Did you know that the first ship meant for luxurious passenger travel was invented in 1891? Since then, cruise ships have blossomed and are now more luxurious than they ever were in the past.

When you think of cruise ships, you might think of the traditional, more affordable cruises meant for families or seniors.

While those cruises might be fun for some people, they might be too rowdy and crowded for others. But you will soon see that the most luxurious cruise ships are completely different.

On more luxurious cruise ships, you won’t have to fight with strangers to get a plate of food from the buffet.

Rather, you might have 24-hour butler service, fine dining options, and various choices for entertainment. You’ll never feel like you’re at some loud amusement park but instead at a luxurious and high-class lounge.

Keep reading and learn more about the best cruises from this luxury cruise ship guide.

Why You Should Give Luxury Cruise Ships a Try

Most luxurious cruise ships
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Some people might be wary of luxury cruise ships at first if they’ve never been on one before. After all, how much better can one be compared to an ordinary cruise? Is the higher price really worth it?

Many aspects separate luxury cruise ships from ordinary cruise ships. The difference is often in the details; you will find that the details can make a difference. The main problem with traditional cruises is that they are often overcrowded.

Many regular cruise ships are huge and can fit thousands of people, sometimes as many as 4,000. Do you really want to be stuck on a boat for such a long period of time with 4,000 people you don’t know?

While you could try staying in your cabin most of the time to avoid the crowds, you eventually will have to go out and elbow your way through the cruise ship to do whatever you want.

This can quickly get annoying and very exhausting. After all, you won’t be able to leave the cruise ship and get some space until your ship docks which might not be for a very long time, depending on where you’re sailing. The crowding problem with regular cruise ships can quickly turn your cruise into a miserable endeavor. 

But you’ll never have this problem when you book a luxury cruise ship. More often than not, luxury cruise ships are much smaller than traditional cruise ships. Instead of 4,000 people, a luxury liner might only hold 1,000. 

This will give you plenty more elbow room on the ship, and you won’t feel as if you’ve been stuffed into a sardine can. But more space isn’t the only benefit you’ll find on luxury cruises.

Azamara Journey

Most luxurious cruise ships - Azamara Journey
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All Azamara cruises are famous for their luxurious amenities and experiences, but there is something special about the Azamara Journey. The Azamara Journey only holds 690 passengers. This is far fewer people than the average cruise ship.

However, just because the ship holds fewer people doesn’t mean it is small and unimpressive. On the contrary, the cruise ship remains vast and can give you plenty of opportunities to explore. Because the ship is so large and there are so few people aboard, you’ll be able to rest easy and won’t have to elbow people out of the way at any point on your cruise.

Azamara cruises, in general, are longer than the average cruise. They typically involve you staying in certain locations for a longer period of time than usual. But keep in mind that this is not at all a bad thing. 

In fact, it is a benefit. Because Azamara cruises take their time, you will have plenty of time to explore the various destinations. This is ideal because you won’t feel rushed.

You’ll never have to deal with your heart pounding as you hurry to try and get back to your ship in time. There are even occasions for overnight stays where you will be able to explore the nightlife of some of the ports, such as the French Riviera. You will have plenty of time to go shopping, eat some of the local food, and immerse yourself in the country’s culture before you have to get back on board the ship. 

The Azamara Journey also offers plenty of entertainment and meal options. In the evening, there are often live performances where you will be able to enjoy some extraordinary music. And, of course, don’t forget about the ship’s fine wine selection.

Regent Seven Seas Voyager

Most luxurious cruise ships - Azamara Journey - Regent Seven Seas Voyager
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If you love food, you can’t afford to miss what the Regent Seven Seas Voyager has in store for you. But what makes the food on this cruise ship any different from any other cruise ship? After all, most cruise ships aim to serve high-quality food to their passengers.

While this is true, you will be able to see a clear difference between the food served at Regent Seven Seas Voyager compared to food served at any other kind of cruise ship. On a regular cruise ship, you might have an excellent buffet to choose from, but the food will be more or less standard. It is unlikely to be anything that you will remember for the rest of your life. 

This is not the case, however, when you have dinner on Regent’s luxurious cruise ship. This cruise ship is designed to hold only 700 passengers. This allows the food to be tailored and more personal to your tastes. 

You will find that even the waiters aboard the ship will remember your name. There is a variety of restaurants on the ship, so you will be able to find a restaurant that fits your particular tastes. There are French and Italian restaurants, and there are others that focus more on modern cuisine. 

Whatever restaurant you choose, you will surely be blown away by the quality of the food. Your food might even come out on Versace plates. This is not to mention that the dining rooms are spacious and lit with beautiful chandeliers. And, of course, there is a large selection of wine to choose from, so you can pair it perfectly with whatever you might be eating. 

The cabins on the ship are also very spacious and come with their own private verandas. 

Silversea’s Silver Spirit

Most luxurious cruise ships - Azamara Journey - Silversea's Silver Spirit
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Silversea’s Silver Spirit is arguably one of the most luxurious and sumptuous cruise ships ever created. It is certainly one of the best cruise ships available in the world today. This ship will give you the opportunity to forget that you’re even on a ship in the first place. 

Rather, you will feel that you are in a luxurious retreat like no other. The ship attendants will be there to tend to your every need. There is even a butler service available around the clock.

You will immediately be impressed with this ship as soon as you enter your cabin. It will be spacious, modern, and filled with all the amenities and luxuries you’ll ever need. If you need anything extra, all you need to do is call the butler, and you’ll be set. 

And don’t forget that your cabin will come with a private veranda. This will give you the perfect view of the ocean (and of whatever landscape might be before you once the ship docks). You also won’t have to worry about other passengers spying on you from their verandas since every veranda is well-enclosed. 

This is not to mention that while on Silversea’s Silver Spirit, you will be in store for all-inclusive drinks and dining. The food on the ship is quite romantic and Italian-inspired. You will find no shortage of fine meals that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

But what about entertainment, you might ask? The Silver Note is an impressive jazz lounge that you will find to be very cozy and engaging. You can eat there as well if you want, but you can also recline at the bar with your favorite drink as you listen to some smooth and romantic music. 

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Everything You Need to Know about the Most Luxurious Cruise Ships

There is a big difference between ordinary cruise ships and the most luxurious cruise ships in the world. You can leave behind any bad memories of previous cruises you might have been on. You won’t need to worry about elbowing people out of the way just to get some cheap food from the buffet.

Instead, luxury cruise ships are spacious, relaxed, and romantic. They provide high-quality food and entertainment that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. To learn more about luxury travel (and luxurious things in general), check out our lifestyle posts.

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