Luxury doesn’t just mean caviar, yachts, and fast cars

Is there anything more decadent than slipping between crisp, freshly laundered, luxury bed sheets?

It’s a calorie-free indulgence that you only get from the most luxurious fabrics! But are luxury bed sheets really worth the extra cost? What undeniable advantages are there that make them a great investment?

Join us as we explore the 7 benefits of luxury bed sheets. 

1. Natural Fabrics

Luxury Bed Sheets - Natural Fabrics

Luxury bed sheets are made from high-quality natural fabrics. Forget polycotton blends. It’s natural fibers all the way and for very good reason.

We associate luxury bed sheets with the kind of experience you get at a 5-star hotel. Those sheets are thick, soft, and silky smooth. They’re the perfect weight against your skin for maximum comfort.

Artificial fibers just don’t cut it in the luxury stakes. So what are the best fabrics for luxury bedsheets?

Cotton is the fabric of choice, and usually Egyptian cotton. The arid climate of Egypt produces cotton that has long fibers. This translates into super soft, luxurious cotton sheets. 

But along with Egyptian cotton, other luxurious options include linen and silk.

A word on linen. It’s great, natural, hypoallergenic, and improves with age. The problem is that it is very hard to iron, and wrinkles very easily.

That’s probably not the luxurious aesthetic you’re going for.

Silk on the other hand is super smooth and stays cool at night. It’s long been considered to be the ultimate in luxury bed sheets. It still doesn’t have a serious rival. 

2. A Better Night’s Sleep

Luxury Bed Sheets - A Better Night's Sleep

Does a luxurious bed bedecked with top-quality bedsheets actually affect your sleep? Yeah, it really does!

Cheap bedding tends to get hot during the night. It’s not as effective at wicking away the perspiration we naturally produce as we sleep. This leads to a much less comfortable and sleep conducive environment.

On the other hand, luxury bedding keeps us cool at night. And a cooler sleeping environment promotes a healthy night’s sleep.

Plus, luxury bed sheets are super comfortable. You’ll look forward to snuggling down in them at the end of the day. All of this can help you get the best sleep possible. 

3. The Best for Your Skin

Luxury Bed Sheets - The Best for Your Skin

Ask a dermatologist what bed sheets they recommend and the answer will be clear: natural fibers.

Specifically, many recommend silk or high thread count cotton sheets. This is because of the lack of friction created by these luxury bed sheets. Unlike man-made fibers, they glide frictionlessly across the skin. 

If you have skin conditions, then you should definitely avoid artificial fibers. They can actually aggravate skin irritation and cause inflammation. 

Luxury living isn’t just about comfort – some luxury products have serious health benefits too!

4. Lasts and Lasts

Luxury Bed Sheets - Lasts and Lasts

If you’re going to spring for more expensive bed sheets, then you expect them to last for years.

That’s the great thing about high thread count Egyptian cotton and silk sheets. Silk is a fabric that is not only natural but extremely strong. It has high tensile strength, making it a good choice for long-lasting luxury bedding. 

The key to making your silk sheets last ten years or more? Follow the manufacturer’s care instructions! 

Don’t be tempted to throw them in a mixed load with regular detergent and hope for the best. If you take care of them, they’ll take care of you.

Egyptian cotton sheets can also last for many years but make sure you get ones with a high thread count. Look out for 300-thread-count or higher. Again, take good care of them on laundry day and they’ll reward you with years of service. 

5. Better Design and Looks

Luxury Bed Sheets - Better Design and Looks

Companies that craft high-quality bed sheets take care with their designs. Don’t expect flashy designs that are here today and gone tomorrow. Look out for timeless looks, true classics that will look great for years to come.

Another advantage is that they use high-quality manufacturing techniques. The cut of the cloth and the quality of the stitching will likely be much higher than in lower-end products. This makes them less likely to snag or for the seams to come apart.

6. More Comfortable

Luxury Bed Sheets - More Comfortable

At the end of the day (no pun intended) luxury bed sheets just feel better. They’re softer, they’re more comfortable – they make you feel you’re being pampered.

Bed sheets are an everyday item. We all need to use them, so why not choose the best that you can afford?

After all, if you’re more comfortable in bed you’ll sleep better. If you sleep well, you’ll improve your overall health. 

7. Better for the Environment

Luxury Bed Sheets - Better for the Environment

Most high-end manufacturers of luxury bed sheets are very environmentally conscious. They know that their customers hold them to the highest of standards. That’s why you will often find claims about their sustainability on the products.

Take care to choose ones that meet your personal standards. Many also offer organic options, so you know that no nasty chemicals have been used during the growing phase. 

Luxury Bed Sheets – The Best End to the Day!

Luxury bed sheets give you an experience that inferior ones just cannot match.

They’re crisp, smooth, breathable, and comfortable. They help to ensure that you get the best possible night’s sleep. They even help to protect your skin and support good health!

It’s clear that if you can spring for them, they make a great investment. Take good care of them, and they’ll reward you with years of faithful service. 

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