Are you interested in making your ears sparkle? Did you know that you can decorate more than just your lobes?

When people think of ear piercings, they tend to think of lobes and nothing more. While lobes are wonderful piercings (especially first piercings), there’s a wide variety of cute piercings that you can place all over the surface of your ear.

As someone who appreciates the finer things, you should keep in mind that you should always go to a legitimate piercer for any of these piercings. A piercer who uses needles and high-quality jewelry will give you a more beautiful and healthy result, so treat yourself.

With that in mind, keep reading for a few ideas for how to decorate your ears. 

Standard Lobe Piercing

Ear Piercings - Standard Lobe

We’ll start with the most obvious piercings: lobes. Many people have lobe piercings from the time that they are children. Like all piercings, lobe piercings should always be done with a needle. 

Depending on the size of your earlobe, you can fit one to three piercings (though some people with fleshier lobes can fit more, this is uncommon). You can also stretch your lobe piercings if you choose to do so. 

Lobes are great first piercings.

Helix and Forward Helix Piercing

Ear Piercings - Helix  Forward Helix

A helix is the second most common form of ear piercing. Some teenagers get this piercing after their lobes. 

If you feel along the side of your ear, there’s a ridge. A helix piercing goes right next to that ridge. You can use a threaded stud or a ring here (though it’s always best to start with a stud with or without a fancy gemmed end). 

Not everyone has the right anatomy for a helix, so talk to your piercer beforehand and listen to their advice. Remember that helix piercings can go anywhere along that ridge so that you can have a bunch of them!

You could also get a forward helix. This piercing goes at the very front of that ridge (you can feel the space if you continue running your fingers along your ear). 

For people without appropriate ears for helix piercings (or anyone who wants to add some extra sparkle), you can try a flat piercing. Instead of being close to the ridge, these piercings are a few millimeters away from it. 

Industrial or Scaffolding Piercing

Ear Piercings -  Industrial (or Scaffolding)

Industrial piercings (or scaffolding piercings) are fun and edgy. They span from the top of the helix to the lower side in a diagonal shape. An industrial “earring” is usually a straight bar, sometimes with gems on the end or a special gem piece in the middle. 

Many people can not support industrial piercings. If you don’t have a concave space between the two “helix” areas (or if you can’t have helix piercings), an industrial won’t work for you. 

Luckily, a good piercer can come up with alternative industrials if you’re dead-set on that look. 

Daith Piercing

Ear Piercings -  Daith Piercing

Daiths are gorgeous and subtle piercings, but make sure that you say it right when you go to the shop! All good piercers know that it’s “daith like moth.” The words rhyme!

A daith is almost always a ring. If you feel inside your ear, the ring will go through the center bit of cartilage right over the “hole” of your ear. There are many gorgeous jewelry options when it comes to styling a daith, but because they’re hard to swap out, make sure you pick something fabulous when you get the piercing. 

Important note: despite popular belief, daiths will not cure migraines. 

Conch Piercing

Ear Piercings -  Conch Piercing

Conches are fun piercings that you can either dress up or dress down.

A conch goes in the “bowl” of your ear. They usually go close enough to the ridge for you to place a ring in the piercing if you choose to do so, but you can have a deeper one as well. 

You should start with a bar or stud instead of a ring. Healing a conch is tricky, and you might find that sleeping on the ear is painful if there’s a ring there, even after it’s healed. 

Tragus Piercing

Ear Piercings - Tragus Piercing

Many people are afraid of tragus piercings. They’re indeed a bit pinchy, but they’re also beautiful and fun.

If you move your fingers from your cheekbone toward your ear, the tragus is the bit of cartilage that extends furthest over the bowl of your ear. This is thick cartilage, so you will feel some pain and hear a “pop” when the needle goes through.

Most people can only support one tragus, but if you’re lucky, you may have room for two! 

Orbital Piercing

Ear Piercings - Piercing

Orbitals are almost always mislabeled on every ear piercings chart, but we’re here to set the record straight.

Too many people think that a conch is orbital. In reality, an orbital is one ring that goes through more than one piercing. So what does this look like?

The simplest example is an orbital through lobes. If a piercer makes two holes on one lobe, instead of using two jewelry pieces for double pierced earrings, they will use one ring to connect the holes. 

You can do this with many piercings, but it’s easier to heal with lobes. Many piercers will encourage you to heal piercings separately before changing them into an orbital to help with healing. 

Ear Projects

Ear Piercings - Ear Projects

“Constellation piercings” were popular not long ago. These aren’t real piercings; they’re ear projects! Many high-end piercers love doing ear projects with their clients.

When you start an ear project, you and your piercer plan out the future of your piercings. You’ll see what piercings and earring types will look best based on your aesthetic and anatomy and, over time, build your project.

You don’t want to have too many piercings healing at one time, so a good ear project can take several years to complete. 

We Love These Flashy Ear Piercings

Not all ear piercings are alike. Keep these piercing names in mind next time you’re visiting a professional piercer and ask whether or not you have the right anatomy for your favorites.

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