Did you know that couches only last an average of 6 six years in the United States? 

Furniture is not meant to last a lifetime anymore, but you can make it last by buying the right pieces. 

If you want to make furniture upgrades in the home and replace your old pieces, there are many high-end furniture trends to consider. 

Continue reading to discover the best luxury furniture trends and brands to try in your home! 

Top Luxury Furniture Brands

There are many brands that you will encounter while looking up details about luxury furniture. 

Getting a name brand is important when it comes to furniture because you end up paying for the quality of your products. The more care that is put into designing a piece of furniture, the more luxurious and lasting it will be. Read about some of the most popular brands below!

Roche Bobois

luxury furniture - Roche Bobois
Source: Roche-Bobois.com

One of the best high-end furniture brands to get for your home is Roche Bobois.

Roche Bobois is a one-of-kind company with unique pieces that will brighten up your home. The designers are very inventive and always looking for the upcoming trend. You can show off your personality with this brand and still have a stunning house that is coordinated. 

This company works with various leathers and woods to create wonderful designs with unique finishing. 


luxury furniture - BoConcept
Source: Boconcept.com

If you are looking for luxury furniture from a premium retail brand, this is the one to go with.

BoConcept designs and produces contemporary furniture. They have accessories and lighting for the home as well, to dress things up. You can incorporate BoConcept into your bedroom, office, and living spaces. They even have an outdoor line! 

Expect to find pieces from the late 20th century with soft and rounded edges. This contemporary look is quite welcoming and a nice change from modern styles. 

Essential Home

luxury furniture - Essential Home
Source: Essentialhome.eu

Essential Home is one of the most popular high-end furniture brands around right now.

If you enjoy modern and contemporary styles, you can rest easy with this brand. The designers combine their branded furniture with the newest styles. This helps balance everything out, making your home look more complete. 

Every design is carefully thought through, and the brand focuses on the quality of products over everything else. By going with this brand, you can trust that the furniture will stay in good condition and last over the years. 

All of the essentials can be found in this brand, and you don’t have to look for pieces elsewhere. This is the perfect combination of styles that will impress your friends and family. 

Trending Styles

If you are going to create a luxurious style in your home, you must know about all of the current trends. 

Trends come and go but these are here to last. These style tips have been successfully used in many homes. Don’t be afraid to mix some of the ideas to create a look that is unique to you. 

Hidden Storage 

There are around 52,000 storage facilities in the United States for people to store their belongings.

Homes often don’t have enough space for everything you own, making one of the biggest trends, hidden storage. You can never have too much storage space in your home, so you must buy smart pieces.

If you want to create a cozy sitting bench in the house, make sure that it opens up, and you can store blankets, books, or something else inside. Certain table and chair designs can also work as storage which will help make your home look more clean and extraordinary. 


Have you ever walked into someone’s home and noticed all of the different textures that they have?

This bold furniture statement can make an impact on your house and give you optimal comfort. Try mixing in leathers, fur, and other unique materials to create a unique look. This will work especially well if you have a nature theme within the home. 

Wood and other natural materials are perfect for furniture if you want to add a layer of depth. Don’t be afraid to overlap textures; just keep the surrounding items simple so that nothing clashes.  


One of the biggest trends that you can learn more about on our furniture blog is eco-friendly furniture. 

If you want furniture luxury, then you should consider getting second-hand pieces. They are environmentally friendly and can go a long way. Another way to get eco-friendly furniture is by purchasing items that have a small impact. Recycled materials and wood are common findings for eco-friendly options. 

Make sure that there aren’t many chemicals used in the process of making the pieces to help the planet even more. 

Dark Colors 

Dark colors are at the top of the trending list for luxurious furniture brands. 

By adding dark furniture into your home, you can create a new look that has depth. Many people recommend painting the walls a neutral color so that the furniture can stand out. The dark colors are relatively easy to maintain and clean, so don’t let that scare you aware. 

Dark greens, blues, and reds are popular colors right now. They all make a bold statement and will match other items in the home. Another way that you can incorporate dark colors is by utilizing blacks and browns in the home, especially if you have leather couches. 


Although wood costs are relatively high right now, wood is still on the list of popular trends for furniture. 

Many people are looking for pieces that are unique with beautiful stains of wood. Wood is excellent for all styles in the home, including the farmhouse, contemporary, and modern ones. 

Chairs and tables are the easiest to find in wood designs. You can also find couches with wood accents that create a unique look. Don’t be afraid to try different colors. The light woods tend to look best with modern styles. 

Luxury Furniture for Your Home

If you want to get luxury furniture for your home, you must follow the trends and create a unique spin. 

Many different luxury brands incorporate designs inspired by the environment and dark colors. These add an earthly look to the home and still make it luxurious. By getting pieces that double as storage spaces, you can reduce clutter and keep the home looking neat. 

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and get unique pieces. The furniture will come together as a design that is unique to you. 

Be sure to share your experience with us regarding luxury furniture trends that we may have missed! 

Featured image source: Lifestyleasia.com