We’ve all heard that home is where the heart is, but if a home is sufficiently large, you can keep an awful lot of other things there, too!

If you try to imagine the size and scope of some of the most valuable houses on earth, you’ll most likely have to double or triple your estimate! Today’s most expensive homes make Jay Gatsby’s West Egg palace seems like little more than a side-yard playhouse. The most expensive home in the world needs to be seen to be believed – and you’ll need to do an awful lot of walking if you hope to see it in its entirety! 

Even so, if you can get close enough to these impressive luxury properties, it’s worth taking a look. The size and attention to detail are enough to inspire anyone desiring a luxury lifestyle to achieve their dreams! If you’re saving up for a dream home, you might be wondering, “how much is the most expensive home worth?” 

Keep reading to learn more about some of the most expensive real estate on the planet, as well as how the owners came to afford such expensive houses. 

Most Expensive Home In America

Most Expensive Home In America- Jeff Bezos
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To tell the truth, it’s hard to determine exactly what the most expensive home might be. Are we looking at the cost to build and furnish the home, or the real estate value? For the sake of this article, we’ll consider the real estate value, since it is data that is easily verified. 

In America, the most expensive home sale in recent history was just made in February of 2020, by none other than Amazon magnate Jeff Bezos. His new Beverly Hills mansion cost him $165 million, which is a world record-breaking sale. 

The home was originally built for Jack Warner, who most of us will know as one of the famous Warner Brothers. One of its previous owners was Hollywood businessman David Geffen, founder of DreamWorks Pictures. 

The 1930s home is often referred to as a “Party Palace.” In addition to the 13,000 square foot central mansion building, the property boasts a nine-hole golf course, a motor court, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and several guest houses. 

Most Expensive Home In Europe

Most Expensive Home In Europe - Villa Leopolda in the French Riviera
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The most expensive home of Europe sold for $750 million, which is a sum that makes Bezos’ party palace sound like a hovel for the help! That home is Villa Leopolda in the French Riviera, where it takes up eight sprawling acres. There is a view of the sea from every window on the property!

This home has had several high-profile owners over the years, ranging from businessmen to literal kings! It was first constructed by Belgian King Leopold II in 1902 and actually spent some time serving as a military hospital during World War II. Today, the Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov owns the home. 

One of the most unique aspects of the home is the artwork, including both paintings and sculptures inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. Additionally, it contains a bowling alley, movie theatre, and multiple dining rooms. Guests might sleep in one of 19 deluxe bedrooms, and prepare for a day of leisure in one of the 14 luxurious bathrooms. 

Most Expensive Home In Asia

Most Expensive Home In Asia- Antilia
Source: Beautifullife.info

The most expensive home in Asia just might be the most expensive home on the planet today besides Buckingham Palace! It is a $2 billion property in Mumbai, owned by Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries. He calls the unusual home “Antilia,” inspired by the mythical island of the same name.

While some homes are broad and sprawling, Antilia is a vertical wonder, possessing 27 floors, each with an ultra-high ceiling. On average, the height of each floor is the height of a two-story building! Six of the floors are part of the dedicated residential area, while an additional six are set aside for parking

Unique amenities on the property include a private movie theatre, an ice cream parlor, built-in guest suites, and a temple. There is even a “snow room” that produces man-made snowflakes to help residents and visitors cool down during oppressive Mumbai summers! To visit each floor of the home, visitors take one of nine high-speed elevators, which are fast-tracked to get people to different floors. 

Most Expensive Home In The World

Most Expensive Home In The World - Buckingham Palace
Source: Thetealmango.com

All hail the Queen! The most expensive home in all the world might just be London’s Buckingham Palace, which has an estimated value according to reports, Queen Elizabeth II’s London headquarter is worth over $5 billion (though some reports claim it’s closer to $2 billion). It has housed the sovereigns of the United Kingdom since 1837 and remains the center of royal administration today.

The property has 775 distinct rooms, including 52 bedrooms, 78 bathrooms, and 280 staff rooms and offices. It’s packed full of artistic masterpieces, and many of the rooms have unique themes reflected in their design. The building is a work of art itself, as it’s completely symmetrical. 

While the building predominantly serves as a venue for events, it’s also still very much a home. Royal births and deaths take place within the ancestral halls of the palace. Unlike the other residences on this list, however, this one is open for tours several times each year, so you can catch a glimpse of the inside for yourself!

How Much Is Your Dream Home Worth?

Not everyone is in the position to afford a home with full stables, multiple swimming pools, or enough bedrooms to comfortably house a battalion. Even so, the most expensive home on earth can serve as a source of inspiration for anyone seeking to upgrade. If you set your sights high, your property might make the next list of the world’s most expensive properties! 

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