Have you experienced fine dining with a priceless view?

Who doesn’t enjoy the breathtaking aerial views? Are you also among those thrilled by heights? An exciting experience awaits you!

Imagine enjoying a five-star entree with your friends and family as you gaze at a neverending expanse of twinkling stars. Dinner in the Sky is a spectacular adventure worth sharing with your loved ones.

Several restaurants now offer VIP meals by top international chefs at an aerial dining area, providing an exquisite adventure in the altitudes. The best part is all these places are safe and secure.

From downtown Brussel’s historic streets to Durban’s rocky coastline, you can travel to these beautiful restaurants and see the world for yourself. Read our list of the five best restaurants to stargaze as you have Dinner in the Sky.

Envision how insane it would be to have a magical experience with a magnificent view of the city and the starry Sky, devouring one of the world’s best meals. Here are our top picks to enjoy this splendid experience in various regions worldwide.

1. Dinner in the Sky Belgium

dinner in the sky - Belgium
Source: Luxuo.com

Dinner in the Sky should be first on your bucket list for fine dining high in the Sky.

Dinner in the Sky hosts elevated fine dining high up in the Sky. It is a floating restaurant that offers events in multiple locations worldwide. Belgian agency Hakuna Matata introduced an experimental flying restaurant concept in 2006 and has expanded Dinner in the Sky to lift customers to new heights across the world.

Dinner in the Sky Dubai and Dinner in the Sky Las Vegas are both permanent locations. These are regularly open to the public with reservations. Apart from these, Dinner in the Sky is hosting events throughout Belgium this year in Antwerp, Limburg, and Brussels. Public reservations are open for them as well.

The View

Dinner in the Sky offers a truly unique dining experience. The fine-dine restaurant is hoisted 150ft, or 46m, into the air by a large crane. Guests are strapped into the chair before lifting off. While devouring a sumptuous meal, the mesmerizing aerial view of the whole city beneath and the beautiful cloudy or starry Sky is worth a try!

The Menu

Professional chefs and mixologists cater to your dining needs while you enjoy an unobstructed view of the city. You can enjoy a 5-course gastronomic menu and premium drink selection with reputable chefs worldwide.

Do you want to request a private Dinner in the Sky experience? Contact them to book Dinner in the Sky in almost any country. They’re flexible with private reservations, allowing events including weddings, business meetings, and more.

Reach sky-high delicacy!

2. Skye Bar in Sao Paulo, Brazil

dinner in the sky - Skye Bar in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Source: Hotelunique.com

Skye Restaurant & Bar, located on the roof of Hotel Unique, shows a stunning view of Sao Paulo. The outdoor rooftop lounge has a crimson-lit pool looking over the edge, while the luxurious indoor dining area provides a beautiful view for every guest.

The View

Skye Bar guests can witness the Sao Paulo skyline and the lusciously green Ibirapuera Park. The contrasting natural beauty and towering skyscrapers show a stunningly unique 360-degree view of Sao Paulo scenery.

The extravagant indoor dining area provides a captivating view for every guest. DJs make the environment more enjoyable at night. Moreover, the outdoor rooftop wooden deck terrace has a crimson-lit pool looking over the edge with an underwater music system.

Reservations at Hotel Unique are required for visitors interested in using the crimson-lit pool during the day.

The Menu

Chef Emmanuel Bassoleil curates the innovative cuisine and drinks served at Skye. The restaurant offers specially curated breakfast, lunch, and dinner options according to the reservation time. Cuisine includes sushi bars and Brazilian dishes. Various quality drinks and cocktails are also available on the menu.

Check your bucket list now!

3. Lighthouse Bar in Durban, South Africa

dinner in the sky - Lighthouse Bar in Durban, South Africa
Source: Theculturetrip.com

Would you pick a calming ocean view over a lit cityscape? Atop Oyster Box Hotel, the Lighthouse Bar overlooks the Durban coastline, a city known for its rich Afro-Indian culture and sunny beaches.

The View

The Lighthouse bar terrace presents a 180-degree view of the endless Indian ocean, rocky coastline, and sandy beaches. The eye-catching red and white Umhlanga Lighthouse also adds to the scenic beauty. While the guests enjoy the scenic view of the ocean, live music enhances the mood and creates an even more romantic atmosphere.

