Nail Designs To Make Your Valentine’s Day Extra Special!

There’s no better time than Valentine’s Day to be romantic and creative with your beautiful look, including your fingertips. Although the special day is still some time off in the future, we know for sure that your nails will look spectacular while you enjoy all the valentine’s chocolate.

It’s the ideal occasion for embellishing your fingernails with hearts, shimmer, and various hues of white, pink, and red. On the other hand, If you’re searching for a more subtle nail ideas for valentine’s day, we’ve got you covered. From girly nail heart designs to more elegant yet simple nail designs, you’ll love to try out these Valentine nail design ideas.

Try these 8 Best Valentine’s Day Nail Designs!

1. Classic Mini Hearts

Valentine’s Day Nail Designs - Classic Mini Hearts

Let’s start off our list of Valentine’s Day nails designs with the simple and adorable mini hearts look. This timeless design may be a bit tricky to get right, but with a steady hand, your nails will soon look cute and adorned in mini hearts.

The traditional red and white color combination, with white as the undercoat, makes the small hearts really pop, but you can definitely experiment with different hues. Try light pink hearts on a red base or dark pink on a white base. For a coordinated and incredibly lovely look, pair it with a lovely hairstyle, a gorgeous shade of matching lipstick, and your favorite dress.

2. Minimalistic Inverted French Manicure

Valentine’s Day Nail Designs - Minimalistic Inverted French Manicure

If you’re in the mood for a more subtle that gives off sophisticated vibes, try a minimalistic inverted french manicure. For this look, neutral (nude pink shades) and white nail colors, a thin brush, and crescent-shaped nail stickers are all you need. If you have the skills to do it yourself, you could make the french tip design without the stickers. You’re bound to impress your date with this look. To complete the exquisite look, pair the nails with a classy dress!

3. Floral Nail Designs

Valentine’s Day Nail Designs - Floral Nail Designs

If you don’t expect to get flowers from someone on V-day, just give yourself your own flowers. You can opt for any cute nail designs with simple flowers that anyone could make or go for a more sophisticated design with realistic flowers. This look is very versatile, and you can get super creative with the flower designs!

You could go for classic red roses on your nails or some pretty tulips. The choice is all up to you and your preferences! A nail expert will give your nails the prettiest flower designs if you don’t trust yourself to DIY them. There is almost no reason why you shouldn’t go for this lacquer!

4. Heart Tips

Valentine’s Day Nail Designs - Heart Tips

The heart tips aesthetic will undoubtedly highlight your hands. For this look, you will need l long nails with pointed ends to achieve the best results. It can be whatever color combination you wish, but we recommend the classic pink base with red for the heart tips.  Apply your base coat first, then draw a heart-shaped outline at the tips, using the pointed ends as the base of the heart.

An easy way to draw the heart is by making an oval for each half of the heart, then coloring it in. It may take a few attempts, but perfecting this look will be well worth your time and work. The mix of rich red and pink might seem to be typical for Valentine’s Day, but it is eye-catching. Alternatively, you can go for a nude base with white heart tips for a more minimalist look. This is a manicure that, despite its simplicity, will undoubtedly catch people’s attention.

5. Valentine’s Theme French Manicure

Valentine’s Day Nail Designs - Valentine’s  Theme French Manicure

The classic french manicure with Valentine’s themed twist is another easy, gorgeous look you could try out. There is no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a subtle dash of red I, pink and white.

If you’re tired of the classic French manicure, you can enhance it by removing the white and replacing it with red and pink lines accented with little white hearts. The little embellishments are simple and charming, whereas the two tones are prominent, so this design is a great blend that is certain to impress.

6. Romantic Accents And Abstract

Valentine’s Day Nail Designs -  Romantic Accents And Abstract

If you want to go for a trendy and contemporary design, try out some abstract ones! Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, which is commonly represented by heart patterns, but you can create an artistically fascinating and enjoyable look without them.

Instead, try these little splashes of color painted around the tips of your fingernails. The style is abstract and simplistic but aesthetically appealing. Pink and shades of red are basic color combinations, but you may play with other tones, such as bright and dark, to create a pattern you like.

Choosing more abstract details may give your manicure a more modern twist. Layer numerous pink tones over a classic nude base coat for full impact. If you enjoy making your own nail art, you should attempt this at home. It’s also a style that isn’t only for Valentine’s Day. You can rock them all summer and spring. The beauty of these nails is that they are simple and attractive.

7. Butterflies On Your Nails

Valentine’s Day Nail Designs -  Butterflies On Your Nails

You’ve heard of butterflies in the stomach; now get ready for butterflies on the nails! If you want to try something different from the usual hearts and flowers, why not go for this adorable look? This look is easy to customize. You could draw small butterfly wings on your nails to visualize the feeling in your stomach.

 Another thing you could do is make each half of the wings on your middle and ring finger while giving a subtle base coat to the rest of your nails. Depending on your tastes, you could give this look an elegant or cutesy look. No matter which one you pick, your nails are bound to look gorgeous!

8. Scrabble Nails

Valentine’s Day Nail Designs - Scrabble Nails

If you want to show off your sophisticated side, ditch the hearts, red, and pink, and instead go for a monochrome scrabble design. Spell out any valentine’s day themed words like love, hugs, kiss, heart, etc. With the Scrabble-inspired valentine’s nail design, you can show off your creativity as well as your spelling skills. It’s a perfect way to get all romantic and celebrate the significant relationships in your life, whether they’re with your lover, relatives, friends, or even yourself.

The monochrome appearance works nicely in a number of scenarios. Furthermore, it is simple to combine with almost everything in your closet. It’s the ideal manicure for practically any event, whether you’re going to a cocktail party or having a picnic on the beach.

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Bottom Line

Valentine’s Day is the best day to celebrate the love in your life. Not only that, but it’s also the perfect chance to experiment with very charming nail art. There is something for everyone’s style and personal tastes, from cute little heart stickers to exquisite heart tips.

The basic pink, red, and white palette is always classy and feminine, but don’t be afraid to experiment with stronger hues or make a creative or original look of your choice. With our list of the cutest, loveliest, most elegant nail designs, you are sure to find the inspiration to make the perfect look for yourself!

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