Are you tempted to chop off your hair and give yourself a nice makeover but have second thoughts because of your round face shape? Worry no more, and get ready for a summertime transition! The concept that ‘short haircuts don’t go with round faces’ is a myth! Because haircuts that make a round face look slim can be of any length, even short! You just need to figure out which short hair styles for round faces will best suit your face shape and hair texture. 

To help you decide your next cut, we have gathered six trendy short hairstyles with fun variations that compliment all round faces and require little to no styling! Without further ado, let’s dive into the list of our short hairstyles for round faces.

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The Pixie Cut

Short Hairstyles For Round Faces - The Pixie Cut

A voluminous and edgy pixie cut is undoubtedly the most classic and chic short hairstyle for round faces. It guarantees a trendy appearance and works with all hair types and textures. The volume created by the disheveled top and choppy fringe, with short, blunt edges, keep the eyes in the spotlight, seemingly shrinking the round face. There is a wide variation of pixie cuts, and here is everything you need to know about them!

If you want to make your face appear small vertically, you can choose the Basic Messy Pixie cut that hides your ear and covers most of your cheeks and jaw with choppy ends. You can go for a Razored Pixie cut for a more angular and elongated look. In this asymmetrical haircut, one or both sides are shaved, and the hair on the top adds height and lengthens your face. You can even go one step ahead and get long forehead sweeping bangs with a Razored Pixie cut for a slim view.

A Bixie is another fascinating variation that combines the pixie and the traditional bob. Its small and long, uneven bangs can be worn on the side or across the front like a curtain, adding volume to the top. 

You can get the Finger-Wave Pixie cut that promises style and elegance if you want something heavily textured other than layers and bangs. But if you fear a clean Pixie cut, you should go for a Full Bangs Pixie, which creates a voluminous and edgy appearance and can be styled in many ways. 

Bob Cut

Short Hairstyles For Round Faces - Bob Cut

A Bob cut is one of the most stunning short hairstyles for round faces. But a flat and straight bob cut is boring. So, to achieve a fun, trendy, and voluminous look, you can add layers, bangs, fringes, and tousled effects to your bob cut. Curly, tousled bob with ends just below the chin gives exquisite results! If you give your short bob structure by defining the corners and adding a few strands, you will get a look that is quite elegant and flattering to your round face shape.

If you dislike bob cuts, you can always go for a classy Asymmetrical Lob cut or long bob cut. It goes well with round faces and helps in adding length to your face. You can experiment with this style’s variations ranging from angular to wavy lob. This cut can be styled in different stunning ways, and you can even pair your look with curtain bangs, curls, or different textures.

If your face is small and round, you can try a Slicked Back Lob cut that will add length and highlight your facial features. An angular, mid-parted Lob also does the job as having hair just a little below the chin gives a slim view. 

A Choppy Layered Lob cut is best if you want to create angles on your face. A Lob with full bangs is also a great hairstyle to hide your forehead and elongate your face. Additionally, a sharp, blunt bob with chopped edges just below the chin can create great angles and works well on round faces.

Short Shag

Short Shag

One of the simplest short hairstyles perfect for round-shaped faces is a Short Shag. Regardless of your hair type, it is effortless to style and fits every facial shape. This short-layered style consists of extremely short layers at the crown, bangs, and lengthy strands at the nape. The different strand lengths create a messy yet fun look and enhance the face’s angles. 

The variations of thin, wavy, straight, and asymmetrical shag haircuts can frame any round face nicely and give a chic vibe. Another variation, the mullet shag, although not a super popular short haircut for round faces, looks adorable with its baby bangs and jagged layers. This cut also adds volume and shape to your hair.

The Gourd Cut

Short Hairstyles For Round Faces - The Gourd Cut

The Gourd cut may seem like an unusual hairstyle, but surprisingly it works well with round faces. As its name suggests, the cut resembles a gourd, giving the idea it was placed on the head while styling the hair. Straight strands run from the fringe to the nape, defining the cut. The gourd cut looks adorable on round faces, but if you’re specifically looking for a hairstyle that can make your face appear elongated, this cut might not be the one for you. 

The Back-Swept Cut

Short Hairstyles For Round Faces - The Back-Swept Cut

This stunning and daring hairstyle is rocking this year. The length is no more than the tip of the ear, and the front bangs are chopped sharply and swept back for a sleek and bold look. While the back-swept cut will require you to use hairspray or gel, it is the best option for a hairstyle that would stand out at any party! This haircut works for all hair textures and is ideal for all face shapes.

Short Layers

Short Hairstyles For Round Faces - Short Layers

Opting for the shoulder-length short layers is the safest yet stylish hairstyle for round faces and can look super chic with fringes and bangs. With this cut, hair strands hang loose around your neck, drawing attention toward your collar bones rather than your jawbone. It’s an easy way to attain volume and style and beat the heat at the same time!

Tips For Selecting The Best Short Hairstyle

You can perceive that most short hairstyles for round faces have A-line contours that visually aid in slimming the face. Almost all bobs, pixies, short curly hairstyles for round faces graded cuts with feathery finishes include side-swept bangs that appear to lengthen the face’s round shape. Consider this concept fundamental when arranging your short hair for an attractive appearance.

Slay The Heat With A Short Hairstyle!

Deciding on the ideal short hairstyle for round faces can be challenging but now that you know the fundamentals of short haircuts, what are you waiting for? Be bold, get your favorite short haircut from your hairstylist, and flex your fresh and fun look all summer!

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