Short hair is one of the most in-style trends right now. Women love the short choppy hairstyles that give them a voluminous and stylish look. 

Short haircuts are also a way to get over the stereotypical image of how a woman should look like. However, many women are afraid to cut their hair short, thinking their faces will look wide or they will look older. Hence, we are here with a list of the most flattering short choppy haircuts for women of all ages. 

With these latest textured haircuts, you will look your best this fall! The jagged layers give your face a sudden youthful and modern look. Changing hairstyle, hair color, and haircut to a fun, trendy haircut will elevate your mood. We recommend cutting your hair short once in a lifetime to look and feel a little different than usual.

So, let’s not wait anymore. Here are 16 of the latest short choppy haircuts in style this season. Pick your favorite!

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1. The Jagged Pixie

Ideas for Short Choppy Haircuts - The Jagged Pixie

For this haircut, you need to take the risky route of going short using a razor to get that jagged look. To give this haircut a bit more femininity, you can add a feathery pixie on top, full of layers. Moreover, this haircut looks stylish with silver or dyed blonde hair! 

2. Side Swept With Layers

Ideas for Short Choppy Haircuts - Side Swept With Layers

The side swept with layers haircut is for women who feel too heavy with the weight of their thick hair. This choppy haircut looks sleek and stylish and gives the face a fresher look. This haircut is perfect if you want your hair to feel light and look effortlessly cool!

3. The Choppy Pixie

Ideas for Short Choppy Haircuts - SThe Choppy Pixie

The most effortless yet trendy haircut is the short choppy pixie haircut. It is so low-maintenance that you can style it with your hand and still look like your most fashionable self. How great is that!

Furthermore, this haircut looks perfect with lighter-colored hair such as blonde, pastel pink, or platinum, making all the layers visible.

4. Choppy Layers For Thin Hair

Ideas for Short Choppy Haircuts - Choppy Layers For Thin Hair

Layers add dimension and volume to otherwise thin and limp hair. This haircut works best if you want to give your hair the illusion of being thick and healthy. You can also style this haircut differently and dye fun colors to compliment your new hair. 

5. Thin Feathery Layers With Straight Cut Bob

Ideas for Short Choppy Haircuts - Thin Feathery Layers With Straight Cut Bob

This haircut is perfect for women wanting a change with already short hair. A straight-cut bob is classy, graceful, and chic, depending on how you style it. It gives a natural yet subtle punk look, ultimately elevating your look. This haircut is even better with two-toned hair or a balayage. 

6. The Two-Toned Chop

Ideas for Short Choppy Haircuts - The Two-Toned Chop

This haircut combines two retro looks, the buzz cut and a pixie. The buzz cut lies under the pixie cut, and both of these cuts are of different hair colors. Hence, this choppy bobs for thin hair cut gives you a trendy, stylish, and punk look without going overboard. 

7. Pastel Choppy Cut

Ideas for Short Choppy Haircuts - Pastel Choppy Cut

If you are tired of typical black, brown, and blonde hair, this haircut and style are for you! A choppy pixie haircut combined with pastel and burgundy hues will add the perfect amount of trend and spark to your look. 

8. Feathered Pixie Bob For Thin Hair

Ideas for Short Choppy Haircuts - Feathered Pixie Bob For Thin Hair

When thin hair is cut into a messy and choppy haircut, they look healthier, thicker, and voluminous. This hairstyle is for all ladies with fine hair who do not know how to style it. Long haircuts on thin hair make them look limp and dull. We recommend going for a pixie cut that is full of layers. A balayage with this haircut will give the illusion of thicker hair.

9. Messy Blonde Bob

Ideas for Short Choppy Haircuts - Messy Blonde Bob

A shaggy bob with jagged cuts and layers will look flattering on short hair. Blonde short haircuts are a secret to making your hair voluminous while giving them a youthful and fresh look. This makes them one of the best haircuts for fine hair. 

10. The Silver Chop

Ideas for Short Choppy Haircuts - The Silver Chop

It is a well-known styling fact that silver or blonde hues make one look younger than they are. Hence, if you want a youthful look, go for a choppy haircut with lots of layers and then dye your hair in shades of silver, platinum blonde, or gray.

11. The Angled And Choppy Pixie 

Ideas for Short Choppy Haircuts - The Angled And Choppy Pixie 

One of the most trendy haircuts is the angled pixie cut. The several angled layers paired with the stylish pixie cut will give anyone a fashionista look. The short and long layers look fantastic and give the illusion of healthier and thicker hair to fine hair.

12. The Messy Chop

Ideas for Short Choppy Haircuts - The Messy Chop

The messy chop is one haircut that looks good on anyone and everyone. To achieve this look, ask your hairdresser to cut your hair short and give you lots of long and short layers. This style gives a glamorous look while making your fine hair look voluminous and healthy.

13. The Edgy Tapered Pixie

Ideas for Short Choppy Haircuts - The Edgy Tapered Pixie

This cut gives height to the back of your head, that is, the crown. Combined with blonde hair dye or a balayage, this haircut adds runway glamor and edge to your style. 

14. The Ash Blonde Short Bob With Layers

Ideas for Short Choppy Haircuts - The Ash Blonde Short Bob With Layers

This haircut adds a splash of glamor and grace. This choppy haircut is almost perfect with a short pixie cut, lots of layers, and ash blonde or light brown colored hair. It gives you an edgy look, elevates your style, and you do not have to go too far out of your comfort zone!

15. Messy Gray Undercut Pixie 

Ideas for Short Choppy Haircuts - Messy Gray Undercut Pixie 

This hairstyle is for the brave girls out there who want to go for a trendy and stylish haircut. The short pixie with an undercut or an under-shave look beneath is perfect for this season. It adds some beautiful style and dimension to your hair without being too much. This haircut looks beautiful in gray-colored hair, so we recommend getting that too.

16. Messy Bob With Angled Layers

Ideas for Short Choppy Haircuts - Messy Bob With Angled Layers

This haircut is fashionable and gives a lot of volume and dimension to the hair. This haircut is perfect for all those girls who do not want to cut their hair too short but want to try something new. The messy bob is a statement haircut; those layers will make fine hair look thick and luscious.

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Wrapping Up

That is the end of our list! Short choppy hairstyles are always in trend and give you a perfect makeover. With summer in full force, try out a new hairstyle that will beat the heat in style! We hope you will get inspired by these fantastic short choppy haircuts and will get one for yourself! Good luck. 

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