Eleven percent of people wear hats daily, but that doesn’t mean they’re not an important part of any wardrobe. Are you interested in improving your style for the coming year? Have you considered upgrading your headgear game?

We’ve got all of the information you could possibly need. Learn about the mens top hat styles to try out in 2023.

1. Boater Hats

Men's Hat Styles - Boater Hats
Source: Thehatoutlet.com

Boater hats are typically stiff straw hats with a grosgrain ribbon around the crown. They became wildly popular in the 20th century. Boater hats are best for summer and are perfect if you are going for a retro or vintage look. In period dramas, you will typically see barbershop quartets often wearing boater hats.

The characteristic flat top, round crown, wide brim, and contrasting ribbon that may extend as a tail at the back make for a great hat style, even today. The boater hat is also pretty diverse – wear it with a suit or blazer for black-tie events or roll up your jeans, wear boat shoes and go for a casual look.

If you want to bring back some retro feels, look into boater hats. They’re still one of the top hat styles for men in 2022 due to their vintage vibes and to stay in 2023. You can pair them with a suit or blazer to keep them on the fancier side. Or, for a more casual look, roll up your jeans and wear your boater hat with your boat shoes.

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2. Beanies

Men's Hat Styles - Beanies
Source: Apetogentleman.com

Beanies are a winter necessity, especially for men who enjoy putting together lazy and comfortable fits. These hats are made of fleece and often have an extra insulation layer to keep you warm and cozy in the cold. The beanie is Jughead’s signature hat choice in Riverdale, which helped spike its popularity.

Beanies come in various knit styles and colors, so you can get one that suits your attire easily. Get one to serve you from winter to spring, and you are good to go! If you are in Canada, remember that the beanie is called “toque” there.

If your head tends to get cold, you’ll want to consider getting a beanie for 2023. Beanies aren’t just for Jughead from the Archie comics anymore. No matter what type of knit you prefer, you’ll be sure to find the right type of beanie hat for you. Plus, they come in every color under the sun, so you’ll be able to buy a beanie to match every single one of your coats and jackets.

Just remember that in Canada, beanie hats are called toques! Of course, you’ll want to consider your haircut when you’re choosing from different hats. Some haircuts suit different hats than others.

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3.Bucket Hats

Men's Hat Styles - Bucket Hats
Source: Lckhatters.com

Bucket hats were a huge deal back in the 90s. Fortunately, they have made a revival in the 21st century too. What started as a fisherman style quickly became a stylish commodity as many musical and skater subcultures adopted it.

Bucket hats are made from strong, weighted fabrics, including canvas, denim, or wool blends like tweed. The heaviness causes the brim to droop downwards, making the hat look like an inverted bucket.

These hats come in various colors and designs, so you can pick something that goes with your look. You can pair it in many ways, such as a bomber jacket, polo shirt, jeans, high tops, or a jersey.

Bucket hats may seem so 90s, but they’re becoming more and more popular. These circular, wide-brimmed hats are perfect for casual occasions.

They’re especially good if you plan to spend a weekend out on the water or at the beach house. Pair them with a polo shirt and jeans for a chill look.

So, if you’re looking for men’s summer hats, you’ll definitely want to think about buying a bucket hat. Plus, you can get bucket hats in a wide variety of different colors and patterns.

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4. Baseball Caps and Snapbacks

men's hat styles - Baseball Caps and Snapbacks
Source: Kingandfifth.com

Baseball caps and snapbacks are widely popular amongst men today. It is a must-have hat style for your wardrobe to achieve a sporty look. What is more, they serve as great protection against the glaring sun. They go well with any casual attire, be it shorts, jeans, a t-shirt, or a button-down.

Snapback hats can be worn backward and forward because they’re larger than baseball caps. Also, they’re adjustable, so people with bigger heads should opt for snapback hats. Read more differences between baseball caps and snapbacks to choose the best for yourself!

