adventurous cologne bottle designs. The basic design of a grenade has been reimagined to create this unique bottle design.

Paco Rabanne – 1 Million

Best Cologne Bottle Designs - 1 million paco rabanne cologne bottle

As I mentioned, Paco Rabanne has released a range of fragrances. This next fragrance was released in 2008, and it definitely caused a stir among the industry. 

1 Million has one of the most beautiful cologne bottles. What’s more attractive to look at than gold bullion. You can feel like $1million each time you use this cologne.

Valentino – Uomo

Best Cologne Bottle Designs - uomo valentino perfume cologne bottle

The Valentino brand was founded in Rome, 1959. Like most fragrance brands, it started as a fashion brand before moving to fragrances. 

Uomo has a beautiful bottle. It takes on a particular decanter style with small quadratic spiked covering its body. A blend of stunning gold and clear glass really is gorgeous. 

Beautiful Bottles of the World

Hopefully, you find these bottles as beautiful and unique as they are. 

Which one was your favorite? Is it Uomo by Valentino? Or do you prefer the more vintage styles of Replica jazz club by Maison Martin Margiela? Maybe you prefer the more modern tastes of Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf?

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