While the pandemic caused a massive problem for the airline industry, some sectors flourished. One of these was the private charter industry, as people realized the value of privacy when traveling. But would you even know where to start when hiring a private jet?

If you are considering a private hire, then we can guide you. Read on as we discuss how to charter a private jet. 

How Much Does It Cost To Charter A Private Jet?

Charter a Private Jet - How much does it cost
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Like most services, rates are variable when it comes to chartering a jet. While it will always be more expensive than standard passengers flights, it can be more affordable than people think. On the other end of the scale, you can charter private jets that offer the utmost luxury. 

Benefits Of Private Charter

Charter a Private Jet - Benefits Of Private Charter
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There are several benefits to a private jet, not least for hygiene reasons. In a post-COVID world, knowing who you are traveling with is more important than ever. You decide who you are in a cabin with a private charter.

In addition to privacy, private charters are often not as much as people assume. They also save you time, as you don’t have to wait in airport queues and stand in line to get onboard. 

Choosing a Jet

Charter a Private Jet - Choosing a Jet
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The first variable with the cost is the type of jet you decide to charter. A Cessna Mustang or similar aircraft can hold four passengers on the smaller end of the scale. It will cost an average of $3,000 per hour to fly and travel for around two and a half hours. 

As your needs for more passengers and luggage increase, the craft gets more prominent, and so will the price. A six-passenger jet that travels for around five and half hours can cost approximately $24,500 an hour.

Unfortunately, hiring smaller jets over more extended periods is not always economical. As they need to land then refuel, the additional time is added to the cost. Therefore it can be better to pay the extra for the larger jet.

Very Light, Light, And Super Light Jets

Light jets tend to fly for two and a half hours to five and a half hours. They can house anywhere between two to eight passengers. Aircraft of this size can range from $2,500 per hour to $3,500. 

Midsize And Super Midsize Jets

These jets start at around $3,200 per hour and go up to approximately $6,000 an hour. Midsize and super-midsize will hold between eight to ten people. You can often get eight hours at the top end. 

Large Jets

Large jets can cost between $5,600 to $8,000 an hour. They can house 10 to 16 passengers. Large jets can fly for up to 13 hours. 

Ultra Long Range

Ultra long-range jets can travel for up to 17 hours before making a stop. They can house up to 16 passengers and cost up to $11,000 per hour to charter. 

VIP Airliners

VIP airliners can travel up to 16 hours. They can house up to 50 passengers. Expect to pay between $16,000 and $23,000 per hour to charter them. 

What Is Included In A Charter?

The charter company will calculate fuel into your private jet cost. A surcharge is usually added to compensate for any changes in fuel prices between booking and the flight. 

After this, landing fees based on the size and weight of the aircraft are calculated. You will find these fluctuate depending on the airports used.

In addition, a fee will be paid to the fixed base operator (FBO). These are the people who handle private air travel on the airport grounds. Money can go toward maintaining toilets, crew facilities, and passenger transportation within the terminal. 

If there is a stopover, then fees will increase. Charges may be made for crew members’ accommodation and travel to and from the terminal. Ramp fees will be charged if a plane is held overnight or for a time period in the airport. 

Empty Leg Flights

When a private jet is chartered, it comes back without passengers if it has not been booked for the return journey. This can be a waste of time and money. Empty leg flights are used to gain some capital for airlines in this situation. 

These are flights back that you can pay to go on as they return. You don’t get the choice of where the flight goes, as it is always returning to its base. The payoff is that you can get seats at discount prices. 

Websites have emerged that deal in empty leg flights. In some instances, you may be able to get around 75 percent off the usual cost of a private flight. 

Is It Cheaper To Buy A Jet?

Even if you charter private jets frequently, it rarely works out better if you buy a jet. This is for several reasons. 

Firstly, the cost of a jet is enormous. Many airlines lease their jets instead of buying them outright, which shows how much they cost. You also have the lengthy process of deciding which jet is suitable for you. 

All the costs associated with owning a jet transfer to you. Fuel, crew, and paying fees to house the craft will all add up. You don’t have any of these mountings up when you charter a jet, as you are only paying for what you use. 

Charter A Private Jet

Check the airfields in your local area. They will have many private character options available. Once you contact them, you can charter a private jet or even speak about empty leg flights. 

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