You’ll want to consider incorporating baseball caps into your wardrobe for sporty vibes. They’re a significant part of any sports team’s apparel store.

If you’d prefer a larger hat, you may want to think about snapback hats instead. These hats are often worn backward, although you can also wear them forward if you prefer. They’re a major part of the street style tradition that’s currently popular in fashion.

Snapback hats have snaps to make them adjustable, which is how they get their name. That’s part of what makes them perfect for people with bigger heads. 

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5. Fedoras

Men's Hat Styles - Fedora Hat
Source: Manofmany.com

Are you looking for something more fancy and formal? Look no further, as a fedora is a perfect choice for you! Fedoras are timeless and earned their name by being Frank Sinatra’s signature style. Their brim is angled, and the crown is pinched symmetrically from three sides. Get a fedora in a neutral color, and you can style it in multiple ways!

Do you want to try and pull off a Frank Sinatra vibe? Why not purchase yourself a nice fedora? Fedoras are timeless but projected to be particularly popular in 2023.

When you’re looking for men’s wide-brimmed hats, fedoras should definitely be high on the list. And, if you have a formal occasion, you should consider a fedora. Fedoras are one of the best dressy hats for men out there.

One similar alternative to the fedora is the trilby hat. These hats have shorter brims, which makes them more appropriate daywear than fedoras.

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6. Newsboy Caps

Men's Hat Styles - Newsboy Caps
Source: Scotlandshop.com

Extra! Extra! Newsboy caps are back in fashion. These hats stick closer to your head but still provide some shade on bright and sunny days. Plus, they keep your head pretty warm, making them one of the perfect hats to wear during the spring and fall.

Pair your newsboy cap with a tweed blazer complete with elbow patches for a professorial look. If you’re looking for hats for old men, newsboy caps are a perfect choice. For those who would like a slightly bigger version, you can consider buying an apple cap instead.

Newsboy caps are one of the trendier hat styles today. Their 8 panels meet and are secured with a button on top. Pageboy or baker boy caps are other alternate names for this hat. Newsboy caps keep your head warm, making them perfect for spring and fall. 

A newsboy cap is a great option if you are going for a British gentleman look. Pair it with a woolen coat, a tweed blazer with elbow patches, or a cable knit sweater for a stylish look. If you want a larger-sized hat, you can get the apple cap instead of the newsboy cap.

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7. Trapper Hats

Men's Hat Styles - Trapper Hats
Source: Mrporter.com

If you want to keep your ears warm, you should definitely consider purchasing a trapper hat. The ear flaps are stylish but will successfully cover up your ears — so there’s form and function involved!

Trapper hats are the perfect hat for the winter season, particularly if you live in an area that tends to get cold and snowy. Pair them with a parka, and you’ll have no worries about the weather or about your fashion sense!

If you live in a really cold region where it snows often, you are probably looking to keep your ears warm. In such a case, getting a trapper hat is the way to go. It is made of sheepskin suede with leather trim, making it an excellent outdoor hat. The ear flaps look great and protect your ears against the cold, combining style and purpose.

There are various options, both in faux and real fur when it comes to getting a trapper hat. You can also choose to get a waterproof one, so you are fully protected against rain and snow. Pair the trapper hat with a parker, sweatshirt, or padded jacket for a practical yet trendy look.

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8. Outback Hat

Men's Hat Styles - Outback Hat
Source: Headcovers.com

The outback hat is another excellent option to wear if you want to go for an outdoorsy look. You will also find this hat referred to as an Aussie hat. Its brims are turned slightly upwards, giving it a perkier look than other hats.

The outback hat is excellent for outdoor activities such as hiking, horse riding, or hunting. You can pair it with a safari shirt and hiking boots to form a complete look.

Do you want to look like a true outdoors person? Try an outback hat, and you’ll feel just like the Crocodile Hunter. These hats are also sometimes called Aussie hats. Usually, the brims of these hats are a little bit turned up at the sides, which gives them a jauntier look than many other types of hats.

