Research shows that the worldwide luxury footwear market will reach $46.8 billion by 2026.

You already know some of the top designer shoe brands. Some of the luxurious shoes currently available in the market include Gucci, Marc Fisher, Prada, and Christian Louboutin, to name a few.

Luxury shoes have been setting fashion trends for the past few years. They tend to be the focal point in most runway fashions. Once you see hot shoes paired with a fantastic outfit, it’s hard to resist the temptation of buying yourself a pair.

Having a luxurious shoe is a worthy investment if you know how to distinguish between an original and a fake pair of shoes.

Are you interested in rocking the hottest shoes? Read here for seven tips on shopping for luxurious shoes that are sure to have you looking like a model.

1. Choose the Right Brand

Luxurious Shoes - Choose the Right Brand

Think about the brand you want to purchase. Your style and budget should dictate the type of luxury shoe to buy. Any shoe brand may look amazing on your feet, but luxury fashion gives you a feeling of abundance.

Stick to the labels that produce the shoes you love. It would be best to follow these top shoe brands on social media platforms. That way, you won’t miss out on sales and discounts.

Consider the shipping process and cost. There are times you may need to ship back the shoe for one reason or another. Study and understand the buying and return policies. That prevents extra costs when returning or exchanging the shoes.

2. Do Your Homework

Luxurious Shoes - Do Your Homework

Never make any luxury shoe purchase without first doing company research. Research confirms to you the company’s authenticity. Whether they produce good quality shoes or not.

For example, if you want to buy Marc Fisher Shoes, you need to check the company page and look at the company heads. Once you identify one highest-level employee at the company, please check them out.

The high-level employees are also brand ambassadors. They are likely to give you more insight into the brand’s vision and values. Also, check online reviews on the shoe brands. Connecting with the brand is an excellent way to learn more about your style and to know more about the company producing luxurious shoes.

3. Get the Details

Luxurious Shoes - Get the Details

The downside to online shoe shopping is that you can’t feel the actual texture and feel of the pair in person. It’s difficult to conclude whether the shoes match your feet.

With the advancement in technology, brands are now using newer tools. The online tools compare the images from various angles to understand better what the shoe is like and feels.

They display descriptions such as the exact material, colors, and available design on the company site. But, the shoe size is an intimidating exercise because some shoe brands have large and small fittings. The best way to check size is to measure your feet properly and compare that to the online chart sizes.

4. Check for Authenticity

Luxurious Shoes - Check for Authenticity

Nothing is more disturbing than buying a shoe thinking it’s original and of high-quality only to find out it’s not. A common issue with buying luxurious shoes online is knowing whether the merchandise is authentic or not.

Counterfeit items easily resemble legit products. You may end up paying luxury money for bootleg pairs. Here is how to ensure the shoes are authentic:

• Look for a dust bag in the box

• Shop from authorized dealers

• Check for the serial number on the tag or at the edge of the shoe

• Check the material type, quality, and the stitching

• Check reviews for possible scams

Counterfeits closely resemble the original products. You have to be vigilant when making these kinds of online purchases.

5. Distinguish Top-Quality Leather

Luxurious Shoes - Distinguish Top-Quality Leather

It is important to know what quality leather looks like and feels. It is breathable and taken through chemical treatments—that way, the shoes offer cushion, support, and comfort.

High-quality leather is always matte. But, it becomes difficult to judge the quality of already made shoes by just looking at their appearance.

In such a case, you have to smell the leather and identify if it’s real, but that can also be deceiving. Assess the movement of the shaft instead. A single crease on the leather is okay, but that is a red flag if you notice numerous creases.

6. Adhering to Your Set Budget

Luxurious Shoes - Adhering to Your Set Budget

There are many ways to find the best deals on luxurious shoes. You have to make sure you are not going over the budget. Authentic shoe trends are expensive.

Set a price range before visiting the store. That way, you will stay within the set limits. It is too easy to go over your budget when you see the trending fashion.

7. Longevity Is Crucial

Luxurious Shoes - Longevity Is Crucial

Due to the high investment you are about to make, the shoes should be long lasting. Nowadays, designers can make the shoes last a long time due to the high-quality materials and the advancement in the construction mode.

Be very mindful when shopping for luxury shoes. Consider buying classic shoe styles that are hard to go out of style. Why would you invest a lot of money in a fashion product that will go out of style the next season?

Consider Buying Luxurious Shoes

You get more than just a name and a high price tag when buying luxurious shoes. You get high quality, authenticity, and trending fashion to last you a lifetime. These seven guides will aid you to become a savvy luxurious shoe shopper.

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