It’s a genius piece of architecture that does not belong to this world. As if made by spacemen who came to our land on a tourist trip then left in a hurry, leaving this spaceship behind them dreaming of its past and longing for their return to earth one day to complete the cruise that they started together across the vast seas and beautiful lakes of the world.

It’s an amazing fantasy or fictional beauty that lost her way to the ground, then stayed here in our world after she did not know how back to her wonderful world, which does not play by the rules and used not to give up at the gates of the impossible. Perhaps this or that, but it is certain that the Khalilah yacht is a one-of-a-kind Vessel designed by an exceptional artist and built by the skillful fingers of an architect who is famous for bringing marvelous wonders into our world.

Khalilah Yacht - palmer johnson yacht

You will not believe that gold floats above the water in real until you see the Khalilah yacht. We have learned that the law of buoyancy and physics of things does not agree with this, but Khalilah is not bound by physics and is not limited by the law of nature. It has her own special and deadly physics of attracting attention and drawing eyebrows in the bystanders’ faces. No matter how long you stare, you are going to be charmed with the look and appearance of this yacht, with its monarchy color of gold that masters the hearts of all females.

Khalilah Yacht - palmer johnson yacht

You are going to recognize the meaning of real well-being when you are on board and find out that Khalilah is a real beautiful palace floating on the water, ready to take you to any destination whenever you want. Khalilah is a romantic yacht, which cruises in all seas of the world and boldly flows in our time with dazzling pride, eye-catching beauty, and intensive power.

Beginning of the Story

What is the story of this mythical yacht? From which Planet did it descend to earth? What time in the far future did it come back from?  

Here is the fairy tale:

Designed by Palmer Johnson in beautiful Monaco, the city of the rich and destination of celebrities worldwide. There on the Riviera Beach, with its moderate climate at all seasons and gentle sea breeze, the Khalilah yacht was launched in a beautiful environment and a vibrant lifestyle of stars and luxury.

Khalila palmer johnson yacht diving

She was born a giant mature baby, forty feet long and eleven meters wide. Its price exceeded $23 million when it was an infant in the year 2014.  Today it is said to worth more than thirty million US dollars.

This Yacht is fond of the most luxurious Seaports in the world. It was seen sunbathing in Monaco, Cannes, Portofino, Ibiza, Saint Tropez, Capri, Miami, Genova, Sant Angelo, and Bonza.

Key Features:

Khalilah yacht is an inhabitant of the Sea yet connected to the skies. It is designed to allow the golden sun to embrace its interior design and melt in it through a thin layer. You will not know whether you are inside the yacht or standing on a sea wave, or swimming in the wide space at the far horizon. It features a unique interior design in the world of yachts with its huge, luxurious rooms, majestic furniture, and unmatched curtains of the ancient King Shahriar in one thousand and one nights. Its windows allow a little sun to blend with the summer breeze while the sun glows through the windows in winter, interspersed by the shadows of the rain clouds to refresh you when you are offshore.

khalilah jacuzzi palmer johnson yacht

Upon getting on board Khalilah, you find out that it contains five rooms to accommodate twelve guests. The vessel is also spacious enough for a crew of nine individuals and large areas to receive visitors onboard and extra two breathtaking bedrooms equipped with luxury royal families soft silk fabrics that reflect the royal design and elegant decoration in harmonious colors.

 Attached to these bedrooms are luxurious suites locker rooms with wardrobes. But your surprise increases more when you see the bathrooms equipped with golden tubs, beautiful marble, and mosaics that take you into wonderful magical worlds of fantasy when you look at the glittering mosaic shimmers that leave you speechless with total astonishment and admiration.

Don’t bet that what you’ve seen so far at the yacht is the best thing about the Khalilah yacht; you’ll certainly lose the bet when you see the cab and the cockpits; it’s also a masterpiece of fascinating artwork that is placed at the forefront of the yacht, like a beautiful lady. Its stunning designs have added to her luxury, its electronic equipment, and modern techniques that make you believe you are traveling inside a spacecraft heading toward the distant planets in the coming centuries.