This also makes them a great choice when you’re going hiking or doing other outdoor activities. Put on your favorite safari shirt and hiking boots, and get going! 

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9. Panama Hats

Men's Hat Styles - Panama Hats
Source: Manofmany.com

If you want to look like you’re on vacation all year long, Panama hats should definitely be in your rotation. You can tell these hats are apart from the rest because of the straw material that they’re made of.

If you plan to head out to Hawaii, the Cayman Islands, or some other fabulous vacation spot, make sure that you pack your Panama hat for your upcoming trip. You can pair these men’s summer hats with Hawaiian shirts, Bermuda shorts, and leather sandals for the perfect stereotypical vacation look.

Panama hats are different from your basic straw hats. They are made from thin straws of the toquilla palm found in the tropical coastal area of Ecuador. The hat is incredibly lightweight and breathable. Also, the wide brim offers shade when under the sun.

A Panama hat is the perfect accessory to finish off your vacation look. Due to this hat’s light color, it is most appropriate to wear when you are under clear blue skies, especially in a tropical location. There are many clothing choices to pair this hat with. Wear it with a plain white or Hawaiian shirt, Bermuda or chino shorts, leather sandals, or slides for a complete look!

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10. Bowler Hat

Men's Hat Styles - Bowler Hat
Source: Mukluks.com

The bowler hat is referred to as the Derby hat if you live in the US. This design was first introduced by the London hatmakers Thomas and William Bowler. You can probably recall the bowler hat being Charlie Chaplin’s signature hat style. The bowler hat has a hard-felt hat with a rounded crown – in the shape of a bill. The brim is tightly turned upwards.

Gamekeepers and the working class in the late 19th century wore bowler hats. Eventually, the middle and upper class also opted for this style over the top hat. The bowler hat is excellent to wear in formal settings and paired with a tuxedo to take the attire to the next level.

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11. Top Hat

Men's Hat Styles - Top Hat
Source: Americanhatmakers.com

No hat comes close to the classic top hat in terms of sophistication and elegance. This flat, tall, crowned hat with a wide brim was seen as a status symbol. You would typically see everyone wearing them in olden times.

The top hat has lost popularity to other hats, but there’s no harm in fancying it up occasionally and experimenting a bit. It is an excellent choice to achieve the perfect dressy look for a black-tie event.

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12. Pork Pie Hat

Men's Hat Styles - Pork Pie Hat
Source: Thehatoutlet.com

The pork pie hat regularly appears in Breaking Bad, contributing to its growing popularity. This hat is a classic style from the 19th century. The flat top pinched around the outer edge, cylindrical crown, and short brim give off an artistic and classy vibe. You can style it with a long coat or a tweed blazer and throw a cigar to complete the aesthetic.

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13. Flat Cap

Men's Hat Styles - Flat Cap
Source: Concrete-matter.com

Flat caps truly climbed their way to the top – from being worn by chimney sweepers to the upper class. The best flat caps are normally made using wool, corduroy, cotton, or tweed. An extra lining adds to the cap’s warmth and comfort. The brim provides adequate shade while the material adds sophistication to the hat’s style, unlike the baseball or snapback cap.

The flat cap can be styled in multiple ways – you can pair it with your casual outfit or go for a typical British gentleman look by wearing it with a checkered suit.

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14. Homburg Hat

Men's Hat Styles - Homburg Hat
Source: Lockhatters.com

The Homburg Hat gets its name from a member of the German empire – Bad Homburg in Hesse. It was originally meant to be hunting headgear. However, the hat gained more purpose in the 19th century when the Prince of Wales, King Edward VI, added it to his wardrobe.

The Homburg hat has a medium-sized crown with a crease in the center surrounded by a wide silk grosgrain hat band ribbon. Its medium and flat brim has curled edges with a ribbon matching the hat band ribbon.

