The $900 billion luxury travel segment was one of the fastest tourism sectors to recover as the 2020/21 pandemic subsided. So it’s easy to see how this industry plays a vital role in economies worldwide.

You owe it to yourself and to your country to start planning your next luxury vacation right away. 

We define luxury according to six characteristics. These are quality, price, rarity, aesthetics, symbolism, and extraordinariness. 

Here’s how to plan a vacation that ticks all these boxes.

1. Make Quality Time a Priority

Luxury Vacation - Make Quality Time a Priority

Luxurious vacation planning starts with choosing a destination that’s going to provide the ultimate escape from your busy life.

Plan to travel during a time of year that appeals to you. If you want to enjoy roaring log fires, skim down the world’s most challenging ski slopes and sink into satisfying après-ski activities at day’s end, wintertime is an obvious choice.

If you prefer sublime summer days and exhilarating outdoor activities, search for top summer destinations. Remember to check local weather patterns or consult with an experienced travel planner to optimize your trip.

Be sure to choose an exclusive destination where you can indulge in time to relax and enjoy time with your family. Avoid touristy areas unless you’re fond of bustling crowds. 

2. Consider Aesthetic Choices

Luxury Vacation - Consider Aesthetic Choices

Nobody wants to vacation in an ugly, polluted, or overpopulated place, least of all in a hotel that jars your senses.

Beautiful landscapes and panoramic views are a top priority when planning a luxury stay. Browse brochures and hop on to Google Earth to make sure you’re getting what’s advertised.

Always book a room with the best view in the house. There’s no point in traveling to an exotic seaside destination if you’re going to have a view of the hotel’s backyard.

Images are the best way to check if you’re going to feel at home in your chosen accommodation. Browse the hotel’s website and look for pictures posted by other guests, so you can form an opinion about what’s on offer.

3. Never Count Your Pennies

Luxury Vacation - Never Count Your Pennies

The last thing you want to worry about while you’re vacationing is a strict budget. The chance to refresh body, mind, and soul in deluxe surroundings is priceless, offering several important health benefits.

If you do like a modicum of control over your spending, an all-inclusive vacation is your best option. You can book many high-end safaris, cruises, and hotel stays that include everything you could desire for a fixed price.

Luxury vacations should never involve deprivations for the sake of saving money.

4. Find Rare Experiences

Luxury Vacation - Find Rare Experiences

Rarity is another aspect that you should embrace whenever you get the chance.

If you’re planning a plush gorilla trekking safari, licenses are extremely limited, so you’ll need to get yours well in advance. Do you want to watch a particular comet making its way across the vast, clear Namibian night sky as it passes by on its 100-year orbit? Book now.

When you search for truly rare and unique experiences, you’re well on track for next-level luxury vacation planning.

5. Seek Extraordinary Accommodation

Luxury Vacation - Seek Extraordinary Accommodation

Rarity is one of the biggest criteria for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Search for unique accommodation options that surround you with sumptuousness that goes beyond the norm. 

There are several unique hotels around the world where you can spend time in inimitable style. These include an underwater submarine, or a boat perched high on a building with views over the stunning Singapore skyline.

Don’t underestimate undeveloped locations either, the African bush offers exhilarating luxury tree-house stays overlooking vast savannas.

6. Plan for Pricey Transportation


Price and quality don’t always go hand-in-hand. Yet, when it comes to transportation, price is a very good indicator of what to expect.

When you book a First-Class airline ticket, or charter a luxury private jet, you know you’re getting the complete bells-and-whistles experience. 

The same applies to transportation on land and sea. If you want every aspect of your vacation to ooze style, convenience, and comfort, you need a high-end vehicle to get around.

Would you like to spend some time at sea? Nothing but the most exclusive and expensive yachts will do for your oceangoing adventures. 

7. Snap Up Symbolic Experiences

Luxury Vacation - Snap Up Symbolic Experiences

There are two ways to look at symbolism when planning your travel. The first is choosing a destination of some significance to you.

For instance, if you are attracted by the Pharaoh and Pyramids, you might feel compelled to explore what Egypt has to offer luxury travelers.

The second form of symbolism refers to your ambitions. For some, planning a luxury vacation may prove that their hard work has finally paid off.

It can also signify to others that you’re a serious contender in your line of work and worthy of inclusion in elite circles. In this way, booking a vacation to one of the world’s trendiest luxury vacations can open the door to better networking opportunities.

What’s more, when people ask you if you’ve ‘done’ a certain hotspot yet, you’ll have all the right answers.

Make Sure You Get the Luxury Vacation You Deserve 

Sifting the excellent from the good, bad, and ugly requires a level of dedication. For the ultimate luxury stay, it’s best to work with a specialized travel planner.

If you’ve decided to be the master of your destiny, information is power when it comes to securing an unforgettably lavish vacation. Research your options thoroughly and book early to avoid disappointment.

Reviews are an excellent way to get candid opinions on every aspect of your journey. You can also ask around your social circle for recommendations about places to stay and things to do. 

Luxury Is a Way of Life

The desire for opulence isn’t something you can switch off after your luxury vacation. If you truly love lavishness, it should pervade your daily existence, too. 

Never relent in your quest for excellence in every area of your life. Bookmark our site and check back regularly for ongoing news on the world’s most luxurious things, or sign up for email updates. 

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