Apart from the captivating ocean view, guests can visit the Lighthouse bar during big sports events (rugby, soccer, or cricket) and root for their team on the big screen.

The Menu

The Lighthouse Bar offers an extensive menu of meals, including Seafood and Continental cuisines, sides, snack platters, wines, and cocktails. The bar is famous for its signature cocktail, the Umhlanga Schling, a tropical fruity drink made with cane spirit and sugar.

Check in for a fun dining experience!

4. Bar 54 in New York, USA

dinner in the sky - Bar 54 in New York, USA
Source: Wheretraveler.com

New York City is one of the luxurious destinations in the world, and Bar 54 offers the city’s best view.

The View

A rooftop bar and restaurant perched on the Hyatt, Bar 54, overlooks Times Square. Known for its stunning lights and intersecting waters, visitors can see the endless expanse of the Big Apple atop this world-famous luxury destination.

As the guests wine and dine 54 floors up, they can witness the Chrysler Building and lower Manhattan along the river. People can opt for the outdoor terrace dine-in or glance through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows in the softly lit indoor dining area.

The Menu

Bar 54 menu offers gourmet American cuisine, unique cocktails, beers, whiskey, and premium wines, all made with fresh ingredients from the farm. Every cocktail is presented in an Insta-worthy way complementing the sunset view.

In all, Bar 54 serves a once-in-a-lifetime elevated dining experience. Visit the city of skyscrapers and sip on your favorite drink as you tower over Times Square.

Altitude dine-in is a click away!

5. Sevva in Central, Hong Kong

dinner in the sky - Sevva in Central, Hong Kong
Source: Hotels.com

Are you traveling to Singapore? This Singaporean restaurant features a panoramic view of Marina Bay with exquisite dining and an award-winning bar.

The luxurious restaurant Sevva is renowned for its beautiful panoramic views, refined cuisine, and priceless art collection. The goal of Sevva is to represent Hong Kong’s cultural diversity through food and aura as one looks over the city.

The View

Sevva offers many seating options for guests, but their wrap-around terrace dine-in arrangement presents the ultimate 360-degree views depicting the Hong Kong skyline. Guests can expect panoramic views of Victoria Harbor and the colorful city lights.

Remember to time your visit accordingly if you want a front-row seat to watch the Symphony of Lights laser show.

The Menu

Chefs at Sevva serve authentic Hong Kong cuisine with influences from other Asian and European cuisines. You can expect a fine dining experience with fresh food from local markets.

Despite its many luxurious and innovative dishes, Sevva stands by its longtime signature dish, ‘Crispy fried chicken.’

Level up your adventure!

6. Treepod Restaurant, Thailand

dinner in the sky - Treepod Restaurant, Thailand
Source: Veesko.com

The Soneva Kiri Resort on Koh Kood (Thailand’s 5th largest island) offers an elevated dining experience in tree pods.

The View

Enjoy a bird’s view among the lush trees of Koh Kood forest. Customers can experience an unhindered scenic view of the Gulf of Thailand, boulder-strewn shoreline, and clear sky. Guests are served meals in a bamboo pod suspended at 20-36 feet. The elaborate nests of weaver birds inspired the exquisite rattan pods, which were weaved by a local craftsman using locally produced rattan.

The Menu

The eco-organic resort’s garden provides an extensive menu, including seafood, fresh fruit platters, and traditional Thai dishes. A private waiter skilled in zip line acrobatics serves two-hour gourmet food and hour-long tea sessions.

Say yes to aerial pleasures!

7. At.Mosphere, Burj Khalifa, Dubai UAE

Dinner in the sky Dubai photos - At.Mosphere, Burj Khalifa, Dubai UAE - 
Dubai restaurant in the sky
Source: Visitdubai.com

At.mosphere is located on Level 122 of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, reaching 442 meters above ground level.

The View

It offers a splendid view of the Arabian Gulf and an excellent culinary marvels selection. This prize-winning, prestigious, luxurious, world’s highest restaurant above the ground is famous for pleasing the guests with its breathtaking view, ambiance, top-notch service, live music, and mouthwatering cuisine.