The Homburg hat is a semi-formal option compared to Fedoras and Derby hats. It goes well with formal and casual settings when you are going for a more subtle look. 

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15. Dad Hat

Men's Hat Styles - Dad Hat
Source: Esquire.com

Do not let the name mislead you – dad hats are popular amongst people of all ages to pull off an outdoorsy look. It sports a more relaxed look than a regular baseball cap, owing to the use of cotton and canvas with a six-panel design and a curved peak. An adjustable strap at the back makes it a free-size accessory.

The dad hat boasts a vintage look that goes well with a basic t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. You are good to go with a laid-back look, perfect for picnics or a trip to the park.

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16. Boonie Hat

Men's Hat Styles - Boonie Hat
Source: Fenom.com

The Boonie hat has some striking similarities with the bucket hat. A few key differences are that the brim is stiffer and longer – providing more shade against the sun. The crown has a practical fabric band and chin strap, which make the hat beneficial for military use.

This hat either has eyelets for ventilation or is made of mesh material to make it more breathable. These characteristics make the Boonie hat for outdoor activities such as fishing, sailing, or hiking.

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17. Mariner Hat

Men's Hat Styles - Mariner Hat
Source: Lyst.com

The mariner, fisherman, skipper, or sailor hat is soft and unstructured with a flat top. It has a visor in front for shade. This hat was a pretty common accessory in historic times. However, you will hardly see it nowadays. Still, the mariner hat is a good choice to wear with your uniform if you are riding a boat or yacht.

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18. Ascot

Men's Hat Styles - Ascot Hat
Source: Thehatproject.com.au

Ascot can be seen as a derivative of the flat cap. There are some differences between the two – it has a rounded top, and the ascot is meant to be worn in winter despite having no lining. If your region is cold year-round, you can get an ascot instead of a flat cap to pair with your long coat or blazer for style and function.

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19. Gambler Hat

Men's Hat Styles - Gambler Hat
Source: Connerhats.com

Gambler is a very western hat style. Its medium to wide brim does not measure more than 3 inches, and the edges are turned up slightly. The hat appears angular and flat, but the aerial view is oval.

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20. Beret

Men's Hat Styles - Beret
Source: Laulhere-france.com

The beret is a classic French hat style and adds charm to any casual or dressy outfit. It is usually made of cotton and wool with a poof-like, rounded top. You can style it two ways – either tilt the hat or wear it upright. It also has a ribbon or stem-like point on the top. For an elegant look, the beret goes with many clothes, such as coats, blazers, and sweaters.

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21. Sun Hat

Men's Hat Styles - Sun Hat
Source: Tenthstreethats.com

As its name suggests, this hat is the best choice for people who want maximum sun protection. It has a broad brim that covers your face, neck, and shoulders from the sun’s rays. So if you are participating in an outdoor activity with a lot of sun exposure, get this hat to protect yourself from tan!

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22. Safari Hat

Men's Hat Styles - Safari Hat
Source: Connerhats.com

The safari hat looks like a combination of a cowboy hat and a helmet. Its design comprises a brim with a downward slope, a high crown, and a dent in the center, facilitating the wearer by keeping them cool under the harsh sun. The safari hat is perfect for outdoor activities and goes well with casual clothing.

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23. Trilby Hat

Men's Hat Styles - Trilby Hat
Source: Lockhatters.com

Trilby hats are similar to fedoras except for shorter brims and crowns. Their appearance makes them ideal for formal or semi-formal day events, especially in the spring or autumn. In shops, you can find trilby hats made of wool, heavy cotton, straw, or tweed. Do not expect the trilby hat to provide many functions, though. Instead, it is more useful in jazzing up your look.

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Men’s Hat Styles: Shop Now

There’s no shortage of great men’s hat styles you’ll want to try out in 2023. So, shop around, and you’ll be sure to have wonderful hats for your needs in no time.

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