Whether it looks like the sand of a beach or the sounds like the bells of a church, the perfect location is the cherry on top of every bride’s dream wedding day (next to their ring, of course). This venue will see the beginning of your happily ever after, and you should hold zero expenses in finding it. But what if you’re still undecided on the best wedding location for you?

Don’t worry; the world is full of destinations waiting to house the biggest chapter of your story. You just haven’t been introduced yet. 

Want to get to know the most luxurious destination wedding locations? All you need to do is keep reading. Your new acquaintances are waiting below. 

1. Boston Public Library 

Destination wedding locations - Boston Public Library 
Source: Thecateredaffair.com

The Boston Public Library offers you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to say “I do” with the greatest fairytale endings only a shelf away. Here, you have the choice between multiple indoor and outdoor venues, including the McKim courtyard and beautifully painted Abbey room. Despite each room’s unique aesthetic, every option will provide a luxurious and unique angle to your wedding day. 

Believe it or not, its selection of extravagant wedding/reception locations isn’t even the best part. The Boston Public Library offers you the choice of wedding planners to ensure your big day runs as smoothly as possible and the choice of catering services. All you need to do is ask. 

Regardless of your room selection, choice of an event planner, or food preferences, this venue will give both you and your guests a night to remember. 

2. Beacon Grand Hotel 

Destination wedding locations - Beacon Grand Hotel 
Source: Herecomestheguide.com

Looking for a wedding location as grand as your lifestyle? Look no farther than the Beacon Grand Hotel. Formerly known as the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, Beacon Grand houses an extravagant ballroom fit for your big day.

The hotel, once a roaring destination in the 1920s, is rich in history and known for its brilliant interior. This venue will provide you with dressing rooms, a reception area, an event room to tie the knot, and a place to sleep (if you choose). 

Just don’t forget to appreciate the natural decor provided by the iconic San Fransico skyline during your stay.  

3. Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

Destination wedding locations - Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory
Source: Theweddingring.ca

If you’re hoping to sprinkle a little nature into your wedding location, the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory has you covered. The conservatory (located in Ontario, Canada) provides multiple wedding stages, including waterfalls, live greenery, a koi pond, and live butterflies. In addition to the natural backdrop of the venue, this wedding location also offers multiple ceremonies and reception spaces. 

This location offers catering, venue setup/tear-down dinnerware, and a highly praised parking lot. Sleeping accommodations are not provided, but Ontario is filled with dozens of lavish hotels and sleeping arrangements fit for your wedding night.

Elegant natural ambiance, free-range butterflies, and an effortless setup. What else does one need for a luxury wedding day? 

4. Preston Court 

Destination wedding locations - Preston Court
Source: Prestoncourt.co.uk

Arguably one of the top destination wedding locations in the UK, Preston Court offers three unique locations for soon-to-be newlyweds to say their vows. Couples set on marrying in a church have access to the Saxon Church of St Mildred’s for their traditional ceremony. Those open to more avant-garde venues can opt for either the Kent Barn, Long Barn, or Juliana’s Island.

The large location offers unique and natural photo opportunities for your big day. This includes a functioning carousel and lighted yard that come to life at night. Both you and your guests will have an unforgettable taste of vintage luxury by the end of the night. 

5. The Cove

Destination wedding locations - The Cove  
Source: Thecovephuket.com

Few wedding venues match the luxury of a beachside marriage. They’re classic, timeless, and gorgeous enough to make anyone love weddings. This makes the Cove one of the most popular destination wedding locations in Australia.

Adding a beachside view to any ceremony, the Cove resides inside Booderee National Park at Jervis Bay. At this location, brides and grooms alike will have access to indoor and outdoor reception areas, along with dozen ceremony backdrops. Newlyweds and their guests also have admission to a recovery breakfast for the day of or after. 

You can also choose to stay at the Cove’s resort during your honeymoon or the days leading up to the wedding. Either way, all guests can access the location’s hidden luxuries, including their spa. 

6. Highclere Castle

Destination wedding locations - Highclere Castle
Source: Ryan-browne.co.uk

You’re royalty every day of the year, especially on your Wedding day. If you want to live your princess (or prince) dreams, Highclere Castle is the wedding venue. This castle is the iconic Crawley house in the period drama “Downtown Abbey,” but for one night, it can be entirely your’s. 

At Highclere, you will have access to the building’s bedroom for wedding preparation and your ceremony or reception grounds. If you’d rather spend your wedding day inside the lavish interior, you can choose to do so as well. The castle has rooms set aside for your big day.

You also have access to the location’s grand staircases and architecture for private wedding photoshoots or entertainment. This venue’s mixture of grace, tradition, and regal living will make your life the best fairytale yet. 

Adding Luxury to Destination Wedding Locations (and Beyond)

Regardless of your dream destination wedding locations, you deserve to have all the extravagance in the world on your big day. If you need help sprinkling luxury into every corner of your wedding, check out Luxtionary. We are your guide to luxurious living before and after your wedding. 

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