Khalila exceptional deck areas palmer johnson yacht

Khalilah is amongst the finest Yachts list

Factors that qualified the Khalilah yacht to rank among the finest yachts of the world:

  • It is the first yacht in the world that is made from lightweight carbon fiber.
  • Its unique character, decoration, plus interior and exterior golden appearance.
  • Its furniture and decoration are made of the finest types of wood and materials in the world.
  • Features innovative lounge that combines sky with the sea in a wonderful view
  • Its polished smooth surface’s glitter with its three clear lines distinguishes it from the rest of the yachts in the world and gives it its identity immediately.
  • The engines’ high efficiency turns it into a jet plane but muffled to offer passengers calmness and ensure their relaxation.
  • Modern anchor technology moors the yacht from the bottom through a hidden outlet and much more.


The yacht owner did not reveal his personal identity, giving the yacht more ambiguity, attractiveness, and magic. This adds to the yacht’s charm and fantasy and brings to our imagination the legendry stories ad fairy tales of the Middle East when we come to know the claim that the owner’s origins go back to the Middle East.  

Khalila palmer johnson yacht
Technical & Mechanical Specifications
SuperSport Yacht:48M
Vessel Name:Khalilah (SuperSport Yacht 48Flag)
Flag: Marshall Island.
Built by: Palmer Johnson Yachts Co.
Year: 2015.
Design: Naval & Exterior by Palmer Johnson Yachts Co.
Speed:28 Knots (52 km/h) Cruising 32 Knots (59 km /h).
Capacity: 12 Persons.
Volume: 485 GT.
Ship Type: Vessel (function unknown).
Class: DNV.
IMO Number:9744348.
Main Engines:16V 2000 M94.
Register:DNV, MCALY3.
Class & Type:Full Displacement Motor Yacht.
Tonnage:485-490 gross tons.
Length:48-49m (157ft).
Draught: 2.1m (6.9ft).
Beam:Overall 11m(36ft).
Propulsion:2*MTU 16V 2000M 94 Diesel Engines.
Draught Max:2.0M.
Materials: The hull from Carbon Fiber/ Aluminum, the superstructure from Carbon.
Identification:IMO 9744348.
MMSI Number:319065600.
Callsign: 2
Guests:12 persons.
Crew:9 persons.
Numbers of desks: 3.
7 meters Tenders:1x 22.97ft Custom Tenders.
68m2 full-beam owners’ cabins, full-height window.
31m2 sky lounge plus 67m2 sun deck.
105m2 main off deck with 11m length.
80m2 salon with 13 m length.
32m2 beach club.

Khalila palmer johnson yacht

Some amenities and Facilities onboard the Khalilah yacht

  • Wi-Fi
  • Beach Club
  • Air Conditioning.
  • 3x Jet-Skis.
  • Jet Surf.
  • Diving.
  • Swimming
  • 2 x 2 person Hobie kayak;
  • 2 x RXP Sea Doo Jetski;
  • Jet pack;
  • 1 x Hoverboard;
  • 1 x Flyboard;
  • Sea pool 4m x 4m;
  • 1 x sailing smart kat;
  • 1 x 7m custom tender;
  • Water skis;
  • Wake Boards;
  • Sausage;
  • Tube;
  • 2 Paddleboards.

KHALILAH is available for Luxury Yacht Charter

Khalila palmer johnson yacht


Starting from 245,000 Euro or 275,000 $ Per Week + Expenses

In Summer:

  • 275,000 $,٠: 245,000 Euro P/ Week + Expenses approx.
  • High Season: 255,000 Euro P/Week +Exp approx. 286,000 $
  • Cursing Regions: The Mediterranean Sea, France, Monaco, Turkey.
  • Hot Spots: Amalfi Coast, Cannes. Corsica, French Riviera, Portofino, Sardinia, St Tropez.

In Winter:

  • Low Season: 245,000 Euro P/ Week + expenses approx. 275,000 $
  • High Season:255,000 Euro P/ Week + expenses approx. 286,000 $
  • Cruising Regions: The Mediterranean, France, Monaco.
  • Hot Spots: Amalfi Coast, Cannes. Corsica, French Riviera, Portofino, Sardinia, St Tropez.

Leisure at sea and exploring coastal cities with their beaches, activity, and beauty are among the most joyful moments of life. With its mystery and charm and beauty of the nights, the sea offers you a bright and renewed life. The sea has remained an inspiration for poets and artists, attracting explorers, adventurers, sports lovers, pleasure, swimming, diving, sailing, and beautiful entertainment. Perhaps you could be among those lucky people who achieve their dream of traveling onboard the Khalilah yacht. Moments of happiness come suddenly. Who knows!

If you are a yachting enthusiast or boat fan, share your information and experiences with us, or if you have any add-ons to enrich this article, please do not skip it.

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