Are you trying to find a way to deeply connect with nature while still enjoying the benefits of staying at a five-star hotel? If you prefer glamping to camping, spending your vacation in a luxury treehouse might be the ideal way to connect with nature. 

Where can you go to find the world’s best luxury treehouse places to stay?

Keep reading to find out about ten unforgettable places to stay. 

1. Treehotel in Sweden

luxury treehouses - Treehotel in Sweden - THE MIRRORCUBE

If you’re on the hunt for a great place to connect with nature while enjoying a point of view from the treetops, this might be the spot for you. This hotel was designed by world-famous Scandinavian architects inspired to build a seven-room hotel situated in the trees. Each hotel room sits about five meters above the ground and overlooks the beautiful Lule River valley.

The most exciting accommodation in the hotel is The Mirrorcube, which the architects brilliantly camouflaged with walls that act as mirrors to reflect the northern lights. Guests enjoy activities such as dogsledding and ice fishing. 

2. Luxury Treehouses at the Post Ranch Inn, United States

luxury treehouses - Luxury Treehouses at the Post Ranch Inn, United States

The location can’t get any better for this hotel that sits above California’s Big Sur. Not only do people come here to enjoy the incredible views, but they’re also drawn to experience top-notch dining and an unforgettable spa experience. 

Many people who are fortunate to visit this hotel comment that its rooms seem to grow out of the redwood forests surrounding it. If you’re worried about the hotel filling up, don’t worry. Since it has thirty-nine rooms, there’s a good chance you can find one if you book in advance. 

3. Keemala Luxury Treehouses in Phuket Thailand 

luxury treehouses - Keemala Luxury Treehouses in Phuket Thailand 

This is one of the most exciting treehouse hotels because of its curved architecture and creative dwellings. It is part of a villa that is filled with unique pools for swimming in. People enjoy coming here to beat the usual crowds that frequent the nearby city of Phuket

If you stay here, you’ll enjoy the shade of lush jungle trees surrounding you. You’ll also be able to explore the tree canopy with the help of a series of walkways that sprawl in all directions into the jungle. 

4. Tsala Treetop Lodge in South Africa 

luxury treehouses - Tsala Treetop Lodge in South Africa 

This lodge entrances visitors from the moment they step through its entrance which is inspired by the monumental ruins of ancient Africa. The many diverse cultures of Africa inspire the lodge’s design. The interior is filled with earthy colors, vibrant textures, and handcrafted furniture. 

As one of the world’s top treehouse hotels, this luxurious dining room, a glassed-in lounge, and spacious open decks surround the lodge. 

5. Chewton Glen in the United Kingdom 

luxury treehouses - Chewton Glen in the United Kingdom 

This country house hotel is conveniently located only two hours from London. The landscape surrounding this world-famous hotel was once the hunting grounds for William the Conquerer.

The interiors of each of the hotel’s treehouses invite the presence of nature. No matter which room you stay in, you’ll have panoramic views of the entire forest.  

6. Hapuku Lodge and Luxury Treehouses in New Zealand 

luxury treehouses - Hapuku Lodge and Luxury Treehouses in New Zealand 

This contemporary treehouse is located in the middle of a deer breeding farm in the world-famous eco-marine town of Kaikoura. It snuggles the base of the spectacular Kaikoura Seaward Mountain Range. With just five treehouses, it’s a great option if you’re on the hunt for romantic treehouses. 

7. The Fusion Home in Costa Rica

luxury treehouses - The Fusion Home in Costa Rica

If you’re looking for a treehouse in the middle of a lush virgin jungle, then this is the place for you.

Not only do people come here for jaw-dropping views, but they also stay here to take nighttime guided jungle excursions to visit some of Costa Rica’s animals that don’t exist anywhere else on the planet. 

Since Costa Rica is one of the world’s top luxury travel destinations, The Fusion Home is a tremendous launching-off point for other nearby attractions. 

8. Beyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge in Tanzania 

luxury treehouses - Beyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge in Tanzania 

This lodge is hidden in an ancient mahogany forest and blends into its natural surroundings. The lodge was intelligently designed to have a minimal impact on its pristine natural surroundings, making it a popular hotel to visit for eco-travelers. 

The lodge’s interactive kitchen also helps people have a cultural experience. While enjoying their favorite drinks, they can watch while the restaurant’s chefs prepare delicious dishes. 

9. Wilderness Safari’s Bisate Lodge in Rwanda 

luxury treehouses - Wilderness Safari's Bisate Lodge in Rwanda 

This intimate lodge has just six villas that were designed as treehouses. All of them are incredibly spacious, which means that visitors can relax after adventuring in the surrounding areas. The lodge was built inside an eroded volcanic cone with views of several nearby volcanoes. 

Many people come to the lodge to visit gorilla conservation projects. The most common advice that visitors offer after staying here is not to forget to bring their camera. 

10. Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle in Thailand 

luxury treehouses - Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle in Thailand 

This lodge is situated in a natural paradise of beautiful mountains and is surrounded by a bamboo jungle. As one of Asia’s most unique treehouse hotels, visitors can ride elephants, make strolls through nature, and go swimming in nearby pools. The lodge has just fifteen tents, which means that it’s not going to be crowded. 

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