We all know that girls with curly hair prefer straight hair, while girls with straight hair wish to flaunt curls. The only solution to this situation is to select an incredible, trendy haircut that best suits your hair type. In the list below, we have included the most stylish short hairstyles and haircuts for short-length straight hair. Indeed, you will find something for yourself in this list to flaunt this fall!

So, let us not wait any longer; here is the list of the 20 best stylish haircuts for short straight hair. Read till the end to find your new favorite hairstyle!

Short Angled Bob

Short Straight Hairstyles - Short Angled Bob
Source: Latest-hairstyles.com

Short hair looks stylish with an angle cut. An angled bob makes the neck look longer and gives the face a thinner and more defined look. This haircut is perfect if you want to look stylish and trendy simultaneously!

Pop of Color

Short Straight Hairstyles - Pop of Color
Source: Latest-hairstyles.com

Short, straight hair can sometimes look boring; hence a pop of color will make everything look cool and stylish! We recommend using subtle yet fun color shades like light pinks or purples!

The Pixie Cut

Short Straight Hairstyles - The Pixie Cut
Source: Cosmopolitan.com

Another excellent haircut for short straight hair is the pixie cut. It is short and trendy, and perfect for every day. A pixie cut with layers makes fine hair look thicker and freshens your overall style!

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Choppy Coloured Hair

Short Straight Hairstyles - Choppy Coloured Hair
Source: Instyle.com

A short straight hairstyle can look even chicer when dyed and styled. You can try highlights, balayage, lowlights, blondes, or even two-tones.

Shades And Hues

Short Straight Hairstyles - Shades And Hues
Source: Stylecraze.com

If you want to add glamor to your messy, choppy short haircut, we recommend pairing it up with shades and hues. Dyeing your hair with shades like caramel or silver adds a youthful glow to the face and dimension to the hair. 

Funky Colors

Short Straight Hairstyles - Funky Colors
Source: Hadviser.com

Short straight hairstyle makes you break the rules and look trendy and fun! Pair your choppy haircuts with funky-colored dyes like blues, purples, greens, or reds!

Straight Short Hair With Bangs

Short Straight Hairstyles - Straight Short Hair With Bangs
Source: Therighthairstyles.com

Typically, short haircuts look gorgeous with fringes or bangs. They assist in framing the face perfectly, making the features look sharper and more defined.

Furthermore, bangs add the perfect elegance and style to a typical short haircut, making you look modern and fun.

We recommend getting them!

Curly Bob For Short Hair

Short Straight Hairstyles - Curly Bob For Short Hair
Source: Belletag.com

This haircut suits any face type perfectly and styling a curly bob makes thin hair look healthier and thicker. Usually, this haircut looks best styled with signature curls at the ends. Straight hair with curls looks stylish and further accentuates the facial features!

A Simple Short Bob

Short Straight Hairstyles - A Simple Short Bob
Source: Marieclaire.com

With very short bob hairstyles a simple bob if you want to change up and go from longer to shorter hair. With lots of layers and angled cuts, this hairstyle is simple yet trendy and stylish.

Blonde And Bubblegum Pink

Short Straight Hairstyles - Blonde And Bubblegum Pink
Source: Latest-hairstyles.com

Colors like bubblegum pink and platinum blonde are among the most beautiful and chic color combos. When paired with short haircuts, it looks even more fabulous. This hairstyle will give you an innocent doll-like appearance!

The Runway Cut

Short Straight Hairstyles - The Runway Cut
Source: Allthingshair.com

This short hairstyle is an absolutely no-nonsense cut. It gives a modern and stylish look; the best part is that you do not have to do much to style it. Just straighten it or color it, and you will look your best self!

Messy Beachy Waves

Short Straight Hairstyles - Messy Beachy Waves
Source: Allthingshair.com

Beachy waves are one of the major hair trends right now. It immediately converts a bland look to a more glamorous and stylish one. If your short hair has grown a bit, try getting beachy waves or curls instead of cutting them back to a pixie or bob. We are sure you will love them!

The Silver Glamor

Short Straight Hairstyles - The Silver Glamor
Source: Goodhousekeeping.com

Silver is no longer a color for the grandmas. Short hair with silver-colored hair looks very trendy and stylish! We recommend getting it once if you want to look different and fun. It adds an exquisite yet chic look, but the only downside is that you must bleach your hair first, which can damage them.

Short Relaxed Hair

Short Straight Hairstyles - Short Relaxed Hair
Source: Pinterest.com

If you have slightly wavy hair and it is hard to style them, we recommend cutting them short and straightening them. You can also add layers or angles to add dimensions or style to your hair. It will also make your hair look thicker and healthier.

Angled Layers

Short Straight Hairstyles - Angled Layers
Source: Hairfinder.com

It might be challenging to put in the effort of daily curling or straightening your textured hair. Hence, we recommend choosing a long, angled cut as it requires no maintenance, and you can style or tousle it when the hair is still wet to achieve a messy, chic look.

Be A Rebel

Short Straight Hairstyles - Be A Rebel
Source: Lovelydyedlocks.tumblr.com

It is not a thumb rule to go with one style at a time. If you have short hair, you can take the risky route and go downright rebellious! Try styling your short hair with undercuts or under shavings to look creative and modern at the same time!

A-Line Pixie Bob & Short Bob

Short Straight Hairstyles - A-Line Pixie Bob
Source: Hairstylehub.com

A-line cuts are perfect for adding runway glamor and fun to your look. The angled short bob in an A-shape gives your face a modern and elegant touch. A-line haircuts look the best when the hair is straightened.

This haircut adds a stunning chic look to your face and style. Your face looks relaxed and defined, and there is almost no need to style your hair anymore. This haircut looks even better messy and tousled, so you do not have to waste more time on hair styling tools.

If you have naturally thick hair, then an A-line haircut is the perfect style for you! Thick hair can be too much sometimes. Hence you should go with a cut that complements it. An A-line bob is ideal for thick, luscious hair. The angled cut accentuates the facial features and reduces the weight of thick hair without too much work.

Short Horizontal Bangs

Short Straight Hairstyles - Short Horizontal Bangs
Source: Marketwatch.com

Short hair can sometimes look too sharp or modern on some face types. Hence pairing them up with horizontal bangs or fringes can add a sweet touch to the whole look. As sported by many celebrities, horizontal bangs give an adorable and girly look, perfect for school and college-going girls.

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Wrapping Up

Choosing the best haircut from the wide variety of options available is typically not that simple. You should keep your traditional look and pair it with modern styling techniques for a unique look. Always be flexible with new concepts so that each time you go to the hairdresser, you are open to new and completely different cuts to switch things up. When styling your hair, try various layers and textures so that you always look the best of all!

Featured image source: Fonwall.ru