Have you heard of the legendary Zoe diamond?

The Zoe has a purity type that’s almost unknown to any other kind of diamond. The blue velvet fancy diamond features an elegant teardrop cut and weighs 9.75 carats.

The blue hues change slightly in natural light, giving it a dazzling, sparkling effect. Mounted on platinum, the stone is worth about $10.5 15 million. But, its popularity caused it to sell for over $32 million at auction!

Diamonds have always had a prominent place in the world of luxury. That’s why some of the world’s most expensive perfumes are set in diamond-encrusted bottles.

Read about some of the most exotic perfumes you never knew existed.

1. Shumukh the Spirit of Dubai

Source: Thespiritofdubai.com

We had to put Shumukh at the top of our list because its name means deserving the highest. Bringing together the world of jewelry and perfume, you have Shumukh. It’s unlike any fragrance you’ve ever experienced before.

Created as a tribute to Dubai, the fragrance highlights 7 crucial elements of past perfumes in the spirit of the Dubai collection. What type of ingredients went into making this perfume?

You’ll be able to enjoy the finest of natural ingredients that come from the far corners of the world. Together, they create a pleasing fragrance that is intoxicating and unforgettable.

You’ll pick up on notes of Indian agarwood, pure Turkish rose, frankincense, sandalwood, musk, and amber. There’s even a hint of patchouli yearling that sets on the skin for over 12 hours.

Shumukh currently holds many Guinness world records. One record is for having the most diamonds on a perfume bottle. The perfume is also famous for having the tallest remote-controlled fragrance in a spray product.

You’ll notice that your Crystal Marano bottle comes with gold or silver remote controls. You can efficiently operate the automated perfume spray.

Adjust the height or angle of the pedestal, and you’ll be good to go. For the most luxurious effect, pair this fine fragrance with one of the best dress styles for women.

2. Imperial Majesty Has a Fine Fragrance

Rare and Expensive Perfumes - Imperial Majesty Has a Fine Fragrance
Source: Clivechristian.com

Are you looking for absolute perfume oil that comes in an exquisite bottle? Then the Imperial Majesty could be a perfect choice. Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty is one of the world’s most rare and expensive perfumes.

There’s nothing quite as luxurious or as personal as the scents you’ll be able to enjoy. Using one of the most exquisite bottles that a master glassblower could create, you’re sure to love the look of your perfume.

The master glass blower worked at the Grand Old French room of Baccarat. He put a lot of care into the bottle’s design. The bottle has a delicate area of polished Crystal along with an 18-carat gold collar.

On the collar, there’s also a 5-carat white diamond comfortably placed. There were only 10 of these bottles made; that’s how special they are. It’s not surprising that private collectors were immediately snatched up 7 of the 10 bottles.

The remaining 3 bottles are currently touring the world as an addition to Clive Christian’s perfume collection. As for the perfume itself, Clive Christian fans consider it one of the best since he’s ever created. Some even call it the perfume of his heart.

3. Paco Rabanne 1 Million 18 Carats

Rare and Expensive Perfumes - Paco Rabanne 1 Million 18 Carats
Source: Pacorabanne.com

Paco Rabanne is a pretty big deal in the men’s world of perfumes. The Paco Rabanne 1 Million 18 Carats fragrance has one of the highest price tags, coming in at $57,000. The LUXE edition perfume is exclusive, to say the least.

The exquisite bottle is gold and topped with a diamond crown. As far as the delicious fragrance inside, it’s almost too intoxicating to describe. Your nose will instantly dance with an exciting blend of blood orange, mint, and cinnamon.

Picking up from the background, you’ll notice light leather, white wood, amber, and patchouli. Blending well with the blood orange, there’s also a pleasant grapefruit aroma. You can buy this bottle in a 100 ml bottle, and you can get refills.

4. Coty Chypre 1917 Embraces the Rarity of Perfume

Rare and Expensive Perfumes - Coty Chypre 1917 Embraces the Rarity of Perfume
Source: Etsy.com

Chypre by Coty is another popular fragrance. The perfume company began back in 1917.

The nose running the whole organization was François Coty. Chypre was one of the first fragrances that François ever created.

The name comes from Cypress island. Cypress Island is where Venus, the God of love and beauty, was supposedly born. Since this fragrance has a rich history, it can be challenging to track down a bottle.

In some cases, finding an available bottle for sale is downright impossible. If you are lucky enough to come across this fragrance, you’ll enjoy an intoxicating aroma. You’ll notice citrus, floral, and woody undertones.

Top notes include earthy, floral, and white floral fragrances. Mixing it all together, there are amber, powdery, warm spicy, and mossy scents. The perfume really is unlike any other and works during any time of the year.

5. Hermes Caleche 1961 Is an Exclusive Perfume

Rare and Expensive Perfumes - Hermes Caleche 1961 Is an Exclusive Perfume
Source: Etsy.com

Hermes Caltech 1961 comes from perfumer Guy Robert. One of the best perfumers in the art of fragrances, he’s always looking for new ways to present scents. Guy Roberts fragrances are Grand perfumes, and they all have a strong character.

Even though these fragrances are bold, you’ll notice that they’re uncluttered. Unnecessary scents don’t weigh down rare fragrances. Instead, an elegant, forward-thinking structure helps tie in all of the interesting accords.

Hermes Caltech 1961 holds true to guy Roberts reputation for stepping outside of the norm. You’ll be able to enjoy an intensely feminine fragrance.

There are floral, woody, and notes of Chypre. The name itself comes from horse-drawn carriages. So it makes sense that the perfume would take you on a trip through the woods during the height of spring.

Mimic Expensive Perfumes for Yourself

It’s exciting reading about the different expensive perfumes out in the world. Right about now, you’re probably ready to treat yourself to a new fragrance.

You might not be purchasing a $57,000 bottle of perfume. But you can still invest in a $100 bottle of lovely aroma. When exploring the different perfumes available, using the luxurious examples in this guide is a role model.

Try to find perfumes that have similar ingredients, so you’ll be able to enjoy your own signature fragrance. If you’re shopping for cologne, check out the best cologne bottle designs ever made.

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