The lap of luxury is a long one. The ten wealthiest people in the world hold more than 1.1 trillion dollars. They can afford a luxury lifestyle like no other. 

Many people think they know what a rich luxury lifestyle is like. They may be right.

But what constitutes luxury changes from year to year. If you want to know what it’s like to live in luxury, you have to know what is going on right now. 

What are the trends that are affecting the authentic luxury lifestyle? What are travel, fashion, and food like? How are luxury brands giving back to their communities? 

Answer these questions, and you can determine for yourself if you are living in luxury. Here is your quick guide. 

Overarching Trends 

The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged many people to reconsider how they spend money. This includes people who can afford luxury items.

More than 80 percent of luxury retailers lost money during the pandemic. Some closed their doors, while others were forced to scale back their operations. 

As vaccines become more available across the world, the businesses that survived will open up. But consumers won’t start spending right away. They must become confident that vaccination rates will hold before going out. 

This creates a mixed picture for luxury lifestyle brands. They must revamp their operations so they can survive a long period without sales. But they have plenty of time to develop new products. 


Luxury Lifestyle - Khalilah Yacht - palmer johnson yacht

As many luxury consumers remain at home, properties will be important. Many people are building expansions to their houses. They are adding gyms and extra bedrooms so they can spread out. 

Other people are buying second houses. They are fleeing the city for the suburbs and rural areas where it is less crowded. 

Some people are buying yachts and living out on the ocean. Some megayachts cost hundreds of millions of dollars to buy and maintain. The Khalilyah yacht costs 275,000 dollars to rent out for just one week. 

Luxury car manufacturers are continuing to operate. As wealthy people return to public life, you can expect them to buy more luxury cars. Many people want to travel and go out again, so demand will be high. 


Luxury Lifestyle - Lovers Deep off the Caribbean Coast

Luxurious people are traveling all over the world. The United States, Europe, and Asia are seeing many tourists. 

Private jets and chartered planes are popular amongst many luxury travelers. People looking to save a little money fly first-class. Airlines like Etihad Airways serve quality meals and give large beds to their clients. 

Resorts and hotels provide incredible amenities. St. Lucia offers an underwater hotel in a submarine. Windows provide views of fish and coral, and chefs serve gourmet meals. 


Luxury Lifestyle | The Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Diamond Birkin 30

Several accessories have stood the test of time and continue to influence the luxury living. Diamond earrings remain popular, especially from companies like Harry Winston. Rings and bracelets are essential for formal events, including weddings. 

Wristwatches are another timeless luxury item. Bulgari, Cartier, and Hermès are producing some of the finest watches in the world.

Certain companies like Audemars Piguet produce a small number of watches every year. This makes them must-have collectibles for people wanting to show off their wealth. 

Food and Drink 

Luxury Lifestyle - Image of black caviar Why is Caviar so Expensive?

The luxurious foods you are familiar with are still important. Caviar is salt-cured fish eggs served with crackers. Legendary chef Thomas Keller launched his own brand of caviar and is rolling out products this year. 

White truffles are grated over several dishes. Large truffles can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars at markets. If you want authentic ones, order them from Italy and France. 

Meat lovers should choose Kobe beef, especially steaks. If you want fish, you can try lobster and Japanese pufferfish. Vegetarians can eat matsutake mushrooms. 

Nothing says wealth and elegance like a collection of wine and spirits. Many connoisseurs collect wine from all around the world, especially from Italy and France. But countries like Australia offer fine selections as well. 

Presentation is just as important as the drinks themselves. You should have crystal wine glasses, coolers, and cabinets. 

Going Digital 

Luxury Lifestyle - Virtual Shopping

Luxury is becoming more digitized with time. Many young consumers are shopping online, and luxury companies are opening online stores. In September 2020, Amazon launched Luxury Stores to cater to high-income customers. 

Many luxury brands are experimenting with digital technology. They are looking at virtual reality (VR) tools. Consumers can buy headsets and entire gaming systems that run on VR. 

Some companies are allowing customers to personalize their experiences. They can hire personal shoppers who will live-stream their purchases for them. If you want to live a modern luxury lifestyle, you need to take advantage of these resources. 

Giving Back 

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed economic inequality and injustice. The racial reckoning that followed the murder of George Floyd brought racial inequality to the forefront of American life. 

As such, many luxury consumers are asking companies to give back to their communities. They want them to commit to racial justice, environmental sustainability, and income equality. 

The efforts of some companies are underway. Gucci is experimenting with resale, allowing people with less income to buy products. They are also producing lines of environmentally sustainable products. 

The Essentials of the Luxury Lifestyle 

The modern luxury lifestyle is multifaceted. The pandemic continues to affect how people spend money. Many of them are expanding or buying new houses to remain safe.  

As the year progresses, you can expect an uptick in travel. Some old trends are staying firm. Modern luxury fashion accessories, food, and drink are all similar to previous years. 

But many businesses are looking to accommodate digital shoppers. They also give back to their communities in response to the pandemic. 

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