If you want your hands to look noticeable and pretty, getting some acrylic nails is the simplest way to do this.

Acrylic nail designs are created using a mixture of powder and liquid monomer, which is then used to create an artificial shape on your natural nails. The best part is that this technique allows nail artists to experiment with many shapes, lengths, and nail designs.

Longer nails help elongate your fingers and provide room for creating pretty or cute nail designs. You can jazz up your nails with rhinestone nail designs and even simple nail designs like French manicures. Neutral swirls and pastel lacquer are trending, so these can add a modern touch to any length you choose.

With so many options, there is no doubt that you will be able to find a nail design and style that suits your taste—looking for inspiration? Please keep reading to see a list of nail design ideas we have shortlisted below!

Check our list of 10 Nail Acrylic Designs ideas shortlisted for you!

1. French Manicure

Source: Instyle.com

While white tips are a classic, you can amp up your manicure look by opting for a unique French manicure. These French tip nail designs for summer are perfect for those that love classic French tips but want to add a modern touch.

You can start by applying a clear polish or nude lacquer as the base. Continue creating French tips for each nail but use pastels and funky colors instead of white. A nude coat or clear base will make your tips pop. The best part is that this design is fairly simple to create and is also a popular short nails design.

Make sure to play around with many colors to see what looks suit you best. Toss on some rings to draw added attention to your hands once you are done!

2. Gradient Long Nails

Source: Alibaba.com

Long square nails are the perfect base for a gradient. If you are interested in fall nail designs, you can create a red-to-range ombre or experiment with other colors.

Simply take a cosmetic sponge, slather on your favorite colors in rows of 2, 3, or 4, and sponge away. Repeat to make the colors prominent and finish off with a top coat. You can also use protection around your cuticles to prevent them from getting messy.

Piercing your nails to add charms as accents to your nail artwork will surely make the look pop. If you are not a fan of piercings, then you can use gemstones like in diamond nails design. This will add depth and allow you to create one or two accent fingernails.

3. Animal Prints

Source: Lulus.com

Animal prints and stripes like a cheetah, leopard, zebra, snake, tiger, giraffe, cat, etc., are quite popular for clothing designs, nail designs, and even accessories.

You can simply opt for black-and-white nail designs or play around with varying nail lengths, print sizes, and colors. The options are endless.

If you are daring enough, you can try a different print for each nail and even place multiple prints in one nail!

4. Stars And Flower Nails

Source: Lulus.com

Stars And flowers never go out of fashion. Depending on your mood, you can simply use nail stencils to fill your nails with stars or flowers. The best part is that you pick whatever colors you like and can play around with glitter lacquer. Alternatively, you can freehand constellations onto your nails.

If you are confident enough, you can draw stars and flowers free hand too. Use a dotting tool to create five-petalled flowers.

Nature-themed nails are always a mood booster. They are simple yet sophisticated. Finish off with a matte top coat if you are a fan of nail designs matte. You also need not worry about nail length, as these nail designs look great even on shorter nails!

5. Fluorescent Nails

Source: Aliexpress.com

Fluorescent nails are not for the faint-hearted. This idea is great for those that love bold and bright nail designs. There is an array of fluorescent lacquers, pigments, and nail stickers available in the market, so it is up to you to decide your final look.

You can also create gradient nails using fluorescent nail polish if you want. Shades of yellow can be used for beautiful nail designs in summer to attract immediate attention and uplift your mood.

6. Checkerboard Nails

Source: Pampernailgallery.com

Checks are one of the most timeless patterns, they are simple, but almost everyone loves them. You can create a variety by experimenting with pastels, solid colors, and line and box sizes. They look cute on both short and long nails.

If you wish to go for the classic, you can opt for black and white checkerboard nail designs.

7. Emoji Nails

Source: Etsy.com

Who doesn’t love emojis? If you are not quite an artist, you can simply use lines and dots to create funny faces. Smiley faces and heart emojis reflect positivity and are a fun way to express your emotions through nail designs.

Moreover, you can also draw on ones with half smiles, playful nature, or with tongues. Use nail decals, stickers, and stencils to help you out.

Make sure to opt for a solid background so that your emojis or faces can pop. Play around with bold, funky shades to make your design look unique and inviting.

8. Dotted Nails

Source: Naildesigns.com

You must have come across several dotted nail designs, but you do not know that even with dots, the possibilities are simply too many.

You can create dotted nail designs without spending heaps at a salon with a simple dotting tool. Polka dots can be laid onto your nails in various sizes and colors.

Play around with bigger dots on one nail, small dots on the other, and a combination of both on your accent nail. You can also pick any base before you start adorning your nails with polka dots.

Pick negative spacing, ombre bases, unique tips, or solid base color.

9. Coffin Nails

Source: Walmart.com

If you are someone that is not as interested in playing around with designs and patterns, then you may want to play around with varying nail sizes and shapes. The coffin acrylic nails resemble the shape of a coffin and make for bold statements.

This shape elongates the fingers and adds a feminine touch. You also get a lot of space to play around with nail designs, French tips, and solid pastel or white polish.

Coffin nails are sadly difficult to maintain and prone to breakage, but they make a great base for wedding nail designs.

10. Marbled Nails

Source: Renystyles.com

Water marble nails are a lot of fun. You simply need a container filled with water where you can dip your nails. Place your polish in varying colors and use a toothpick or dotting tool to create designs.

Next, dip your nail (one at a time) with a solid base color already applied to transfer the marble design to your nails!

Alternatively, freehand marble lines on a white or nude base coat to make it look like tiled marble.

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We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 10 nail acrylic designs and found something worth trying. Acrylic nails are a great option if you are a nail art lover, as they allow you to alter nail shape and size and create nail art. A win-win!

Featured image source: Midjourney.com