Who do you think will be there for you when the world turns against you? It is your pet dog who would stand by our side unconditionally. However, would any dog do that for you, or would you choose the one that resonates with your grand and flamboyant lifestyle? People with a fine taste prefer having dogs of distinct and pure breed. However, dogs of celebrated breeds come with high maintenance and price. Usually, adoption is what people opt to bring a pet into their life, which is a fair practice, but some rely on professional breeders to avoid falling prey to mix breeds.

Having a pedigree dog comes with its exclusive annual and routine expenses that can weigh your pocket if you live a mediocre lifestyle. Their medical, insurance, food, toys, and accessories are priced on the higher side to complement the dog’s grandeur and elegance. The cost dramatically rises when unexpected health issues and emergencies meet their fate.

People who are willing to make a beautiful addition of purebred dogs in their life need to research before they fall prey to false breeders and mix-breed dogs sold at hefty prices. It would be best if you did not hesitate before buying and investing in the most expensive dog breeds. It will be repaid with their loyalty, beauty, unique attributes, and companionship.

Most Expensive Dogs in The World

5- St. Bernard $1,000-$3,000

Most expensive dog in the world - St. Bernard $1,000-$3,000
Source: metro.co.uk

Saint Bernard was historically bred by hospice of the Great St Bernard Pass on the Italian-Swiss border to rescue in those areas. Saint is also considered as one of the pure dog breeds and the most expensive dog ever sold. They are generally unknown as the gentle giant and are classified under farming, working, hunting, and guardian dogs. St. Bernard is 23 to 30 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between 120 to 180 pounds. These are a perfect choice for those fond of double-coat fur and shades red and white or brindle and white in dogs. St. Bernard is a social being, so they are not only great companions to you, but they welcome your guests and friends amicably. Treat them as royals to meet the standard of their breed and aura.

4- Afghan Hound $1,500-$3,000

Most expensive dog in the world - Afghan Hound $1,500-$3,000
Source: azawakhundafghanen.wordpress.com

The hallmark of regal status in Asian mountains, this breed used to symbolize royalty in the olden days.  It is one of the most expensive dog breeds worldwide. They still preserve their royal status with their elegant appearance and sophisticated temperament. Afghan Hounds are 64 to 69 centimeters tall and usually weigh around 23 to 27 kilograms. Their features require grooming and bathing twice a week, which adds to your expenses. Their exotic, sleek, and silky fur coat and thin fashion body are synonymous with grace and style. The Afghan Hound breed reflects your inclination to a classic and graceful lifestyle.

3- Pug $1,500-$3,000

Most expensive dog in the world - Pug $1,500-$3,000
Source: montego.co.za

Pugs gained popularity in times when Chinese Emperors were at their peak of tenure. These pure breeds were soon found in Imperial courts and accompanying the royal family of that time. Dutch traders were introduced to European royalty, and this breed soon made their place in their palaces. Their height varies between 10 to 13 inches at the shoulder and weighs 14 to 18 pounds. They are demanding dogs, in monetary terms and human attention. Their intelligence is unmatchable, and stubbornness is a dominant trait. They require your utmost affection and attention. Pugs require constant look after their facial folds, and they often shed. Their maintenance requires a separate budget from your monthly monetary plans.

2- Chow Chow $3,000 -$8,500

Most expensive dog in the world - Chow Chow $3,000 -$8,500
Source: pets4homes.co.uk

Chow Chow is one of the primitive and pure breeders originating from northern China. It is famous for its mane-like fur and its unique purple/black tongue. Before choosing Chow Chow to be your new best friend, make sure that you know the high expenses that you will have to do to pamper them like royalty. They require luxury food, special treats, and regular vet bills and grooming. Chow Chows are cuddly, adorable, and loyal towards their owners. This breed might come with a sky-high price tag but worth every penny.

1- Lowchen $5,000 – $8,000

Most expensive dog in the world - Lowchen | $5,000 – $8,000
Source: learn.spotandtango.com

When you set your eyes on this smallest breed of dogs, you would wonder what makes them one of the most expensive dogs in the world. Lowchen is one of the most expensive puppies in the world. Lowchen once held the title of the rarest dog that was once only 65 in numbers. It is recorded that approximately 300 dogs are registered every year of this breed worldwide. Their beautiful goldilocks-like loose curl locks require timely trimming and maintenance. Although they are 33-36cm in size, you can flaunt your financial status by walking with them in your neighborhood.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose a dog from this expensive list or take your dog from a shelter, be sure to use your dog’s insurance policy to ensure his or her health and happiness, peace of mind, and caring for a new companion. Loyal pets also need “attention,” so give them plenty of time and care. Dogs are definitely man’s best friends; once you have paid the price, you will have your best friend for life!

Source of the featured image: ginger-roots-photography.uk