The Menu

The establishment serves European and French cuisines, from lunch and Dinner to late-night meals. They have a full bar, drinks, and alcohol menu as well. At.mosphere also offers gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian choices.

Elevate your taste buds!

8. The Literary Terrace And Bar, Sicily, Italy

dinner in the sky - The Literary Terrace And Bar, Sicily, Italy
Source: Au.trip.com

The magnificent Grand Hotel Timeo is a five-star service near the renowned Teatro Antico di Taormina. This hotel has a stunning aerial view from its skeptical viewpoint, ‘The Literary Terrace & Bar.’

The View

The front open-air portion of this beautiful terrace faces the Bay of Taormina and Mount Etna, granting the customers spectacular, stunning views. The partly covered terrace has an exquisite interior bar with antique fixtures and Sicilian woodwork. The live music adds to the mesmerizing ambiance. The Literary Terrace & Bar has a posh, elevated feel with top-notch experience and service.

The Menu

Experience the beautifully prepared Italian, Sicilian, and Mediterranean cuisines. The Literary menu has delectable snacks, bites, and signature cocktails.

You can also devour the Michelin-starred cuisine at the Otto Geleng on Friday and Saturday. Ristorante Timeo offers local Sicilian specialties for lunch and Dinner.

Book now to cherish a memorable dusk-time moment!

9. Top Mountain Star, Austria

dinner in the sky - Top Mountain Star, Austria
Source: Inthesnow.com

At the Austrian-Italian border, at 3,080m altitude, a panoramic bar with the catchy name “Top Mountain Star” can be found. This bar on Hochgurgl’s Wurmkogel is a glass-enclosed dine-in bar.

The View

The modern glass and steel round dome offers a stunning 360-degree scenery. The remarkable structure is anchored to the mountaintop using steel anchors and hangs like an Alpine tree. Those thriving for a mountaintop adventure must tour this location in Wurmkogel.

The stunning view depicts the Italian Dolomites, Alpine peaks, and Otztal Alps. Reach the mountaintop to find the fine dining pinnacle. Hochgurgl Mountain Resort trips are incomplete without this mesmerizing dining experience.

The Menu

The bar serves a European menu featuring exceptional cuisine, refreshments, and drinks offered by their welcoming service staff.

The extensive menu includes delicious burgers, buttery ribs, steaks, exquisite champagne, wines, and more. Additionally, visitors recommend this place for fantastic tea, coffee, hot chocolate, etc. This fine culinary experience is available at an affordable price.

Say yes to this breathtaking experience!

10. San Deck Rooftop, Johannesburg, South Africa

dinner in the sky - San Deck Rooftop, Johannesburg, South Africa
Source: Southernsun.com

SanDeck Rooftop, or San Deck Bar and Restaurant, is a fantastic rooftop terrace of the five-star Sandton Sun Hotel in Johannesburg, SA.

The View

This vast restaurant in the north of the city center provides a wonderful sight of Johannesburg’s district.

The top terrace has highly accommodating timings. However, our recommendation is the magnificent view at dusk from up there.

The San Deck Rooftop is elegant and stylishly furnished with front-row bar stools, standard dining tables, and lounge sofas. The fireplace surrounds comfortable bean bags. The DJs inject life into the otherwise sober ambiance from Thursday through Saturday, 6 p.m.-10 p.m.

The Menu

The wonderful San Deck Rooftop Bar and Restaurant serves meals and drinks throughout the day. The cuisine here is a modern interpretation of South African flavors offered as sliders, complete entrees, and shared plates. Customers can find International, European, and Fusion cuisines and avail gluten-free and vegetarian choices.

The beverage and drinks menu incorporates various South African wines, spirits, beers, etc. These locally-inspired drinks are also incorporated into exclusive SAN cocktails.

Tap to the Altitude!

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Experience Fine Dining With a View

Who doesn’t love traveling worldwide and exploring different cultures and cuisines? We have selected the above mesmerizing destinations for you with breathtaking views. So plan your next trip and let us know which of our destinations left you spellbound-Enjoy dining high in the Sky!

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