Calling all men!

Did you let your hair grow out and do God-knows-what during quarantine? Or—have you had the same hairstyle for the last decade? Do you have a special occasion coming up, like a wedding?

Here’s what we’re getting at: it’s time for a haircut. Whether your hair is long and unruly, solid but predictable, or it simply needs a touch-up for an event, we urge you to pay your local barber a visit.

The following styles are some of the best haircuts for men in 2021. Be sure to bring this list with you for reference when you make your appointment! 

1. Long Live the Fade

haircuts for men - Fade Haircut

That’s right, gentlemen. The fade hasn’t gone anywhere. In fact, the fade has proven to have staying power.

Have you tried the fade yet? If not, there’s still plenty of time to get in on this trend. If you have already tried the fade, you’re still in luck, as there are dozens and dozens of versions of this hairstyle.

A fade is any haircut that tapers from top to bottom, gradually getting shorter the closer the hair gets to the neck. Some men include the sideburn area in the fade, making the look a bit more drastic, while others prefer a more natural blending. 

2. Same but Different: The Undercut

haircuts for men - The Undercut

Unlike a fade, the undercut implies the patch of the hair on the back of the head and above the neck. But, similar to the fade, an undercut can be worn several ways and have many interpretations. It’s a great look for all types of hair—wavy, straight, or curly. 

One popular option is to keep the hair on top long and natural, almost like a blowout. Some guys slick that hair back instead, allowing it to lay over the undercut in a dapper way—perfect for that luxury party you’re attending next week. Others go for a full-blown center or side part.

The decision is up to you!

3. A French Crop for a European Take

haircuts for men - French Crop

The French crop is another of the many trendy haircuts for men this year. 

The best part about this hairstyle is its low-key vibes. The style requires minimal maintenance, often looking great right after rolling out of bed (see for yourself). Of course, it also looks fantastic when styled with pomade or gel and can fit several different looks, depending on the occasion.

The hair is short, cropped, and can be truly versatile from there. You might see a French crop-to-fade, a long and grown-out crop, or a textured and layered crop. Whether you want to look more disheveled or more put-together, you’ve got choices within this haircut.

4. The Pompadour, Your Majesty

haircuts for men - Pompadour

The most royal of all haircuts . . . or not. But still, the pompadour haircut’s history is one that gets traced back to one of King Louis XV’s mistresses, Madame de Pompadour, who had a giant bouffant in the front of her head. 

Just like the Madame herself, men can rock this haircut, too, albeit a tad differently. Most often, the sides of the head and back of the neck have shorter hair, while the hair on top and in the middle/front is long—as long as you want. With the hair that’s in the front, you can style it any way you’d like: straight, combed over, curly.

But there’s no denying that the signature look involves a little bit of a poof. Don’t be shy; raise your hair high!

5. Buzzed, Bald, and Proud

haircuts for men - induction cut. - Buzz Haircut

Nothing rocks quite a statement like the shaved head. There’s something so bold about a guy who bares the skin on his skull—whether intentionally or for reasons like thinning hair.

The haircut is popular enough it has its own name: an induction cut. It’s also commonly referred to as a buzzcut. An induction cut is the shortest one can cut their hair without shaving it with a razor. 

From there, you can play around with your type of buzzcut.

Some gentlemen do a pyramid-shaped cut that’s great for blending in with receding hairlines and making them look more subtle. Others keep it classic and military-style—shaved the same way one way all over. You can also consider a flat top or mohawk induction cut if you do have hair to work with.

6. The Classic Combover 

haircuts for men - Classic Combover

Don’t hesitate to give this haircut a try. With the right modern styling and cut, a combover looks great with many face shapes and hair types—a la Ryan Gosling or Justin Timberlake. 

You might have to train your hair to part from one side, but if it’s already parted that way, even better! After a short time, your hair will learn to fall that way naturally, so stay consistent and use pomade if needed in the beginning stages.

Combovers look great with voluminous, longer hair, but can still be rocked when shorter. It’s something that can also make a statement whether styled with gel or left natural—the classic “I woke up like this” take. 

Hair Today, New Hair Tomorrow: Try These Great Haircuts for Men

Let this list of awesome cuts inspire your next visit to the barbershop or salon.

Whether you’re into an extreme fade or you like to keep it more traditional, you’re in luck with 2021’s best haircuts for men. Each one makes its own unique statement. What do you have to say? 

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