People love restaurants. In fact, 163 people dine out at least once a week. Restaurants range from a quick place you can stop in for lunch to a luxury endeavor only accessible by the elite. 

So what are the most expensive restaurants in the world? Do they live up to their prices? Is the most expensive restaurant in the world the world’s best restaurant? 

If you’ve found yourself asking these questions, you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through a few of the most expensive restaurants in the world as a tour through the luxury restaurant industry. 

8. Ithaa Undersea 

Most expensive restaurants | Ithaa Undersea 

The first restaurant on our list is found in the Maldives, an ocean of islands out in South Asia. 

Ithaa is famous for being the first-ever underwater restaurant. Diners eat surrounded by fish and the ocean. 

You’ll pay around 390 dollars per head here for dinner — not including wines. However, while expensive, this restaurant has to come on lower on this list for the fact that its main gimmick isn’t the food itself. 

People go to Ithaa not for the food but for the experience of dining underwater, surrounded by fish. For a restaurant so famous, it’s surprisingly hard to find a menu online, and almost every customer review focuses on the experience of dining undersea. 

7. Piazza Duomo 

Most expensive restaurants | Piazza Duomo 

This three Michelin star restaurant in Italy focuses more on the dining side of the experience. It offers a variety of tasting menus that one can pick from to create the ultimate dining experience that combines choice and chance. 

This restaurant is famous for its truffles, as well as its exquisite wines. People generally pay around 580 dollars for meals. 

6. Ciel Bleu 

Most expensive restaurants | Ciel Bleu 

Ciel Bleu is a restaurant in Amsterdam, but its cuisine is markedly international. They’re known for catering their tasting menu and restaurant experience. Much of their food focuses on a seafood dining experience. 

The costs of Ciel Bleu are comparable to those of Piazza Duomo. 

5. Maison Pic

Most expensive restaurants | Maison Pic

This restaurant, based in Drome, France, is one of the most unique dining experiences out there. It’s based in a five-star hotel, and many guests appreciate the unified experience. 

This restaurant focuses on smaller dishes prepared in creative ways. You’ll find a variety of meats and fish prepared in extremely unique sauces.

This one costs you around 445 dollars per head. However, the fact that its cuisine is so well regarded and that it’s one of the few three Michelin star restaurants run culinarily by a woman earns it this higher spot on our list.  

4. Masa

Most expensive restaurants | Masa

Masa is a Japanese restaurant, the second entry in our list based in New York City, New York. It’s yet another restaurant led by a world-famous eponymous chef. One of the reasons this experience is so expensive is because Masa prepares each of the meals himself — resulting in a dining experience that’s over 2 hours long. 

At this restaurant, various Japanese dishes are prepared on an authentic piece of very expensive Japanese wood. The restaurant is known for its remarkable service as well as its impeccable food, making it perhaps the restaurant on this list with the most bang for your buck. 

A meal at a restaurant will cost each person just under 600 dollars. 

3. Per Se 

Most expensive restaurants | Per Se 

Based in the center of the world, New York City, New York, Per Se is the second world famous restaurant opened by chef Thomas Keller. Like many of the items on this list, it mainly specializes in tasting menus, with options for three different ones. 

A lot of the time, vegetarians don’t get to gain a full experience at the best restaurants in the world. So much world cooking depends on meat! However, Per Se has a specifically designed vegetarian tasting menu. 

At per se, you can expect to pay around 685 dollars per person. 

2. Ultraviolet 

Most expensive restaurants | Ultraviolet

Paul Pairet’s ultraviolet in Shanghai, China, is one of the most notorious restaurants in the world. In many ways, it operates as much as a restaurant as an art project. Pairet’s aesthetic philosophy is worked into the restaurant just as much as his food. 

Ultraviolet prepares twenty-course meals for people seeking to tell a story through gastronomy. They claim to delve into the molecular side of taste, elevating the cooking of food into a science and an art. 

There are three existing menus at Ultraviolet, each of which took years to create. It focuses on promoting experimentation and comfort, new tastes, and giving people a bit of what they want. 

On your trip to Ultraviolet in Shanghai, you can expect to pay over 1,000 dollars. 

1. Sublimotion

Most expensive restaurants | Sublimotion

This Ibiza Spain restaurant is no doubt the most expensive restaurant in the world. It was created by Paco Roncero and seeks to create a restaurant experience like no other. 

Sublimotion isn’t just a restaurant but a show. The food is phenomenal, but people come for the marriage of food and experience. 

The menu itself is musical; the service is choreographed. Rather than one solitary waiter, you’ll experience a team of 25 highly trained professionals. 

The decor of Sublimotion looks like something out of a science fiction film. Food is served in extremely unique traits and ways. It focuses on redefining the sensory experience of taste. 

Your trip to Sublimotion will cost you around 2,000 dollars per person. 

The Most Expensive Restaurants 

As you can see, the world of expensive restaurants is wide. These restaurants range from traditional sit-down-and-eat establishments at a higher level to restaurants where the chef prepares each and every one of you a meal to theatrical experiences. 

At the end of the day, the most worth-it expensive restaurant is the one that suits you best.

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