Eleven percent of people wear hats daily, but that doesn’t mean they’re not an important part of any wardrobe. Are you interested in improving your style for the coming year? Have you considered upgrading your headgear game?

We’ve got all of the information you could possibly need. Learn about the top men’s hat styles to try out in 2022.

1. Boater Hats

Men's Hat Styles - Boater Hats
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If you want to bring back some retro feels, look into boater hats. They’re one of the top hat styles for men in 2022 due to their vintage vibes. You can pair them with a suit or blazer to keep them on the fancier side. Or, for a more casual look, roll up your jeans and wear your boater hat with your boat shoes.

2. Beanies

Men's Hat Styles - Beanies
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If your head tends to get cold, you’ll want to consider getting a beanie for 2022. Beanies aren’t just for Jughead from the Archie comics anymore. No matter what type of knit you prefer, you’ll be sure to find the right type of beanie hat for you. Plus, they come in every color under the sun, so you’ll be able to buy a beanie to match every single one of your coats and jackets.

Just remember that in Canada, beanie hats are called toques! Of course, you’ll want to consider your haircut when you’re choosing from different hats. Some haircuts suit different hats than others.

3. Bucket Hats

Men's Hat Styles - Bucket Hats
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Bucket hats may seem so 90s, but they’re becoming more and more popular. These circular, wide-brimmed hats are perfect for casual occasions.

They’re especially good if you plan to spend a weekend out on the water or at the beach house. Pair them with a polo shirt and jeans for a chill look.

So, if you’re looking for men’s summer hats, you’ll definitely want to think about buying a bucket hat. Plus, you can get bucket hats in a wide variety of different colors and patterns.

4. Baseball Caps and Snapbacks

Men's Hat Styles - Baseball Caps and Snapbacks
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You’ll want to consider incorporating baseball caps into your wardrobe for sporty vibes. They’re a significant part of any sports team’s apparel store.

If you’d prefer a larger hat, you may want to think about snapback hats instead. These hats are often worn backward, although you can also wear them forward if you prefer. They’re a major part of the street style tradition that’s currently popular in fashion.

Snapback hats have snaps to make them adjustable, which is how they get their name. That’s part of what makes them perfect for people with bigger heads. 

5. Fedoras

Men's Hat Styles - Fedora Hat
Source: Manofmany.com

Do you want to try and pull off a Frank Sinatra vibe? Why not purchase yourself a nice fedora? Fedoras are timeless, but they’re projected to be particularly popular in 2022.

When you’re looking for men’s wide-brimmed hats, fedoras should definitely be high up on the list. And, if you have a formal occasion coming up, you should definitely consider a fedora. Fedoras are one of the best dressy hats for men out there.

One similar alternative to the fedora is the trilby hat. These hats have shorter brims, which makes them more appropriate daywear than fedoras.

6. Newsboy Caps

Men's Hat Styles - Newsboy Caps
Source: Scotlandshop.com

Extra! Extra! Newsboy caps are back in fashion. These hats stick closer to your head, but still provide some shade on bright and sunny days. Plus, they keep your head pretty warm, making them one of the perfect hats to wear during the spring and fall.

Pair your newsboy cap with a tweed blazer complete with elbow patches for a professorial look. If you’re looking for hats for old men, newsboy caps are a perfect choice. For those who would like a slightly bigger version, you can consider buying an apple cap instead.

7. Trapper Hats

Men's Hat Styles - Trapper Hats
Source: Mrporter.com

If you want to keep your ears warm, you should definitely consider purchasing a trapper hat. The ear flaps are stylish, but will successfully cover up your ears — so there’s form and function involved!

Trapper hats are the perfect hat for the winter season, particularly if you live in an area that tends to get cold and snowy. Pair them with a parka and you’ll have no worries about the weather or about your fashion sense!

8. Outback Hat

Men's Hat Styles - Outback Hat
Source: Headcovers.com

Do you want to look like a true outdoors person? Try an outback hat, and you’ll feel just like the Crocodile Hunter. These hats are also sometimes called Aussie hats. Usually, the brims of these hats are a little bit turned up at the sides, which gives them a jauntier look than many other types of hats.

This also makes them a great choice when you’re going hiking or doing other outdoor activities. Put on your favorite safari shirt and hiking boots, and get going! 

9. Panama Hats

Men's Hat Styles - Panama Hats
Source: Manofmany.com

If you want to look like you’re on vacation all year long, Panama hats should definitely be in your rotation. You can tell these hats are apart from the rest because of the straw material that they’re made of.

If you plan to head out to Hawaii, the Cayman Islands, or some other fabulous vacation spot, make sure that you pack your Panama hat for your upcoming trip. You can pair these men’s summer hats with Hawaiian shirts, Bermuda shorts, and leather sandals for the perfect stereotypical vacation look.

Men’s Hat Styles: Shop Now

There’s no shortage of great men’s hat styles you’ll want to try out in 2022. So, shop around, and you’ll be sure to have wonderful hats for your needs in no time.

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