Have you experienced fine dining with a priceless view?

Imagine enjoying a five-star entree with your friends and family as you gaze at a neverending expanse of twinkling stars. Dinner in the sky is a spectacular adventure worth sharing with your loved ones.

From downtown Brussel’s historic streets to Durban’s rocky coastline, you can travel to these beautiful restaurants and see the world for yourself. Read our list of the five best restaurants to stargaze as you have dinner in the sky.

1. Dinner in the Sky Belgium

dinner in the sky - Belgium
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For fine dining high in the sky, Dinner in the Sky should be first on your bucket list.

Dinner in the Sky is a floating restaurant that holds events in various locations. Originally hosting an experimental flying restaurant concept in 2006, Belgian agency Hakuna Matata has expanded Dinner in the Sky to lift customers to new heights across the world. 

How Does Dinner in the Sky Work?

Dinner in the Sky is a truly unique dining experience. The transparent restaurant is hoisted 150ft, or 46m, into the air by a large crane.

Don’t worry; you have to strap into your chair before you’re lifting off.

Professional chefs and mixologists cater to your dining needs while you enjoy an unobstructed view of the city. You can enjoy a 5-course gastronomic menu and premium drink selection with reputable chefs from around the world.

Where Is Dinner in the Sky?

This year, Dinner in the Sky is hosting events throughout Belgium. You can dine in the sky in Antwerp, Brussels, and Limburg. These events are open to the public if you make a reservation.

Dinner in the Sky Dubai and Dinner in the Sky Las Vegas are both permanent locations that are regularly open to the public with reservations. 

If you want to request a private Dinner in the Sky experience, you can contact them to book Dinner in the Sky in almost any country. They’re flexible with private reservations, allowing events including weddings, business meetings, and more.

2. Skye Bar in Sao Paulo, Brazil

dinner in the sky - Skye Bar in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Source: Hotelunique.com

Skye Restaurant & Bar, located on the roof of Hotel Unique, shows a stunning view of Sao Paulo. The outdoor rooftop lounge has a crimson-lit pool looking over the edge, while the luxurious indoor dining area provides a beautiful view for every guest.

How Is the View?

From Skye, you can see the lusciously green Ibirapuera Park and the Sao Paulo skyline. The contrasting natural beauty and towering skyscrapers show how stunningly unique Sao Paulo is.

How Is the Menu?

Chef Emmanuel Bassoleil curates the innovative cuisine and drinks served at Skye. Skye offers specially curated breakfast, lunch, and dinner options depending on your reservation time. 

3. Lighthouse Bar in Durban, South Africa

dinner in the sky - Lighthouse Bar in Durban, South Africa
Source: Theculturetrip.com

Would you pick a calming ocean view over a lit cityscape? Atop Oyster Box Hotel, the Lighthouse Bar overlooks the coastline of Durban, a city known for its sunny beaches and rich Afro-Indian culture.

How Is the View?

From the terrace of the Lighthouse bar, you can see the endless ocean, sandy beaches, and rocky coastline. While you look out onto the ocean, live music sets the mood and creates an even more romantic atmosphere.

For more than an ocean view, you can visit the bar during a big sports event and root for your team on the big screen.

How Is the Menu?

The Lighthouse Bar offers an extensive menu of meals, sides, wine, and cocktails. The bar actually has a signature cocktail, the Umhlanga Schling, a tropical fruity drink made with cane sugar and cane spirit.

4. Bar 54 in New York, USA

dinner in the sky - Bar 54 in New York, USA
Source: Wheretraveler.com

New York City, one of the most luxurious destinations in the world, has a bar with the perfect cityscape view. 

Bar 54 is a rooftop bar and restaurant perched on the Hyatt, overlooking Time Square. Known for its stunning lights and intersecting waters, you can see the endless expanse of the Big Apple atop this world-famous luxury destination.

How Is the View?

As you wine and dine 54 floors up, you can see the Chrysler Building and lower Manhattan along the river. Guests can choose to sit on the outdoor terrace or look through the floor-to-ceiling windows in the softly lit indoor dining area.

How Is the Menu?

On the menu, Bar 54 offers unique cocktails, premium wine, and gourmet American cuisine. Every cocktail is presented as Instagram-ready as your sunset view.

In short, Bar 54 is a once-in-a-lifetime high dining experience. Visit the city of skyscrapers and sip on your favorite drink as you tower over Time Square. 

5. Sevva in Central, Hong Kong

dinner in the sky - Sevva in Central, Hong Kong
Source: Hotels.com

The luxurious Sevva is a luxury restaurant known for its beautiful panoramic views, refined cuisine, and priceless art collection. The goal of Sevva is to represent the cultural diversity of Hong Kong through food and atmosphere as you look over the city.

How Is the View?

Sevva offers many seating options for guests, but the seating with the ultimate view lies on their wrap-around terrace. You can expect panoramic views of Victoria Harbor and the colorful city lights.

If you time your visit accordingly, you can have a front-row seat to watch the Symphony of Lights laser show.

How Is the Menu?

Sevva chefs use authentic Hong Kong cuisine with influences of other Asian and European cuisines. You can expect a fine dining experience with food sourced fresh from local markets.

Despite their many luxurious and innovative dishes, Sevva stands by its longtime signature dish: crispy fried chicken.

Traveling to Singapore? This Singaporean restaurant features a panoramic view of Marina Bay with fine dining and an award-winning bar.

Experience Fine Dining With a View

If you’re traveling to find the most beautiful views and the finest food, start with our list of the five best dinner in the sky experiences. Sample the regional dishes at these beautiful sky view restaurants for an evening you’ll never forget.

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